Mnangagwa rewards soldiers, police

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has awarded a whopping 22,5% “special allowance” rise to members of the security service, raising fears that the gesture could be a vote-buying gimmick as it came a few weeks before the July 30 general elections.


The allowance, according to government circulars shown to NewsDay yesterday, took effect on July 1.

Opposition parties claimed the allowance was meant to pay back soldiers for facilitating Mnangagwa’s rise to power last November.

According to a letter signed by Defence and Police Services Commissions secretary Pretty Sunguro, the military would get 22,5% rise while police would get a 20% increase.

Part of the letter dated and addressed to Defence and War Veterans Affairs secretary Melusi Matshiya read: “Following consultations between the office of the chairman of the Defence Forces Services Commission, honourable minister and secretary for Defence and War Veterans Affairs please find attached a key scale with 20% special allowance applied to members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. Accordingly, proceed and effect adjustment with effect from July 1, 2018, as indicated on the key scales.”

The letter was copied to defence forces command element.

The scales show that a brigadier-general or air commodore, for example, has an approved salary of between $813 and $850, a housing allowance of $361, an official vehicle, an approved (REP allowance) of $566, special allowance of between $391 and $400 making a total monthly package of between $2 131 and $2177.

Government has also offered similar, but lower allowances as the grades go down.

The schedule for police was not immediately available, but an offer of 20% special allowance has been approved by Treasury, according to Sunguro’s letter to Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage secretary.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa could not be reached for comment as he was dropping calls. His deputy Terrence Mukupe also refused to comment, curtly saying:“I will refer that to Chinamasa. Talk to him.”

Zimbabwe Defence Forces spokesperson Overson Mugwisi referred questions to Sunguro.

“Thank you for getting in touch with us. We request you clear your query with the Defence Forces Service Commission secretary, who is the originator of the communication,”he said.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could also not be drawn into commenting on the issue.

Efforts to get a comment from Sunguro were fruitless as she was said to be out of office.

Early this year, government rejected demands from nurses for a salary adjustment and at some point fired over 15 000 striking health personnel.

However, there was a noticeable adjustment to the allowances to medical doctors after another bruising fight.


  1. obviously something had to be done to our gallant soldiers for removing a nagging dictator who many had failed to dislodge from power including the opposition, well done.

    1. When a monetary figure is attached to an act that moves “gallant soldiers” from their barracks to carry out an internal political act to remove a “democratically” elected leader, we are setting the wrong precedent. This will give opportunity for the military to act outside of its constitutional mandate in the future. The timing of this pay increase is suspicious to say the least. We hope our military are professional enough to stay out of any further political acts and or posturing. The military are there to protect the citizen not an internal political interest.

  2. If they do it for the second time this year, by the end of the year they should be the highest paid in Zim.

  3. Last kicks of a dying horse.. wonderful!

  4. Selfishness again , What about the majority who supported the legalization of that process. Soldiers and Police be careful that 20 % will be nothing in the next 2 months , mukaita saLobengula akatengwa nesuka. you will be back to square zero . This I guarantee you. Learn to think of you parents you children s future and hama dzose who are not soldiers vorarama sei. Hupfumi hunenge hwechikwambo kunge hwe Zanu pf hwekupfumma wega vamwe vachitambura nekuvasveta hwakashata

    1. Saka kunzi ndafunga vamwe kunzi ndavhotera the young politician…… please help.

  5. pathetic move

  6. Actually the adjustments are for all public servants…the memo referred to was addressed to the Uniformed Services Commission as these are separate from Civil Service Commission administration….have we already forgotten that teachers and other civil servants wanted to strike and gvt later awarded them increases in pay and allowances increases of between 17.5% and 22.5%????? Why is this news/vote buying?????????????????????

    1. if we are given money which the country cannot afford you can call this anything e.g.enticement,motivation ….but the bottom line is that money will be useless in a short space of time.This is is the nice thing about government.You can print money yekufadza wanhu panguwa dzakadai;ndidzo politiiiics and advantage yekuita contest maelections when you are the incumbent;you give “resources “that do not belong to you and which you don’t have.Handiti yese ichapera nekuita swipe because there is no actual cash to back it.Aluta continua.

  7. ko inga u didnt mention kuti the rest of the civil servants are getting an increment as well this month

  8. Chisi musi wacharimwa hachieri.

  9. KKKKK 20% of$200-00 is nothing lets not politicized the increment guys. Akamboburitsa mari yamunotambira mupaper ndiyani news day u are a shame to the country

  10. well done newsday makorokoto

  11. Good for them. The negative implication will be price increases – check grocery list by month end.

  12. Mugabe and Mnangagwa are the same,hence zimbabwe will never ever transform as long as these old age monsters keep on ruling us. Youthful leader is needed…….Chamisa is the first one to take the cake.

  13. chamusir kuziva ndechekuti the different is the same

  14. Whatever guys yu can say, munangagwa is doing good, zvatanga kusecurity here inga health vskangopiwa wani, chimwe chamudoda chii hamuna chakanaka vanhu iiii

  15. Whatever yu can say, munangagwa is right, chakaipa chii ksna apa security mari, inga health yakapiwa wani. Hamuna chskanaka mazim pple are going to vote for him muchasvotwa nazvo garai marutsa

  16. Kupiwa increase ye22% wozocharger 35% kuti upiwe cash thus meaningless Zimbabweans workup you are being fooled mhani.we better unite…

  17. Chauya Chauya

    Munangagwa hapana chaati aitira maticha.Teachers wake up.

  18. we are not being fooled but you are fooling yourself. ALL CIVIL servant where given the same % increase, what’s wrong with that. The only wrong thing is that MDC increases prices of goods once the increase has been effected

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