Murewa South vows to dump Zanu PF candidate

ZANU PF supporters in Murewa South have written to President Emmerson Mnangagwa informing him that they will not vote for the party’s preferred parliamentary candidate, Joel Biggie Matiza whom they accused of fraudulently winning the primary elections held in May.

In the letter which was copied to other top party officials including Vice-Presidents Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi, national commissar Engelbert Rugeje and chairperson Oppah Muchinguri, the activists said they would instead vote for Noah Mangondo, an independent candidate.

Mangondo lost to Matiza in the disputed internal polls that was marred by irregularities, including the use of “corrupted police officers” as presiding officers.

Matiza is also the Mashonaland East Zanu PF provincial chairperson.

“Voting for the primary elections took place under very unfavourable conditions imposed by corrupted presiding police officers. This led to disturbances at most polling stations resulting in people failing to vote or ballot papers being torn or burnt,” the party members said.

“This resulted in Matiza being declared the winner of the election although the people’s choice was clearly Mangondo. We want development in the constituency and we should have been allowed to elect a candidate of our choice. We still have Zanu PF at heart and we will vote for President Mnangagwa and Mangondo as our parliamentary candidate.”

Mangondo confirmed that he had Zanu PF supporters who were backing him as their candidate.

“Zanu PF raised me, but when I was blocked from contesting in the primary elections, I had no choice, but to heed the people’s calls for me to stand as an independent. It was the most painful decision to make as I am Zanu PF to the bone. Together with those in Zanu PF who are rallying behind me, we will vote for President Mnangagwa on July 30,” he said.


  1. even if zanupf puts a baboon you will have to vote for it ,borrowing from the famous quoting by the late vp muzenda

  2. Pfutseki wenyu munorwara. kana musisade nezve Zanu Pf budai muende mapenzi evanhu.

  3. Comment…people are free to vote whoever they fancy, no need for insulting others. We are a democracy.

  4. I thot these issues wer dealt wit by the reconciliation meeting wit H.E

  5. In Zanu PF we hv channels of communication meaning if we hv party problems we create party solutions….kwete zvekuda kunzi munogona kuisa pajekerere sezvomoita izvi

  6. Uyu anotohwinha regai muone

  7. kid marongorongo

    is this a special piece of news what help is it of to the zimbabweans. what is MDC going to do with those constituencies that it failed to field candidates and that which it has 5 candidates participating. Zanu Pf will always win. That letter im sure was drafted by MDC trying to offset the minds of ZanuPf supporters. ED muoffice 30 july

    1. I am from Mrewa South I will not vote for him he has been there for the past two terms if not three he didn’t do anything meaningful for the constituents. Come July 30 me and my relatives have agreed to vote ED for presidency and kick out Matiza

  8. Pfeeee

  9. BIGGIE MATIZA IS THERE TO STAY, HAPANA ZVAMUNOMUITA. his people love him. these statements are those coming from the guys who ear him

    1. kunyepa hatimude

  10. viruss vigoroso

    so why then did the vote him in the primary election? these statements ndeevanhu vanotozvirwarira ava

  11. apa tea yandipisa

  12. sergio ramos vatori mu combi as we speak

  13. Just wait and see muone zvenyu. Tinoda mwana wekumusha kwedu. JB haasi wekwedu aah. Hatizi mafuza isu. Takaoneswa moto nehondo yasmith tikaoneswa moto 2008 apa mawe kuda kutanga futi. Toda mumwe munhu asiri JB plizzzzzz!!!!

  14. Zanu pf iri kukupei, 38 years tichingochema here, No cash, roads, employment, zvipatara hakuna mishonga, hapana kana chakanaka caharikuita kunze kwekuvaka dzimba nekuzvitengera mazimota avo, Chinjaizvinhu come 30 july

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