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Nkomani eyes Greendale Ward 9


DRIVEN by the passion to employ sustainable practices that advance the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe and Africa at large, Nomathemba Nkomani (NN) decided to stand as one of the many independent candidates contesting in the July 30 polls.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

NewsDay’s Tinotenda Munyukwi (ND) caught up with the aspiring councilor for Greendale, Harare’s ward 9 and the following are excerpts from the interview:

ND: Why did you decide to stand as a candidate for Harare’s ward 9?

NN: I have been a part of the Ward 9 community since I was a toddler and now raise my children here. I, too, have suffered through a malfunctioning State. And believe we deserve better. My sentiments have over the years morphed into a personalised call-to-action.

ND: What part are you playing in creating a community, city, province and country you can be proud of again?

NN: The development of our communities is heavily influenced by the partakers of its glory — our residents — and community leaders, our service providers and other stakeholders, who contribute towards ensuring that we all — as partners — come together to live, work and prosper in a community that inspires.

ND: What then will you do differently for the electorate?

NN: The #Vote4Noma campaign is the brainchild of a team of incredible young people and business leaders.

After months of tireless research, community engagement and analysis of the elements that will steer us on the right path to making Greendale District Ward 9 a community we can be proud of, we identified the following Four Key Pillars that will be the driving forces of my time in office, which are advocating for city council service delivery, promoting accountability and transparency, fostering community engagement and creating solutions for socio-economic empowerment and environmental sustainability.

ND: Given the fact that you are an independent candidate without the backing of any political party, how confident are you of winning this election?

NN: I am very confident. We have been well received in all the areas we have been campaigning.

We still have many more people to reach before the election and I am trusting Jehovah will continue to open doors, hearts and minds as he has been doing over the last few months.

People are tired of mixing service delivery issues with politics and of leadership which does not provide services. As an independent, I think that one has to appeal to all people regardless of their political affiliations.

ND: How have you been reaching out to the electorate?

NN: Through a number of ways:

 We have done community engagement activities. Recently, we had an Africa day event.

 Posters are up and for sustainability my team is committed to removing all of them post elections to keep our neighbourhood clean.

 We are conducting door to door campaigns and community meetings have taken place and are also scheduled within the ward.

 We have been using social media. I have been on Capitalk Radio and ZiFM, and we are back on Capitalk on July 24 between 6pm and 7pm. Other platforms we are using include Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

ND: You are just new to politics, why do you think you are the best option for ward 9?

NN: I am the best candidate for this job. It will take proper financial understanding and management to make ward 9 great again. Not only do I have the experience, but I also have the passion. Ward 9 is my home.

Ward 9 must flourish, if not for us, for the future generations.

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