Mnangagwa should postpone elections

Last week, I published findings from my research of six years on how certain individuals had abrogated themselves the role of choosing Zimbabwe’s elected leaders through an elaborate election rigging plot.


In that presentation, I highlighted that there may be over three million ghosts on the voters’ roll produced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). It is important to note that my presentation, though it may appear unbelievable, is not a work of fiction.

There are about 10 000 people who appear on the voters’ roll about 300 times each under 300 different names, but the same biometric details.

No wonder Zec is refusing to release the biometric voters’ roll in digital and analysable format so that it can be audited by the country’s restless opposition, albeit at their own expense.

It should also be pointed out that Zec is not running these elections. The electoral management body chairperson, Priscilla Chigumba, and her commissioners are just proxies who give the organisation the much-needed civilian look.

They are given orders as well as scripts to read out to all Zimbabweans as and when the need arises by the real Zec, which happens to be some commanders of the uniformed forces. Ads

That explains why the police officers cast their postal votes without the knowledge of the civilian Zec last Thursday.

As a result, Zec’s acting chief elections officer Utloile Silaigwana was first quoted dismissing the reports on postal voting as being “untrue”, “total hogwash” and “outright propaganda”, only to make a volte face later, stating that, indeed, postal voting was ongoing.

If the acting chief elections officer did not know that voting had started, I wonder who is running the whole electoral programme. The truth of the matter is that the elections are now a very huge stink.

So, who issued the ballot papers and where did they get them from since it is clear that Silaigwana and others in Zec did not know what was happening? Forget Chigumba’s posturing and convenient application and disregard of the country’s electoral laws.

For starters, Chigumba thinks that since she is a former judge, she is the only one who can provide the correct interpretation of the Constitution.

All allegations raised against her organisation on how it has run down the preparations for the elections have been met with arrogance from her and other commissioners.

She has tried to make all of us believe that she is guided by the Constitution and her commission is strictly adhering to the laws of the country.

Is it lawful for 10 000 so-called “boys and girls on leave” to be deployed in the country’s rural areas for the purpose of rigging the elections?

If it is not lawful, Chigumba must immediately release the biometric voters’ roll and ensure that it is audited so that these individuals who appear on the voters’ roll over 300 times in different names, ID numbers and polling stations, but the same biometric details, are fished out.

A report by the Information Development Trust (IDT) has noted that there has been massive deployment of soldiers, whom the organisation thinks are for the purpose of intimidation.

Over and above intimidation, which is their secondary role, these people, who have earned the monicker “boys and girls on leave”, are the instruments that will rig the elections.

That’s why IDT has recently reported massive movement of these individuals.

They are being acclimatised with their different places of operations so that on July 30, they are able to vote at least 300 times each, which is supposed to give one of the candidates an unassailable three million votes in the presidential race.

This will mean that the candidate automatically wins, as he will already have the majority 50% plus one vote even before anyone casts their votes in an election where almost 5,7 million people are said to be registered.

If posters that have been pasted nationwide by Zec are a true reflection of what will be happening at polling stations on election day, then the nation still has a long way to go in curbing rigging.

Will the indelible ink that will show if someone has voted be applied on the nail of a voter using a mighty marker pen?

If so, then Zec is really trying to make the job of washing away the ink very easy for those who will implement the rigging.

What security features does that ink have to ensure that someone does not easily wash it away before grabbing a different ID and heading to the next polling station? It’s not a secret that Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede can easily produce these IDs en-masse for such an operation

This is the reason why Chigumba and her commissioners are obstinate and arrogant when certain demands are made on them.

They have this untouchable attitude pervading them. What can you expect from individuals who single-handedly can determine who rules this country?

They are just buying time so that July 30 comes and this operation “Kudzosera Mudhara Panyanga”, as one weekly paper recently put it, is implemented and afterwards deal with the problems that come.

The most shocking thing is that even the international community has been called in to come and witness this grand theft.

Countries and organisations have sent in thousands of observers and millions of dollars are being spent on the upkeep of the observer missions so that 10 000 unscrupulous beings are aided by Zec to overpower what millions of Zimbabweans have to say concerning who rules them until 2023. This is truly not what the world has signed up for.

