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Presidential aspirant Hove vows to fight cronyism


NATIONAL Alliance of Patriotic and Democratic Republicans (NAPDR) presidential candidate, Divine Mhambi Hove, said if elected into power, his government will fight cronyism in the public sector.


Hove accused the Zanu PF government of being dominated by officials closely related to the top leadership.

“Cronyism is closely related to its cousin nepotism. That is the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority without proper regards to qualifications. There is overwhelming proof that post-independence, many people found themselves in offices which they could not run,” he said.

‘Many people got and are still being rewarded for their loyalty, connection, or relation to certain political formations or figures and the role they played during the liberation war.”

Hove (40), an accountant by profession, said it was high time to do away with the criteria that favour people with war credentials to obtain influential posts in the public sector.

“This enemy of the State is very deadly and vicious to the economy. It is just like taking a person without any driving experience and letting that person drive a bus full of passengers.

“It is true that also that, the criteria that only persons with war credentials had a better chance at getting a public post in government, even if that person did not have any sound understanding of basic economics and academic qualifications, was and is wrong,” he said.

Hove also vowed to deal with corruption and to ensure the country had vibrant technologies. The party’s 44- page manifesto speaks of devolution and declaration of assets by those eyeing influential posts.

NAPDR was founded in 2016 as a revolutionary movement to consolidate the gains of the liberation struggle.

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