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Mugabe lacked vision: ED


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday backstabbed his predecessor Robert Mugabe accusing him of blocking and delaying multi-million-dollar investment projects that could have jumpstarted the economy over the past decades.


Speaking at the official opening of the $4,3 million Karo Resources platinum mining project in Mhondoro-Ngezi, Mnangagwa claimed the project could have started a decade ago but was halted by Mugabe under unclear circumstances.

“He (Karo board chairperson Loucas Pouroulis) first came to Zimbabwe in 2007 wanting to look into the mining sector.

By 2008/2009 we had identified this project, but we have lost 10 years as a result of many people in positions of authority who had no vision,” he said.

Mnangagwa described himself as “Mr Ground Breaking” because of his vision and his ‘Zimbabwe is Open Business Mantra.’
“The ground-breaking ceremony at Hwange 7 and 8 came shortly after I commissioned the reopening of Eureka Mine and Shabanie Mine and this is indicative of a rebound in the mining sector … I am now called Mr Ground Breaking.

Yesterday, we did another ground-breaking at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport,” he said.

“There has been a rebound in the mining sector as a whole. Recently we reopened Mashava mines creating 9 000 jobs, in Hwange we had a ground-breaking ceremony and created 3 000 jobs, we did the same in Beitbridge,” the Zanu PF leader said.

Mnangagwa said he was happy Mugabe’s regime had been stopped.

“I am glad that we are here and that the man who was stopping you (Karo Resources) from being here is not here, I have a new minister of Mines, it is happening now because there is a wind of change,” he said.

The project is expected to create 15 000 direct and 75 000 downstream jobs inside four years.

Mines minister Winston Chitando said: “Zimbabwe mining space will never be the same again, the impact on Zimbabwe economy is massive at its peak it will be able to produce 14,4 million tonnes per annum in four years of PGMs [platinum group metals]. Zimbabwe will become a much more significant producer of PGMs, base and precious metals and is moving towards beneficiation by setting up a refinery by 2024.”

The official opening was attended by Pouroulis and his family, Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi and Mashonaland West chiefs.

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  1. This is an incompetent jornalists who does not know the difference between millions and billions.

  2. Would you say Mnangagwa back stabbed Mugabe. It is either your diction is shallow or you do not know the November events. Mugabe has since then been Mugabes enemy and Mugabe almost liquidated him. Back stabbing is done when the person is your friend or when you purport to be their friend. Mugabe has since ceased to be Mnangagwas friend. Put the other way. Mugabe is now an enemy and therefore there cannot be backstabbing there. However, I saw the video clip where Mnangagwa was speaking and my view was that he was referring to the then Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa as the person who scuttled the deal. We know however, that Chidhakwa was Mugabe’s errand boy so it could very well be that in attacking Chidhakwa, ED is indirectly attacking Mugabe.

  3. Comment…l remember in a discussion with my fellow zim after a prayerfull evening.He said this Mnangagwa will to much oportunities and jobs to zim.That same night l heard a vision that Mnangagwa will be chief manipulater.Too much talk no action .No jobs will be created he will be worse than mugabe

  4. Comment…Mnangagwa is worse than mugabe .A chief manipulater .Problem we have in Zim journalist dont follow up on development that followers after these ground breaking ceremonies.How many pple have been employed have any work commenced or its just pie in the sky

  5. Mnangagwa is just laying the ground work and the real stuff is coming after the elections just watch the space. Go and vote for ED and you wont go wrong this time because mariva akatoteyiwa chasara kuenda kunoona rakabata

  6. Hino kana mave imi mavekuzvitumidza mazita hakusi kuzvitutumadza here.Mr Ground Breaking hope it wont be Mr Bone breaking after you have enjoyed much power after 3 years.Coz vamwe vakapedzisira vakuzviti Conqueror of the British Empire

    • 38 years People got it wrong with Zanu. ED, Zanu, Cash crisis, corruption are things Zimbabweans need to get rid of.

  7. @ Bhevevi .. ED ndimucheka dzafa all these projects were already in place…You have become so little that u cant even think.. use your brains…Use your medhula mhani.. u shallow minded banana vendor…

  8. IT took 56 years for Emmerson to know that Mugabe lacks vision and wisdom. Don’t vote for him (ED). Tshisa mpama, tshisa!

