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MRP opens Mthwakazi parliamentary indaba


SECESSIONIST Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) will today open its parliamentary indaba aimed at marketing the cause and struggle of the Mthwakazi people to the international community and to find relevance in the geo-political arena at the Bulawayo Large City Hall.


MRP spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo yesterday said Parliament was one of the three major tasks that they would be fulfilling after elections.

“Those of you who have been following the people’s revolutionary party from its inception in 2014 would know that while others promise, we do. At the party’s official launch on January 11, 2014, we had promised to pursue our right to self-determination through internationally-recognised and acceptable means, which we then said was going to be in a three-point plan,” he said.

“We agreed that our major weapon and resource will be the people, hence many of you will agree with the party that MRP has so far managed to form party structures in the entire nation of Mthwakazi and has further built party structures in many South African provinces. We have party structures in Botswana and in the United kingdom.”

Gumbo said these three countries currently host a large number of their people as political and economic refugees, among other reasons.

“We have thousands and thousands of our people scattered throughout the world and we are working out a plan to audit and unite all of them under one political roof, which is Mthwakazi Republic Party, to build a consolidated political voice towards our quest for self-determination,” he said.

“We will have an international lobby committee and this will be led by the party’s secretary for foreign affairs, is set to be an inclusive team, with party representatives, academics, traditional leaders, women, youths and other relevant stakeholders. The objective of this programme is to market the cause and struggle of the people of Mthwakazi to the international community and to find relevance in the geo-political arena.”

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