The country’s major opposition party, the MDC Alliance, has sent in only two demands, an audit of the biometric voters’ roll to ensure that the myth of the three million or so ghost voters is dispelled as well as monitoring the printing, storage and distribution of the ballot papers before elections are held.

If Zec has nothing to hide, these are noble demands that no one should have qualms over unless they are afraid of something which is only known to them.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa himself must ensure that all is done properly to ensure that no one subverts the voice of the people, which he equates to the voice of God.

Even if he stands out to be the biggest beneficiary of this chicanery, he must be reminded that there is no honour among thieves.

It sets a dangerous precedent to have 10 000 people overpowering millions of Zimbabweans.

This election is very critical to be reduced to a mathematics of multiplication of 10 000×300 game.

As the President of this country, he must do everything possible to ensure that the people’s will is allowed to stand.

If he wins the elections, it should be because the real millions of Zimbabweans chose him and not the 10 000×300 ghosts matrix, people who may spend the next five years holding him at ransom, as they would be responsible for making him President.

This, I believe, is the price Robert Mugabe paid for allowing a few individuals to make him President at the expense of millions of Zimbabweans. When he was no longer serving their interests, they humiliated him.

It is with this in mind that I ask Mnangagwa to do the right thing by ensuring that the will of Zimbabweans is respected.

Many may complain about the timeframe being too short for the audit of the biometric voters’ roll as well as the reprint and accounting of ballot papers to be done, but I think there is no need to rush a process that we may regret in the next five years.

The President may even postpone elections for two or so weeks and institute an enquiry into the voters’ roll and other shenanigans by Zec, which began long before he himself became President.

When all issues have been clarified, he can promulgate new dates. After all, the elections can be legally postponed until August 23, 2018.

Ignoring all these issues and proceeding with the July 30 charade in its current status without addressing these issues will be a serious recipe for socio-economic and political disaster.

The last thing this country needs at this stage is another disputed election and illegitimate leaders.
Mkhululi Tshuma is a Bulawayo-based political researcher. He writes in his personal capacity. He can be contacted on


  1. But you are not publishing my posts. Why?

  2. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Tshuma anyora akadhakwa nemusombodhia. To be serious my brother, how can an individual que up together with hundreds of other voters and wait for his turn to cast a vote and then move to a diferent polling station and repeat the same thing and then move again to the next station and repeat this procedure 300 times all within a 12 hour period , that is between 7am and 7 pm on 30 july? Please Newsday, tiitireio maserious. Chamisa does not want elections anymore and i will keep repeating this and this business of employing thick headed people like Mkhululi Tshuma to write this kind of obvious nonsense is just a desperate bid to find a pretext not to contest against the mighty CAT, KING OF THE JUNGLE.

    1. you are drunk also

    2. Any person in his/her right mind cant belive this hogwash. Noone can register 300 times. Even if they do, howdothey proceed to vote the same day. Voting isn’t a month long event but only 24 hours.

  3. Mkhululi Tshuma you are very biased, no evidence of figures you are giving. Unozvinyadzisa and take time to see and read reports from other other political researchers [ both ZANU and MDC have good and bad things they have and are doing. ]

  4. Farai J Nhire,uri CIO gudo chairo. Iwe nevamwe vako muri kudzosera zimbabwe kumashure nekuti muri kugut pachezvenyu nemhuri dzenyu, ko ndiyo budiriro yacho here yamuri kufarira iyo nyika yakoomerwa kudai? Seiko muchifarira kufa kwevamwe vanhu imi musingaoni kuti mangwana zviri kwenyuwo? Iwe Farai naElisha mweya yenyu yakaipa ichakudyai chete nekuti gone ane gone wakewo.Pasi nemi 70×70

    1. Now Sandy, tell me how not voting will be taking Zimbabwe forward? If it won’t, how will that put food on your table? We have so many political parties participating. Why is MDC seeming the only one? Are you implying that all others dont want to see Zimbabwe going forward? We all know how Chamisa is the president of MDC. He is trying to employ the same tactics to see himself landing a top position. He doesn’t know that he has to follow democratic processes to get there. You call others baboons but your own brains seem to be even smaller than that of a baboon. If you were normal, you would see what this MDC is trying to do. They tried violence and failed, now they come up with the funny theries, one after the other. He wrestled ppower from Khuphe now he is hoping to do the same.