  9. ED is just politicking. He was part and parcel of the Mugabe regime as long as it existed and was therefore an accomplice. He is just looking for headlines to get himself elected but Zimbabweans will not be outsmarted this time.

  10. How can two walk together unless they agree?. ED walked with Mugabe for more than half a century and today he is telling us Mugabe lacked vision hehehe nonsense. He also lacks vision and soon the EDIOT Chiwenga will be telling us that about ED after another coup.

  11. I stay in Mashava. Please tell us where and when this so called Mashava mine opened. There is no mine with such a name here. Stop lying. If yiu mean Gaths mine, its still closed and premises have been used by Great zimbabwe university for the past 5 years! Hausvodi!

  12. Expect vision from a 94year old? If projects were already there why were they not being implimented. A plane with a pilot , crew and no fluel will never take off will it?

  13. Kamoko

    First know the spelling of weather so that we can trust whether your predictions are right or they just dependent on the weather of the day.

  14. Iwe Temeraire, usanyepe, kutozvipa zita rekomboni nechikoro ndiko kugona here? Mashava tinoiziva full time kubvira ichirikukurumbira ne Deverangwena Zhimozhi kusvika nhasi. Chinoshamisira neMupatagore township chii? President Mnangagwa never promised miracles for anyone. When he promises jobs he does not mean all the unemployed will get a job the same day. Let’s be practical mwana wamai. Ed has already started a process which will result in full operation of the mine in a year’s time from the day he came to inspect it when he held his rally in Masvingo. Check your news files properly and avoid exageration yezvinenge zvataurwa nevakuru.

    • read the story again. He said the mine is open and 9000 pple have been employed. so tell me where axactly was opened? yes i stay in Mashava in Eastvale, which is under Temeraire anyway. The mine closed in in King – Mambo. about 7km from cross/ temeraire. and I went to King Mine primary. hapana chaungatiudza. Izvozvi mugodhi wakavhagwa kare. musangosipporter pasina chamunoziva apa. Fuza.

  15. Yes Mugabe is has no vision thats why he is going to Singapore all the time maziso arikumunetsa.

  16. If Mugabe was a Castle beer then ED is the castle lite, same fanana useless, like father like son


  17. Nonsense – what vision? If he lacked vision, so why did you remain in his Government since 1980? This shows you are unprincipled and equally visionless too!!

  18. If ED and his ZPF project had vision, they would be planning to transform the transport sector and create infrastructure to urbanize the rural areas for instance. But I don’t live there, the rural people seem satisfied to be tricked every election time, only their chief gets allowances and a vehicle – they get 5kg of mealie meal. This is slavery. There is absolutely nothing to celebrate if ED and Zanu PF “win” it will be a huge loss for the country.

  19. the look east policy was a wrong move it did nothing but depleted the few resources we had….also instead of employment creation the chinese would come with their own labour from home….

  20. Iwe Temeraire, haikona kuti kana waguta musombodhiya kwaMUFANDIYO kwenyu kwamunogara moda kunyepera vanhu netumanewspaper twenyu turi sponsored nemaneocolonialist. Ini ndinoteera zvakataurwa nemunhu wacho ndichiona video yake kwete tumareporter tunongotsvaka kutengesera vanhu nhema. Ed specificaly said that the mine together with Csc in Masvingo Would be fully operational a year from the day he was talking. Munoda kusvibisa zita raED nokuti munofunga kuti ndizvo zvichaita ku ti Kamufana kaye kaite presiden?. Inga makazungaira chose. Unofunga kuti Ed idhongi renyu rakakubvisirai Uncle Bob kuti Chamisa Agoita muchekadzafa? Kana washaya zvokuita kwaMufandiyo enda kumapurazi kwaMusame unogobora magobo nevamwe.

  21. Farai, problem is iwe unoona video dzepropaganda. Ini ndinogara muMashava. I grew up there, i now lecture there. I am here on the ground. Tell me which section of the mine was opened and when? When was the mine dewatered? When was the mill structure resuscitated? Kkkkk vamwe vanhu you are just dull cheer leaders. Do you even know anythibg about mining? The onky thing you seem to know was a band sponsored by the mine and nothing else. Uri dofo mfana. Dont be overzealous for nothing.

