Mugabe slapped with $174 183 default judgment

Former President Robert Mugabe’s family business, Gushungo Holdings has been ordered to pay $174 183 to Seed Potato Co-op for seed supplied in 2015.


The default judgment was entered on July 2 by Justice Joseph Musakwa after Gushungo Holdings failed to defend the litigation filed by the seed company sometimes early this year.

“Whereupon after reading documents filed of record, it is ordered that: default judgment be and is, hereby, entered in favour of the plaintiff (Seed Potato Co-op (Pvt) against the defendant (Gushungo Holdings) be and is hereby ordered to pay: (a) payment of $174 183, being the outstanding balance for stock of potato seed delivered but not paid for; and (b) interest on all amounts due at the prescribed rate reckoned from September 31, 2015, to date of full and final payment and (c) cost of suit on the ordinary scale,” Justice Musakwa ruled.

Seed Potato firm said Gushungo Holdings failed to abide by the parties’ verbal agreement which was signed sometime in July 2015.

The seed company said sometime between July and September 2015, it supplied Gushungo Holdings a total of 12 761 pockets of potato seed worth $382 830 and Mugabe’s firm made a part payment, leaving a balance of $174 193. In its declaration, the seed company said the seeds were supplied to Mugabe’s six farms, namely Mwenewazvo, Gushungo Dairy, Highfield, Vusumuzi, Kaseplan and Iron Mask.


  1. ko zvayainzi ikuporfomer wani haaaaaa kusabhadhara zvikwembi nhaiii

  2. Garfield Todd

    One man one Farm iyo. Kwaaaaa

  3. WOW! Six farms – is that so? Now we know, eh.

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