      1. Hapana zvaurikutaura Vusa, Chamisa arikuda free and fair election ,ask yourself why it is so difficult for ZEC to do so. Whom is running this election when ZEC officials first deny that an election is happening i Byo then make a u-turn vachiti sure its happening.
        Who send the ballot to Byo in the first place,,,,pepukaaaa mhani iweeee and see these clear facts. Y is ZEC refusing with analysable voters roll,,and about all the ghost voters in it, dont be so dumb man.

        1. And about Khupe , can u tell everyone here kuti Khupe akasarudzwa naani, ma ofces ake arikupi.Who voted Khupe to be president. How many people constitutes MDC National Council and Khupe ane vangani ???.Open your eyes to issues worega kungoti unzi wataurawo.

        2. Ngaatange aita free and fair ku mdc kwake apamhihwe kudyiwa na Mhonzora

  5. this is utter nonsense and those who have had the priviledge to pour through the voters roll have been challenged to highlight any form of anomally but noone has bothered to do so apart from the now famous chorus of wanting to see pictures of registered voters and again ZEC Chairperson was on radio two days ago requesting and disputing this scandalous accusation and you know what every knows were to go and lodge a complain with facts not through the papers.

  6. you are mad. Lose quietly

  7. What is wrong with releasing an analysable voters’ roll, transparency and inclusivity in the printing and storage of the voters’ roll.

    1. Thank you, some pple here must answer yo question,,,,thank u edmore b, dzako dzinoshanda.

  8. Why are Zanu PF sympathisers afraid of transparency? Why is ZEC afarid of meeting simple clear demands which would even be superfluous in a professionally managed electoral body. Have they sold their souls (if they have them) for 30 pieces of bonds?
    I thought the war veterans and their war of liberation was to ensure one-man one vote?…and that vote is secret??

  9. Sandy,vamwe tiri kuramba fake Zimbabwe yamuri kuparidza neMDC.

  10. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Neweo Sandy you have very bad maners. Basa rekungotuka pasina mafacts ndoo chii? Akakunyepera kuti veCIO ndivo vega vanokwanisa kuona nhema dziri pachena kudaro ndiani? Ko iwe ukanzi bika plain sadza risiri mbodza, no relish, 300 times over, between 7am and 7pm musi mumwe chete uchigeza poto yacho each time zvinobuda here?

  11. if they are fair y cnt they produce wat is needed? yu Zimbos wek up Chamisa is totaly correct, we need fairness and transparency….ukaona uchiti ZanuZEC is the way 4wad uri benzi chairo infect imbwa mupengo

  12. Rubbish BS

  13. There is no need for people to be insulting others. There is something awkward about Zec’a conduct. I now believe this article. Why can’t they release the voters roll if they have nothing to hide. Its easy to vote 300 times of you are aided by the state. Why do you think is the reason for having many polling stations which are closer to each other espeilally in the Midlands, Mashonaland & other provinces. If zanu had the people support they wouldn’t want to rig. All these hired goons who are paid to defend zanu on social media should be ashamed of themselves

    1. nutty dreadlock


  14. The credibility of this election relies not on Mnangagwa & ZEC’s proclamations but in releasing the voters’ roll for public scrutiny and analysis. Anything short of this is a foundation for a disputed election and a tough life ahead including political violence.

  15. Emotions won’t solve anything but lets debate facts as they are,are you of the opinion that what Tshuma has raised is practical ithink there is an element of desparate exageration on his part hence his case is somehow not genuine.