  22. “There has been a rebound in the mining sector as a whole. Recently we reopened Mashava mines creating 9 000 jobs…” Farai, please learn to read. Uri dofo too much. I said when was the mine opened and which sections. Is the undeground safe? Dewatering done? Mill functioning? Where are the 9k pple staying? We havent seen any new pple. Before closure there was 3000 max and suddenly we have tripple the number but they live in the air?

  23. Temeraire wakazungaira, Ed does not write newspapers. He says what he says in good faith and vezhimapepanhau vozviisa nepamwe. Unozviziva here kuti Ed haasi iye akanyora newspaper raurikutaura nezvaro. Ed said what he said and video dzake dzakazara pa you tube achitaura miromo yake ichifambafamba izwi richibuda and you call that propaganda. Izvozvi chitopic chatanga nyaya ino chiri kuti Ed akati Mugabe akanga asina vision , asi Ed akambotaura nezvaMugabe here paaitaura nezuro? Haubatsire chinhu kana vana vacho vaunodzidzisa vachapera vese kuita madofo. Kuramba Kuti King Mind ipart yemashava mine hachisi chidofo? Regai ndimbokudzidzisai lecturer kudzidza hakuperi. Mashava mines was just overal name for three mines Gaths, uko kuneChemberi township. Temeraire uko kuneMupatagore township and King Mine uko kuneMambo township and all these fall under an overal Mashava Mines. Kwete zvako zvokuda kunyepera zimbabwe kuti hakuna chinonzi Mashava Mine asi King Mine. Uchafoirisa vana.

  24. Comment…Kubva November 2017 chii chinhu chimwe chete chakaitwa naMnangagwa? Zvinhu zvadova worse kudarika nguva yaMugabe. Mnangagwa ndiye president chii chinomutadzisa kuita zvacho zvaari kuti uchaita kana avhoterwa? These Zanu guys are just clueless. They destroyed the future of our children. Kana mukavhotera Mnangagwa vanhu munenge matengesa nyika ino kudemon renzara nourombo

  25. Farai again you are trying to lie. There is no registeted company called mashava mine. There is only Gaths mine. The only shaft and mill that last operated was at king mine. The packing shed was once at gaths but closed in the 90s and all mining related operations were now at king by the time the mine closed. The general office was at gaths, the garage and laboratory at temereire. All these places you are mentioning vana mupatagore, mambo etec are just residential areas, not the mine. I said tell me when 9000 jobs were created and how? Tell me when the mine was dewatered, and the mill structure started operating? I was there at king yesterday… I never saw anything like that. Now because you failed to sell your stupid kunyepa kwaro lies, you want go blame the journalist who quote the liar in verbatim? If ut will. Oepratr nextbyear, how did he come witb a number of 9000 jobs without knowing the scope of work required to fully open and operationalise the mine? Just dream up some numbers? Munongotenda zvese without even applying your mind. Makapusa sterek mazanu.

  26. Iwe Temeraire kuoma kwako musoro you can never be a lecturer. Kuda kungotivhara chete. Nzvimbo dzinenge Westonelea neEstvalale hakungambogarwi nezunguzurwa rinenge iwe. These so called journalists especialy Blessing Mhlanga is a well known notorious liar. If you watch tv then you should remember aka potswa abatwabatwa na deputy minister Mukupe nenyaya yekuchinja zvinenge zvataurwa nemunhu. Iwe urimunhu akafunda wepi anongobvuma zvanyorwa nevamwe zvese zvese? Iwe haufungi nekunyora zvakowo sei? We want intelectuals in the modern world not academics. Dzokera muarticle yacho uone zvimwe zvirimo kuti zvinesense here. Pane Pakanzi President Mnangagwa vakati pane kwavakange vaita ground breaking ceremony the previous day ndokubva vatoita create 3000 jobs! Can this make sense to a lecturer? What is a ground breaking ceremony and how does a ceremony create a job? Shame sitereki. Ndimi vachoka muchange muri maadvisors aNelson kana achinge ava president? If wishes were horses, beggers would ride!

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