Minister slapped with default judgment over pupils’ fees

FINANCE deputy minister, Terrence Mukupe, was yesterday slapped with a $30 000 default judgment after a Harare private school petitioned the High Court to recover fees owed by the Zanu PF legislator’s children.


Through its lawyers, Musoni Masasire Law Chambers the school filed the summons on June 18, claiming Mukupe owed $29 948 in school fees for his three minor children. The school later applied for a default judgment after the minister ignored the summons.

High Court judge Justice Owen Tagu then granted the order.

In its declaration, the school had said: “The customer ledger for the defendant (Mukupe) shows that the defendant owes the plaintiff (school) a total of $29 948 for the services rendered to the defendant’s children. The period for the amount above is August 2017 to April 2018. The above amount is still owing and accruing interest. Despite demand defendant has failed, neglected, denied and or delayed to pay the capital debt in question.”

Just recently, Mukupe was taken to court over another $32 593 debt to Trust Bank.

Mukupe was again on the receiving end early this month after the High Court slapped him with yet another default judgment for $28 000 in a matter involving a Chinese company, China Industrial International Group (Pvt) Ltd, contracted to build his property in Harare.

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  1. Does this man whocannot run his personal finances be trusted with the national purse??
    ED, You have been warned,this man is dangerous!!

    1. Very very dangerous

      1. Tipewo Serious

        indeed very dangerous

        1. Very very dangerous indeed!


  2. Saka anaMukupe kupinda mupolitics kuda kuvhara zvimoto nhaika!

  3. Ipapa uchaona ED achimupa a post. He such an arrogant guy with no regard or the law.

  4. The majority of Zanu PF candidates have similar baggage. One wonders at the calibre of the voters who will elect or support such people.
    It is clear that they are hypocrites and crooked at the least.

  5. tendai chaminuka

    Chamisa and Makupe same fanana these two guys should be shown the exit door

  6. bheveni sibanda

    Ndiyoka young generation yataichemera iyi tichifunga kuti ndiyo ine yese. wobva watoona kuti madhara akarongeka chokwadi thus why ndiri kuti ED ndiye ane yese ava regai vambokura

  7. ED was once and a VP in Zanu PF handina chinemosoro chandanzwa chaakaita. Chinotimba has a better report in ZANU PF despite his bad English. He proved to be better that most of these guys you are celebrating in ZANU PF

  8. Wechidiki Chamisa

    Mukupe irombe remunhu .Ko why kuindisa vana kuzvikoro zvinodhura kana usina mari .Zvonyadzisa .Apa munhu anenge achida kuzviita muclever anogona.Mukupe haugoni kumanager mafinances emumba mako sababa saka mafinances enyika ungaamanager sey

  9. And he is aspiring to be my MP. Zvakato oma. Waruuuuza

  10. tinosangana monday


  12. Come monday

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