Muchinguri speaks on Byo rally explosion

ZANU PF chairperson Oppah Muchinguri has opened up for the first time on the Bulawayo explosion that left her and many others seriously injured during a ruling party campaign rally addressed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last month.


Muchinguri and Vice-President Kembo Mohadi were airlifted to South Africa for treatment after they were wounded in the suspected grenade attack, which claimed the lives of two top security aides.

Addressing a campaign rally to drum up support for Zanu PF Dzivarasekwa candidate George Chimhini, Muchinguri said the blast was the work of detractors, some of whom were facing imminent arrest over their well-documented corruption dating back to former President Robert Mugabe’s era.

“I am alive. Others speculated in the media that I was burnt and will only reveal it after the elections, while others said I lost my breast and others claimed I lost my hand. Down with them,” she said amid a thunderous applause from thousands gathered at Dzivarasekwa Stadium. She said those who were behind the bomb blast feared the Zanu PF leadership under Mnangagwa was closing in on them.

“There are crooks that bombed us. Some of them stole a lot of money and they have multiple farms and they thought by killing the four of us, they can survive,” Muchinguri said.

“Some stole houses and land. They wanted to cover their tracks and corruption that we are fighting in our manifesto. However, there is God and ancestral spirits who fought the war that was not meant to be.”

Muchinguri also launched a tirade against former police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri, claiming he was corrupt and allegedly sent his juniors to take money from the public through unnecessary road blocks.

She alleged Chihuri slipped out of the country to Malawi where he was feasting on his ill-gotten wealth.

Muchinguri described Mnangagwa as a principled man who survived the hostile relationship created by the G40 group and had moved in to correct the mess that was left by Mugabe’s administration.

She said Mugabe’s administration was captured, hence, could not do anything meaningful for the country.

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  1. Concerned Youth

    Manga musiri mese here naVamugabe vacho, tibvirei. Dai maiva nezvido zvevanhu pamwoyo makadii kuita mafira kureva, come 30 July mukuenda kumusha nxaa


  2. Comment…Pathetic speech. ED and Guvheya are corrupt to the bone. Pasi nejunta

  3. Muchinguri and Mugabe have been together since the war of liberation. You have been quiet all these years without telling him that ” Mr Mugabe you are now offside”. To make matters worse the country is not governed by one person only but the president rules with the aid of his cabinet.

  4. Grapes are sour. She could have been the former first lady. Thanks to the youthful Gucci who stole the heart of the former President kkkkkkkkkk

  5. Her boss Tongogara perished in a bomb blast and she escaped unhurt. Now another bomb explosion at white city, she made another miraculous escape. These history makers. Students are studying fiction if that is the way they were escaping during the war. Why not telling us know what happened instead of sitting down first. Mutsvangwa shall spill the beans.


  7. Comment…muchinguri anyangira yaona akadii kutaura saMavhaire aiba anyerere zvake akufunga kuti ndana kasukuwere chete nguva yapere tsvagai panemabag enyu munotsvaga kwekugara kwazvmba waive shamwari yaGiree wani hep hep hureee

  8. aizve worashika seizve nhai opa.panhau ye multiple farm ownership vhunza iye boss wako ngwena kuti how many farms does he own in kwekwe alone.sherwood block yose ndeyake

  9. let m undastand one thing are u justifying the white city bombing vanhu aripano!!!… U myt argue all u want Aunty Oppah is right we cnt allow our young ppl to learn this kind of politics …. nyika inoenda kumawere

  10. But all those roadblocks by Chihuri were being mounted when u were having coffee with him, now you start pointing a finger on him when he is long gone wuhy didnt u point out that corruption during his tenure !! Sometimes u make us wish some of u were never born at all u are not even ashamed of yo utterances nxaa

  11. Im parliament, when Maridadiraisedctge issue of spot fines, mnangagwa as minister of justice stood and said “spot fines are there to stay stay”
    So is Chihuri now, just now the one on the spot.zani yakaora

  12. Vana venyoka pfambi yemunhu wapedza kuvatwa naMugabe vakutaira mashura aka kwata. ZANU PF mese muri varoyi

  13. Dai wakafa Muchinguri vazhinji vangadai vari kufarira mabiko ako nevamwe vako nekuti nyika yose zanu pf takaivenga zvinofadaza murevereri wenyu Satan. Pasi neZanu pf nevanhu vose vanoramba vachikurudzira mweya yerima.

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