MDC-T, ZCTU in joint demo. . . as EU, UK join the fray

THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has roped in erstwhile allies, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, vendors and college students for a joint massive demonstration on Wednesday to demand transparency and levelling of the playing field for all political parties ahead of the July 30 general elections.


This came as European Union ambassador to Zimbabwe Philippe Van Damme and British Prime Minister Theresa May warned on Wednesday that they were closely monitoring the process to ensure compliance with internationally acceptable election guidelines.

“We will certainly watch very carefully to see how those elections are conducted, and consider the conduct of those elections as appropriate. We have repeatedly said that if the Zimbabwean government can demonstrate commitment to political and economic reform, the UK stands ready to do all that it can to support recovery, but that commitment is essential,” May said.

EU envoy Van Damme also took to his official Twitter page to emphasise the importance of credible elections saying: “#EU stands ready to accompany political and economic reform agenda of incoming government legitimated by peaceful, inclusive, transparent and credible elections to ensure better future.”

Early last month, Chamisa led another demonstration which almost brought business in Harare to a standstill and shook corridors of power in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government as he pressured the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to conduct the elections in a free and fair manner.

MDC-T youth leader Happymore Chidziva yesterday said they had advised the police of the planned demonstration, adding they were expecting no less than 20 000 participants at the event. Ads

“We are expecting attendance of not less than 20 000 people. These are people in Harare alone and our case is that we demonstrated demanding reforms, but Zec is not listening to our demands,” the youth leader said.

“The people are coming back again to give a second signal that if they continue like this, we will go for action. We want to push this regime so that it realises the anger of the people. This demonstration is a show of anger especially on the voters’ roll and ballot paper printing.

“As the youth commander, we said we will define, secure and defend our future and this is one way of defending it. We will not allow elections to be held in Zimbabwe until and unless we have reforms,” he said.

Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba has, however, dug in her heels, saying she would not bow to Chamisa’s demands.

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba yesterday scoffed at Chamisa’s vitriol attacks on Zec, saying they were (Zec) “both unlawful and absurd, to say the least”.

“In terms of the Constitution, Zec is required to take independent decisions for as long as they are consistent with the law, and of course to operate without undue influence from any quarter. In a poignant, hard-to-miss irony, the idea of Independent Commissions, of which ZEC is a part, came from the same opposition which now seek to undermine and/or overrun them. Not only that, under our Parliamentary system the opposition directly participated in processes of staffing these independent commissions whose operations they now daily challenge and besiege,” he said.

Part of the MDC-T notification letter to police read: “This letter serves to notify you that we are going to have a demonstration on July 11. We wish to demonstrate against Zec for failing to provide us with a complete biometric voters’ roll and failing to be fully transparent on the ballot process.”

ZCTU secretary-general Japhet Moyo said their members would participate in the demonstration because they were equally worried about Zec’s conduct.

“Our members have come to the offices and complained that elections are being manipulated, that Zec is not independent, that Zec is allegedly assisting one party to win the elections and that Zec has been part and parcel of the rigging system.

“No one has approached us (to take part in the demonstration), but I have no doubt that our members might be joining in because they are not happy. I will not be surprised if ZCTU members are part of that demonstration,” Ncube said, while reiterating that their organisation was independent of political parties.

Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) secretary-general Ashleigh Pfunye confirmed they will be taking part in the demo to pile pressure on Zec.

“As the students, we will offer our solidarity to the MDC Alliance not because we are in support of it, but because we don’t want to set a bad precedence of going to an election without reforms,” Pfunye said.

“We want to avoid a scenario where the electoral process is manipulated and the manipulators walk away freely so our solidarity is based on ideas and principles and thus we will show maximum support for the MDC Alliance.”

Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) leader Samuel Wadzai said vendors will be in full force to ratchet up pressure on Zec and government over electoral reforms.

“We will contribute to any process that aims at ensuring that there is a free and fair election and peaceful transition in Zimbabwe.

“Vendors constitute a huge percentage of potential voters and it’s within our right to be part and parcel of processes that seek to ensure the holding of free and fair elections and the demands being put forward by the opposition are legitimate in our view. We, therefore, urge our members participate in this noble agenda,” Wadzai said.


  1. Let me just hasten to warn whoever is behind this thing that it will never get you additional votes apart from spending a day loofing in the streets of Harare creating further jams on top of the traffic chaos which we are experiencing these days.

    1. Fat cat Eliasha,Do you feel threatened by this impending demo ?All you worry about is traffic Jam and not the future ?

    2. mwana wembwa

    3. bheveni sibanda

      Dai Chamisa akwanisa zvake kuunganidza vanhu ivava achiita campaign zvaigona kumubatsira because avekuita sembwa inosvero ichihukura nzou saka vaMnangagwa neZEC havana chavanombotya apa nezimbwa risina meno zvaro.

