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Mukundu: Son follows father’s footsteps


IT appears music runs in the Mukundu family as Takakunda, the son of celebrated lead guitarist and music producer, Clive “Mono” Mukundu, is affirming his position on the showbiz scene as a professional artiste after he recently graduated with an Advanced National Certificate in Music at the Zimbabwe College of Music (ZCM) in Harare.

By Winstone Antonio

Like father like son, Takakunda is also a talented multi-instrumentalist who can play bass guitar, drums, marimba, mbira (nhare and nyunga Nyunga) and saxophone.

NewsDay Life & Style reporter, Winstone Antonio (ND), caught up with the rising artiste (TM), who spoke on his career. Below are excerpts from the interview.

ND: How best can you describe yourself?

TM: Takakunda Mukundu is a young guy who is passionate about music.

ND: You graduated recently, congratulations. What were you studying?

TM: Thank you, I was doing National Certificate in Music and proceeded to do Advanced National Certificate.

ND: Has your father had some influence on your decision to venture into music?

TM: Very true, my father is the one who taught me how to play the guitar from day one.

ND: I appreciate you have read your fathers books. What do you think of them?

TM: I’ve read them and there are some good notes. I have learnt a lot from the information he shares about the music industry and his own experiences in music.

ND: Your father is a legend when it comes to music. What kind of pressure does that put on you?

TM: Fortunately for me, there is no pressure because he gives me advice and guidance.

ND: You are one of the many children of local musicians. Do you think you guys are doing enough?

TM: Yes, I think we are doing the best we can to maintain our fathers’ legacies.

ND: How do you handle fame among your peers?

TM: Well, most of my friends are like family, so they don’t see me as famous and I also see myself as an ordinary guy.

ND: Do girls chase for you?

TM: (Laughing) A few, but I just manage it by keeping myself occupied.

ND: I understand you recently participated at the brass players’ show at New Life Church. How was the experience?

TM: The experience was really fun because I got to play another instrument, not my usual guitar. At school (Prince Edward), I don’t play the saxophone. During shows I only play the lead guitar.

ND: What is your strength as an artiste?

TM: I can say my strength is in rehearsals. I am someone who practices a lot. I dedicate four hours a day for rehearsals.

ND: What type of music do you listen to?

TM: As an artiste, I am not biased, I listen to all types of music.

ND: Who is your role model?

TM: My father is my role model. He has shaped my musical career ever since I started

ND: Which musician would you want to collaborate with?

TM: I would love to collaborate with Salif Keita from Mali, a master of West African rhythms credited as one of the founders of the Afro-pop genre.

ND: Which instruments do you play?

TM: Bass guitar, drums, marimba, mbira (nhare and nyunga nyunga) and saxophone.

ND: Describe your musical abilities?

TM: I am a multi-instrumentalist.

ND: What other talents do you have?

TM: So far, I am only aware of my music talent.

ND: Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

TM: I admire Richard Bona, an American Grammy Award-winning jazz bassist, because of his musical skills and musicianship.

ND: What are your fondest musical memories?

TM: It was when we played for one of the biggest gospel artiste in South Africa. When the artiste saw us, she had doubts and said; is this band going to deliver? But when show time arrived, she could only smile and acknowledged that dynamites come in small packages.

ND: Have you been in musical competitions?

TM: Yes, the Imagine Festival.

ND: As a young artiste, how do you handle mistakes during a performance?

TM: I just smile and pretend everything is fine.

ND: How do you balance your music with other obligations?

TM: I just plan my responsibilities on time.

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