Mnangagwa warned of dodgy investors

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa should be wary of dirty and corrupt investors who come into the country under the guise of exploring business opportunities, a top diplomat has warned.


Speaking during the commemoration of Africa Anti-Corruption Day in Harare yesterday, Democratic Republic of Congo Ambassador to Zimbabwe and dean of the diplomatic corps, Mawampanga Mwana Nanga, said not all investors had good intentions, as some of them were dodgy.

“As we speak today, the mantra of President Mnangagwa (Zimbabwe is open for business), I do applaud that, but when you open your country for business, you also open it for corruption,” Mwana Nanga said.

“I do have a word of caution to President Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe open for business is a good thing, but the fight for corruption is not a one-time thing. It’s a process and we have to be visionary everyday. We cannot do without investors, but we have to be cautious as to whom we do our business with.”

Mwana Nanga said colonial legislation that breeds and promotes corrupt activities within African countries should be repealed.

He said corruption was a cancer responsible for Africa’s stunted economic growth.

The DRC diplomat said former President Robert Mugabe wanted investors to do business in Zimbabwe, but his Cabinet ministers always brought corrupt and dirty businessmen he did not like.

“When I was Minister of Finance, we had a meeting with former President Robert Mugabe in Lubumbashi. He said to me, ‘We have to invest, but every time I send my ministers to look for investors, they bring to me people who are very dirty and corrupt and I do not like them,’” he said.

Various stakeholders, among them security chiefs, civic groups, Office of the President, academia, diplomats and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, participated at the event meant to find lasting solutions in the fight against graft.

Mnangagwa’s government claims that the country has attracted billions of dollars worth of investment since he took over from Mugabe in November last year.

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  1. The bulk of those ministers including ED himself are still part of the new dispensation. Investors good at greasing palms get lucrative contracts. Its very difficult to arrest forner partners in crime. How can a serious person put in charge of the police force a person known in the public domain as synonimous with corruption. It becomes difficult to say the presidium is clean. Thanx ambasador for the advice

  2. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    we the Chisa Mpama have always said that , in business terms its called Due diligence and it takes years to complete .Now the truth is coming out Our Lovely Mugabe was right in all aspects , it is the junta , the Oberts, the Mnangagwas who are corrupt.
    due diligence involves a lot of background check of investors .The guy who signed the US$5.2 billion coal-liquid fuel deal is not known in any business cycles in that industry in South Africa , simply its a shell company .The truth then is we risk handing over our country to criminals , fraudsters and money launderers if we vote ZANUPf and its Presidential candidate.

    1. mnangangwa is our leader as he is the god given leader….he is now different from the former ruling scenarior

  3. good words may lord help our leaders to consider advice and deal with corrupt people without favour.

  4. This is why President Chamisa said he is going to review all the mega deals that are being talked about.

  5. Zimbabwe will remain the same as long as the corrupt and murderous thinks that zimbabwe does not need change of government and governing party. Zanu pf must go and it has already played its part and it has dismally failed in running the affairs of zimbabwe.

    1. zanu pf must remain…..must not go as it maintains the individual independents of the majority (Zimbabweans)

  6. kid marongorongo

    the ministers being said here are the ones who were flashed out in november’s operation restore legacy. these are the people who surrounded former president. the new dispensation is there to fight residual corrupt elements that still linger within Zimbabwe.

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