    4. Nxaaaaa,right now there is no demonstration but people are loafing in the streets because havana basa.

  2. josphat mugadzaweta

    unombori aniko iwe eraisha?

    1. @Josphat
      Eliasha is a paid Zanu Pf troll, he trolls the independent media pages for the Junta. Look at the time his posts are published, if he is in Zimbabwe that time would be around 03:50 am. I dont think he is in Zimbabwe, I think he is in another country. Because most normal people in Zim wouldn’t have woken up at that time. Or maybe he is one of the diplomatic officers who are idle in all foreign missions. Some of them are running scared because they were sent there by the Mugabe gvt and now are trying to get to the front pack of bootlicking so that they wont be recalled after elections if ED wins (I know this for sure, because I interact with some Zimbabwean officers here). Thats my theory.

    2. On second thoughts, maybe Elisha works for Newsday! Probably he is Trevor, kikkkkk, we all know how he loves Zanu these days. So if the system for posting news is not automated, this Elisha guy works at ND.

  3. Thobela Nyandezulu

    What reforms?In 2013 MDCT was advised by SADC not to participate in those elections before electoral reforms were effected but MDCT went ahead and participated.After recalling Members of Parliament who rebelled against Tsvangirai,MDCT did not participate in by elections siting lack of electoral reforms.Throughout the life of parliament MDC T MPs never raised those issues of reforms.Double Standards and Childish!

  4. shaolin kung fu master

    Erisha, handione chinokurwadza apa nekuti hausiwe unenge urimustreet.

  5. Coumment…

  6. Comment… Let the people demonstrate.All we need are serious electoral reforms.. ZEC must be apolitical. That Chigumba girl must resign today.

    1. From my understanding of the Zimbabwean electoral process, all MDC Alliance demands are just academic, with no direct impact on the outcome of elections. For me, the most dangerous element of the previous Zanu Pf regime was state-sponsored violence against opposition parties, that made it extremely dangerous for ordinary people to stand up and support the opposition. This has since changed. What the MDC Alliance is not telling the nation is that they were complicit in the supposed rigging in the past because they never took rural constituencies seriously. They would hand pick a “brave” but unknown candidate to stand on the party’s ticket. They would either not send polling agents at all, or, would send in polling agents from outside the constituency who had no interest at all in the election outcome at the polling station, but to get their danger allowance! Worse still, they would send in polling agents who had never participated in the training of polling officials. Does the MDC Alliance know that party officials are allowed to sit in the training sessions for Presiding Officials!? There is no way people can vote twice, unless the MDC Alliance is saying Polling Officers are so dumb that they cant match an ID document with the person who will be carrying it! Further, in 2013, the MDC-T allowed voting to take place when there were no electronic voting ink detectors in some constituencies!? I guess this disadvantaged every political party in a way, if people were clever enough to notice that every polling station in a constituency had the same voters’roll. I do not really understand what the MDC Alliance mean by demanding a level electoral field this time around, when they are free to campaign anywhere and demonstrate as they wish!

  7. Comment…ana erisha kana muchifunga kuti ed achamutsa zimbabwe muri kunyepa,zimbabwe yotoda fresh blood vane strong economic revival strategies kwete kutungana kwembudzi.Think twice boy.

  8. ZCTU should just join politics. Their image has been tainted.

  9. Ana Erisha nxaa


    The young politician (president) is not being unenthusiastic, pessimistic or antagonistic, but he is being realistic, gathering facts which we all have seen and witnessed. There is nothing new that he is preaching…just look around yourself and tell me if you can sing a different song.. there is nothing out there.
    The question is who is making the prices of our basic commodities rise, who is making the exchange rates to fluctuate, these 20%, 30% rates..whats going on.
    If they can’t stop it now whilst they are in control, what guarantee do we have that they will change anything when they win…..
    Don forget that Zimbabwe is full of educated people..we see and we know. How painful and shameful it is when you see a country with graduates cleaning toilets, abuse of our intellectual.

    Just my opinion as a citizen…As always PRAY and keep on PRAYING as long you are not playing whilst you think you are praying.

  11. Why is ZEC and ZANU PF dragging in their feet and hidding their heads in sand like ostroches when it comes to the implementation of electoral reforms? ED is past his sell-by date, he must have a rest from politics and give the young generation a chance.

  12. Meanwhile, other opposition political formations are silent, it beats me. I guess the common enemy is Zanu and a unified voice is wanted at this juncture. It goes without saying that all other formations are either zanu projects or they they dont have the people at heart

  13. Silvester Matambo

    Another waste of time by a clueless and charlatanic MDC party sure to be humiliated at the July polls. ED pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  14. let all Zimbabweans crying in agony of suffering, hoping to build their lives ,support their families and creating a good future for their children come all in numbers , The eyes of the international community are in Zimbabwe and observers . Zimbabwe lets march for our fallen father in chimurenga what hey fought for we all deserve good life we almost had t in GNU bcoz f the incorporation of MDC, MDC can do it

  15. Aiwaaaa Erisha is 100% right..MDC yaakutoda kutora basa reZEC..ndooyega party here

  16. please IGNORE elisha’s posts. he is a lost sheep from the flock.