    1. Haiwawo, hauna nyaya

  16. I have been trying to figure out what Chamisa wants but am still in the dark. All I read about is how corrupt ZEC is and are used by Zanu PF. I haven’t seen anyone coming up with proof of any claims. If ZEC says something, they quote the Constitution. Those claiming any irregularities, why not bring such evidence? Just yesterday, I was reading that Chamisa has narrowed down the demanfs from 11 to 2. Does that mean the 9 were not important? 30 July is around the corner for MDC to start with all these demands. Mugabe was removed in November 2017. Having Mugabe out and ED proclaiming free and fair elections as early as he was sowrn in, this gave MDC ample time to ensure their demands are met. They have held rallies confident of winning. 3 weeks to the polls they make a u-turn. Why were they part of the process they disapproved all along? Have they perhaps measured their support and now sensing defeat? They should know that rallies don’t win elections but campaigning does. Approaching SADC 2 weeks to elections, does that mean SADC don’t have observers in Zimbabwe alrrady? If they do, they would know what’s happening there than hearing from MDC. I have heard claims of military intimidating villagers and have asked where those villages are and noone bothered to support the claims. I am made to believe that MDC was among the parties invited to the printing facilities. Were they taken outside Zimbabwe or it was in Zimbabwe? Are they implying that ballot papers printed outside Zimbabwe give them a better chance of winning the votes? I have failed to understand what the real demands are. Some of us are sick and tired of living in foreign countries and want to go back to our country but MDC seems to be happy prolonging our suffering. Can anyone care to explain these demands to us?

    1. nutty dreadlock

      well said boss its like playing soccer final and the game goes to extra time then one of the contenders abandons match because they dont agree with ref.Thats just pathetic if you didnt know Argentina yakahwinha world cup nekubirira hand of God.Grow up chamisa and man up dont just run mu street zvisina key it ends up making you look stupid plus behave like a person who has a bachelors degree in law.This is evidence of how silly you are izvezvi zanu is campaigning imimi mukungomhanya muma streets e harare kumhanya mu street kunondipa sadza kana basa here.Nowonder zanu always outwits you hamuna strategy except toi toi when things dont go your way.

      1. @nutty dreadlock: another imbecile whose given up on tomorrow. Probably is the only one left in his family. The only thing u can do is lack sense and vision. Where do u get all this we may ask? ofcoz from your leader ED. By beholding and uplifting him, you have become him. A young man like u advocating to be led by a GERIATRIC. Shame!

        Vote for change or forever be an EDiot in the school of imbeciles where foolishness abounds!

    2. @Vusa, I thought they gave you that name with the sincere hope that you would vusa( Wake-up, be jagged up) from your foolishness. You Vusa and your other shallow minded people on this forum don’t make sense. I hope you are not playing fools. Only a fool refuses order and you have proved it. Whats wrong with asking ZEC to be transparent ? How is it that ZANU people and their leader are daft? is it a coincident. Strange!
      Vote for change or forever be an EDiot in the school of imbeciles where foolishness abounds!

      1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

        You can insult and insult but he is saying the truth. You want change for the sake of change whether it brings good or bad its nothing to you as long your change in the name of mdc is achieved. Vusa is not all that a foolish person he knows that the person whom we all want is someone who puts this country back on course economically not face or party. So you think the person who wrote this article is normal to say Mnangagwa should postpone elections? Our President is a learned someone who respects the laws of this country. He is not the one who said we shall have elections after every 5 years. Its the law of the land and he is simply abiding it. May be chamisa can postpone it since he is above the law because he is law himself.

  17. nutty dreadlock

    why are you so stupid honestly who benefits when elections are postponed it is obvious its the ruling party.If the opposition is vying for this then they are lost vakapusa.Ed if he postpones elections he has the power to push them further and that leaves zanu in power i beleive that is not what the oppositions want.The problem that these opposition fail to comprehend is that zanu still has a strong support base and wont be a landslide victory for opposition.This is typical MDC faltering at the last step kudhijisa vanhu muchiva campaigner only to boycott.Actually mese muri imbwa devanhu

