President commissions $241m Beitbridge Border upgrade

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday laid the foundation for the $241 million upgrade of Beitbridge Border Post before addressing close to 15 000 people at Dulivhadzimo Stadium in an unscheduled rally.


Mnangagwa, who arrived in Beitbridge amid tight security, said his government was committed to modernising the country’s infrastructure and border posts for the ease of doing business.

He said Beitbridge would soon have an international airport, but pleaded with the country’s restive population to give him time to resolve the cash crisis.

“The importance of modernising of border posts can never be overemphasised, especially in view of the negative impact of bottlenecks and corruption to inconvenience travellers, trade and tourism as well as inflow of revenue into the national fiscus,” he said.

“We must thus re-invigorate our systems and change our work ethic to win back the confidence of transit clients, passengers and hauliers alike.”

Mnangagwa said the upgrading of Beitbridge signalled the dawn of a new Zimbabwe where economics would lead politics.
Chairman of Zimborders, Glynn Cohen said his organisation would build a modern structure.

“It will have the concept of airports and will include a fire station. I am committed to do this because it’s an opportunity to develop my country,” he said before showing a three-dimension video clip of the proposed structures set to change the outlook of Beitbridge.

Mnangagwa said the upgrading programme would generate thousands of jobs for the local

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  1. Silvester Matambo

    Eish this President is working tirelessly and deserves my VOTE. ED Pfeeeeeeee

    1. Wamba dia Wamba

      Wangofanana nemurume anopemberera kumukadziwake after she gives birth to a child from her previous marriage. this project has been there during Mugabe’s error and according to the time lines this was the time. Same applies to his official opening of the oil packaging company which you gave him praises in mutare formerly karina textiles, the project started long back when he was basking in glory after sacking mujuru and also when he became an enermy of the state, border jumper and also as an unelected head of state. Zvanga zviri mupipe line. Ndangoti ndikusvinudze ED has offered nothing but bill boards, scarvers and neglecting his fellow war vets who helped ascend to power illegally.

  2. ed uchaita mhoni nema ground breaking pasina zvirikuitika. saka zve cash crises when are you going to solve it. is this the creation of jobs yekuti vanhu vanotengesa mari mustreet.and where are they getting themoney from? nhaiwe john na ed?

  3. ED uchaita mhoni nema groundbreaking asina zvatirikuwona.When are going to solve the cash crises.Is this the employment creation yekuti people sell cash in the streets?Is this the type of industry you mend?Also,where are they the money from? If one earns 300 ,150 goes to these makorokozas and other deductions,is this fair ndokutonga kwaro here?

  4. Is Commissioning an undeveloped building worthy for publication you evil idiots? Why can’t you commission Beit Bridge – Masvingo Highway road? yei mazimbabweans,why muchingoda kugara makainzwa mapenzi mapenzi ezimbabwe ngezanu pf? Chiiko chakakosha
    apa kukumikdza nzvimbo isina zvayo chakavakiwa pairi? Zimbabwe ka inyika yavana MUTIRO vasina pfungwa dzinosevenza,Mukai mahani haikona kuinzwa zvikukuvata nngeMHONDI dzeZANU PF.

    1. Rasta mtiro ndimi itai easy. Low dzungu. Zvrufungwa nemaZim zvinoonekwa 30 July if n only if elections are free n fair otherwise we cannot do anything about the commissioning yamurikuzhamba nayo

  5. Comment…Ed Pfeee kupiko nhai svinurai nhai chokwad Beitb b masvingo road not good at all waakut .toda kuisa airport muno yei iwe ngwena usatamba nepfungwa dzevanhu mhani

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