No run-off, says Chamisa

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has ruled out the possibility of a presidential election run-off after the July 30 general elections, saying he was confident of winning resoundingly against Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa in a free and fair contest.


Addressing thousands of party supporters in Mutasa Central constituency in Manicaland province last Thursday, Chamisa said: “There is no run-off in the upcoming elections, but there is going to be a run over. Mnangagwa is finished, he is not going to win the election. Mnangagwa is on his way out and someone young is going to rule this country.”

“Now I don’t know who wants to be the president between Mnangagwa and (Vice-President) Constantino Chiwenga. I don’t know who I am competing with in this election. “Let me lead this country since I have never killed anyone, I have never stolen anything from anyone,” he said.

Chamisa urged party activists to compile a list of people who were intimidating them to enable him to file a formal complaint with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).
He also lashed out at Zec, accusing the electoral management body of failing to discharge its mandate professionally.

“Zec should be sidelined and stop supervising elections, we need a proper referee since we have failed to agree with them. We demonstrated in Harare over the electoral reforms and the demonstration was well attended and some people wanted to march to Emmerson Mnangagwa’s home, but I said no,” he said.

“By demonstrating, we are showing people that we are a peace-loving party and we don’t urge violence. If we were other people we could have started violence, but we are peace-loving party.”

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  1. The fact that Mr. Chamisa is not utilizing his vice presidents in this campaign is none of Cde Mnangagwa’s fault. Electioneering demands delegation of duties so that most areas can be covered. The President has other official duties to execute and has every right to delegate his officials to campaign in other areas. That’s how it should be anyway.

  2. Comment…Its pathetic that Chamisa does not appreciate that the presidential elections are not about ED and Chamisa but about the political parties they represent. Barely eight month ago the 2018 elections seemed to feature Mugabe and the late Tsvangirai but none is standing. Chamisa must name his running mates who will lessen the burden of campaigning.

    1. Another Mugabe in the making. Orator, charismatic, ambitious. Remmeber Health for all by the year 2000!!!!!!!!

  3. Chamisa is indecisive; he cannot make up his mind whether these elections are free, fair and credible or they are not. Whilst I would give him a fighting chance of winning the former he has no chance in winning the latter!

    So far he has told his supporters and the nation at large that he has “stringent measures to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections”. Whether or not he had such measures is now academic, what matters is that MDC has failed to stop Zanu PF rigging these elections. The real question MDC must now answer is does the party have stringent measures to win rigged elections?

    Chamisa has carefully avoided answering this question. Zimbabwean must now decide for themselves whether to continue participate in the election hoping MDC can pull the rabbit out of the hat and win rigged elections. Or to throw in the towel and have nothing to do with the flawed and illegal elections.

    Zimbabweans must now know that participating in these flawed elections helps give the process credibility.

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