  18. Truth is whether anyone likes it or not ED or Chamisa or Khupe or whoever our country is going to get better over the next 5-10 years. the conundrum for the party that loses is that whoever wins claims the victory for themselves regardless of who laid the ground work and they will ride that wave until the next crisis. As a young Zimbabwean i believe it is pertinent that we the young people realize this. In Zimbabwe our biggest problem is the most people are not aware of their the party’s policies or goals (not including you fine individuals of course). They just go around shouting slogans, singing songs and spewing rhetoric but have no idea what the party they support is going to do to improve the country. Let’s be honest that’s the majority of people. we have suffered for so long due to the corruption, sanctions and lack of investment, however that should not turn us into the type of people who just put an X next to someone’s name without understanding the benefits of choosing that person over the other. We need to embrace the fact that if we as individuals we should be ready for the this next few years. No matter who you support if you’re not able to take advantage of the opportunities that will soon be available then in 2023 you be singing the same tune again. Stop bickering and starting asking questions of your leaders. What do they have to offer?? How are they planning to solve the health sector crisis?? What is they policy for tackling unemployment? What their tax plan?? How are they going to reduce production costs for primary and secondary producers?? How are they going to help small business to grow?? what is their strategy for collecting taxes for undeclared business and the informal sector?? What are the planning to do about the ridiculous price of fuel?? What is their policy on youth empowerment, not jobs but ownership?? We all want peace and security, but if we don’t have politicians that are willing to lay out bare their plans for our country then they don’t deserve our time nor our votes. It’s not a crime to ask these questions. Instead of picketing or slogan rallies, let’s have real leaders willing to convince us of their intentions. No disrespect to anyone but the last few weeks all I’ve from Chamisa and his party is ZEC this and ZEC that, to be honest i want to know what they are planning to do to facilitate for young people like myself to achieve our ambitions in a peaceful and country. ED is just hammering home his message “Open for business” the world is responding anyone who denies that is either unaware of what is going on or delusional. Chamisa needs to stop reaction politics and get back to pushing his agenda and policy or he will lose and lose badly. If that happens the likes of Mudzuri and Biti, whom have already started sharpening their knives by the way, will cut ties with him and all his hard work will be for nothing.
    Peace and Love to you ALL

    1. @Black; Why expose your daftness on this platform. You’ve rightly used about 500+ words to prove you are not UP with current issues. I don’t blame you; Zanu has brainwashed you so much that you cant let your brain think; Zanu has to think for you. Are you seriously saying you don’t know why MDC and ZEC are at loggerheads? You probably limited to ztv in this day and age.
      Vote for change or forever be an EDiot in the school of imbeciles where foolishness abounds.

      1. The same could be said for you @ Slick Rick. All I’m trying to highlight is the failure of the most Zimbabweans to confront their leaders the real issues. Honestly if you can name one country in this world with a perfect voter’s roll, please let us know. Chucking insults is not a sign wisdom. The problem is you think everyone who criticizes MDC or Chamisa is Zanu PF supporter. I simply stated facts. Y’all are so caught up in this ZEC issue that you have actually forgotten what we as Zimbabweans are striving for and want our elected officials to provide. All you have done is prove exactly what I was trying to point out. You have know idea what your party or leader is offering on the questions i asked. You talk of brainwashing but you do the exact thing I stated, spew rhetoric and slogans. Standard MDC practice attack the critic and avoid the issue. ‘EDiot, Zanu brainwashing” is all you can say. Sometimes it’s funny when you know you’re right but in this case it’s sad coz people like you think you know but you really don’t. Be Real
        Peace and Love To All

  19. Very sound article Mr Tshuma,those of you who are doubting this please don’t showcase your trade fair of ignorance on election rigging here. ZEC PF creates polling stations that are closer to each other especially in the rural areas and there are buses that transport these ghost voters around, their job is to vote as many times as possible within the shortest possible time.We have heard our relatives telling us that on the day of voting you see strange faces that you do no know queuing in the wards to cast their votes.Please ZEC PF do the Honorable thing release the voters roll and prove us wrong on this one!!!!

