More pictures of the MDC alliance demo

Compiled by Felix Machiwenyika, Online reporter

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  1. I’m proud of my people. Let there be transparency. And if Zanu wins so be it. But to steal elections like they did in 2008? Kwete.

  2. This is good. Really good. Show ZEC they cannot keep on cheating.

  3. Comment…viva Chimisa

  4. zec must fall, asifuni bumbulu, zec be transparent

  5. Thank you Zimbabweans

  6. ED has proved to be democratic and deserves the chance to implement what he started. Sure here kuti demo kuitwa murunyararo muZimbabwe?????? Zim is on the right track with ED leading. Avo vasingagone tolerance ngatimbovamirei vakure mupfungwa. What makes Zim prosper is NOT the name ZANU or MDC, but what we do as a nation with God’s hand.

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