    1. nutty dreadlock


  20. For any person to be able to vote 300 times in a space of 12 hrs 7am to 7pm simple mathematics 12hrs X 60minutes= 720 minutes divide by 300times you get only 2.4minutes so in about 2minutes one should join the queue cast his vote at one polling station clean his hands to clear the ink then drive to another polling station, join the queue cast his vote, again clean the ink drive to another and repeat the process for three hundred times. OH Good LORD? NEWS DAY MASHAYA NYAYA HERE THIS IS WORSE THAN HOGWASH

  21. nutty dreadlock


  22. Very good article Tshuma. ZANU-ZEC thieves and beneficiaries, your time is up. I have read of a polling station in UMP WITH ONLY FEW PEOPLE NECESSITATING allocation of polling station. Perennial elections thieves are at it again. This time it will be doubly hard for you.

  23. Kudos to Tshuma for this exposé. As has been pointed out, the logistics of hand-washing and transporting thousands of voters, so as to vote 300 times each, would be nearly impossible, even within small constituencies. This leads one to conclude that there is in place a plan (probably originally designed pre-coup, for the unpopular Mugabe) for voting on behalf of theses multiple-entry, ghost voters. The easiest way would be to add them electronically to the final tally of voters before election day and then introduce the paper trail during or after voting.

  24. Come on Tshuma.Are you serious or just waffling to kill time.Postpone election 2 weeks before? Are you putting into consideration the money spend on campaigns. You the reporters have told us that MDC got $1.8million from the treasury and God knows what ZANU PF got.The donors sponsoring all the parties privately? Only to postpone elections 2weeks before. Come on .What are you up to?.We are not fools.

  25. kid marongorongo

    the writer must be out of his mind i guess, anyway i decided not to waste my time reading this whole junk what i will do whether the voter’s roll is perfect or not is i’m voting for president ED and the majority is going to do so too so dont worry about the voters roll. ED Pfeeeee

  26. Dzimwe pfungwa so ka. Kungoti munhu afemerwa nomukadzi omuka achinyora tsvina pano.

  27. Zanu PF supporters think we are ignorant like them. Those arguing against this grand expose are just lost souls. Why can’t Zec realease the Biometric Voters roll & prove Tshuma wrong. I don’t see the need for all of us to be arguing. We should all be asking Zec to prove Tshuma wrong

  28. Eiish iwe Tshuma watadza basa rako kudhara apa…lol…
    I ddnt know media people are so dumb like this lol i surrender

  29. do not confuse us with bullshit Tshuma.

  30. tshuma vaudze asvotwa nesvoto nekuti inosvota

  31. which college diid this tshuma guy attend surely voting 300 times if rigging was that easy nxaaa

  32. A very interesting article. I am persuaded by it in large parts though I feel that elections should be held sooner rather than later as, economically, the country is in a funk right now. A comatose state that will take largely external as well as internal players to remedy.

    To re-engage with the world and begin to repair our battered country we need a legitimate leadership in place as a start before major countries will begin to re-establish meaningful economic ties with us and so delaying the elections has an element of risk attached to it i.e the average citizens general well being.



  33. Farai Johnson Nhire

    The big question to those raising these silly alegations, just explain how these ghost voters will vote where there are polling agents for all parties? Please,do not just look for trouble for nothing. Your Polling agents will be at every booth, looking at every voter given his three papers, one for the councelor, one for the member of parliament and the other one for president and put their xs and drop the papers in the box. The polling agents will be there to veryfy that each voter has their ids and their names apear in the voters roll. They will also be able to compare the latest photographs taken during BVR registration. They will count the votes together there and then. So tell us, how are these ghosts going to vote and how will the names who will have been cancelled be cancelled 300 times each from the hard copy after voting?

  34. Tshuma, you are a disgrace to the journalism community. You want to tell me for 6yrs you have been researching for this nonsense? There is no chronology in your figures and what you are saying. Whoever is sponsoring you to write these articles must be ashamed of your incompetence.

  35. If ZANU is sure it will win, ZEC just give the cry babies what they want so that they lose quietly. But because ZANU knows that its defeat is directly proportional to transparency it will ensure ZEC doesn’t do so. After all ED appointed Chigumba and Chigumba is following the bosses’ commands. Command election no

  36. ZANU PF’S VICTORIES OF GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS IN DESTRUCTION: 1990- The IMF and World Bank suspended Aid to Zim because of Zanu pf’s primitive ideologies. 1998-High inerest rates imposed by Zanu pf government caused Zim’s economic crisis. 2000- Farm Invasions by Zanu pf supporters authorized by Mugabe,Mnangagwa,Mujuru,Shiri, Bonyogwe,Zimhondi,Chihuri,Mohadi,Muzenda,Zvobo ect. 2001- Food Shortages caused by Zanu pf’s farm invasions. More to follow up.

  37. ZANU PF’S GREATEST VICTORIES OF ACHIEVEMENTS IN DESTRUCTION: 2002-The Commonwealth countries suspended zimbabwe and the happiness zanu pf has. 2003-Economic meltdown and inflation risen forced companies to close down operations. 2004-Overdue unpaid funds by zanu pf government,the IMF expelled Zimbabwe. 2005-Housing and Business properties destroyed by zanu pf government. 2006-Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rises above 1000%,hence the introduction of Bearer cheques by zanu pf government. Still to continue.

  38. ZANU PF’S GREATEST VICTORIES OF ACHIEVEMENTS IN DESTRUCTION. 2008-Zanu pf implemented prices and wages freezes and killed 300 opposition supporters. 2009-Formation of GNU and abandoned Zim dollar and a positive period of economic growth in 38 years of misrule was attained through the MDC-T’s sound economic policies. 2013-2016-Again,poor economic perfomance caused by huge arrears because of zanu pf’s primitive policies and inabilities in policy implementation,hence the introduction of Bond Notes.2017-the fall of Mugabe and Mnangagwa’s failure to arrest the crisis of cash shortages. Zanu pf must go and demise forever.

  39. Some pple are showing their level of stupidness it doesnt need the actual person to come and vote if he is registered to vote in different polling stations what will happen is they will bring an already marked ballot with an X on their prefered candidate these gost voters are only a cover up so that the number of pple they are going to give mnangagwa amd those who really voted fo

  40. Some pple are showing their level of stupidness it doesnt need the actual person to come and vote if he is registered to vote in different polling stations what will happen is they will bring an already marked ballot with an X on their prefered candidate these gost voters are only a cover up so that the number of pple they are going to give mnangagwa and those who really voted for chamisa and a mere number who will vote for mnangagwa will correspond with the number on voters roll and we are trying to fight but some stupid mother fuckers are trying to cover up zec and zanu pf it really hurts me when we are living in foreign countries and called all sorts of names i wish everyone arikumba hve the same mentality yemuno ari diaspora we will bring back out country into the right track wake up mhan what else do you expect from pple who failed us for the past 38 years ndatsamwa

  41. What Tshuma said makes lots of sense. The voting is polling station based which means Tobaiwa Mudede has issued many I Ds with different names & numbers but the same face. So the person can vote in polling station 1, destroy that ID wash off the ink from finger, get another ID & head to next polling station until they have finished all IDs with their face. Everthing now clear to us. That’s what Team Pachedu released earlier today. Zec must release BVR

  42. A Good morning to all you visionary and progressive zimbabweans. It is time up now to change the real goal posts into use by voting for our young and energetic future leaders who are very eager to transform and to equip zimbabwe with higher new techniques in order for zimbabwe to get full developments. Zanu pf and ED Mnangagwa’s decades of destruction must come to an abrupt ending because truly,competitive leadership as it is done to other developed countries is the only key to lure and have investor confidence. ZANU PF HAMA DZANGU NGAICHIBVA KUDA KANA KUSADA KWAYO, PAVANGATONGA,KUBA,KUURAYA NEKUMANIKIDZA VANHU KUTI VADIWE ZVAKAKWA,HATICHAVADI.

  43. The reason why I hate politics

    1. And what have you done for you country???

  44. Comment…viva Chamisa pasi nezanupf yematsotsi, but what l can say that we want free n fair election one men one vote kwete zvanachigumba zvavarikuita izvi idiotic fools

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