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      You silly people siyayi Elisha ataure zvaanofunga nezvo anofarira. Why do you want everyone to support your thinking? Endayi munoite mademon enyu neWednesday kunyadzisa nyika yenyu for cheap politicking and hope to live better lives after that. Tinozviziva kuti muri kutoona kuti bhora ndere simbi muri kudyiwa so mawe kuda kutsvaga excuse yezvekuzotaura Kuma observers kuti ndizvo zvakudyisayi. You think takapusa hatisi kuona the reasons behind your demons. ED pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! imi muri mumastreets.

  17. Nhai ZEC ko chii chiri kunetsa pane utsi pane moto ko itai zvose zvacho zviri kudiwa toona arohwa arohwa ko muri kuzvirambireiko ukaona mukadzi akanzi ne murume wake bring to me keys dze wadrop iye wo ramba zvorewa kuti pane chikomba chakirwa imomo saka ini ndiri kuti itai zvose zviri kudiwa ma election oitwa awinner o winner kwete kumbunyikidza vanhu chokwadi vanhu havachada uye vakagara vasingade taneta ne kushupika mari totenga pamusika food iri kudhura kunge kutenga matomatisi mabasa hakuna nhasi moti new dispence ipi yacho ndiyani akachena vose avo vakashanda na Mugabe kuba chete kuvaka zvimba kunge ma hotel WE ARE TIRED ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  18. l have business in Harare and can say the last demonstration came nowhere to “almost bringing business in Harare to a standstill”

  19. Comment…chamisa azowapinza chando this tym chisa chamisa

  20. Comment…taneta nembavha dze zanu kuhwina nekurova vanhu

  21. Chando chipiko chapinzwa na Chamisa? Iye ndiye arikutopinda chando arikukwata ma elections thats why he talks too much. KUFAMBA TONAZ MUCHIITA NOISE MAKAPFEKA MBATYA TSVUKU HAZVIREVE KUTI MAHWINHA MA ELECTIONS KANA KUTI ZIMBABWE ICHAKUVHOTERAI. ED Pfeeeeeeeeee muchifamba kudaro ne hembe dzenyu and wotokutongai futi mese nema comments enyu iwaya atirikuona tiri zii zvedu. Chero mukatuka tichakutongai chete for 5 years. ED PFEEEEE KWETE ZVA LIESON ZVEKUPENGA IZVO

  22. Fear fear fear .

  23. Give us the signal papa, we ready papa, don’t forget me papa 1 August tapinda papa ur loyal son.

    1. papa?vakomana yaaa

  24. Wezhira Wezhara

    ZEC availed a complete voters roll to all parties concerned but ndiri kushaya kuti shuwa imwe party inochemera mipikicha yevanhu as if ndiyo inovhota? Ballot paper harifaniri kuonekwa neAny party because vamwe vari kutoda kuscanner vogadzira avo.

  25. Electoral reforms this time its too late, The constitution Section 157(4) states that After the election has been called no change to the electoral law or to any other Law relating to elections has effect for the purpose of that election: Demos should have be undertaking long time back, for now it’s a waste of time

  26. ED pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  27. Zimbabwe is the only country in the world led by an HIV positive president Mnangagwa and 2 HIV positive Vice Presidents, Chiwenga and Mohadi. They are currently so sick that they rely on daily doses on medication to be able to speak

    1. Tiratidzewo ma results acho ka and then wotipawo evamwe vekunedzimwe nyika . Urichipoto zveshuwa chokukangira maputi

    2. does that matter!!!!!!shallow mind

  28. Eliasha is an enemy of the transparency. It maybe ED himself posting these reactions. Anyway, people must understand that the decisions we take now affect the long future. ED may rape the nation and conduct a sham election and win aided by ZEC. What is needed is for people to be given a chance to choose their desired leader. This can only happen if ZEC affords them this opportunity conducting a very transparent election. But what we see now is ZEC and Zanu Pf resonating in defense of ZEC’s efforts to cast darkness to the whole process. Zanu pf is at the forefront of defending ZEC, clearly showing that they are the sole beneficiary of the ploy to rig the election. But it is us Zimbabweans who should resist that Zanu pf keeps stealing the elections, while our economy continues to shrink. ED and Zanu pf have already failed, ample chance have been given them. ED is in power now and nothing is changing. Many Mega deals were signed since independence and that didn’t improve the economy and ED wants to continue deceiving many by just signing Mega deals.
    A fair election is needed and it is the right of the whole nation to have a fair election. All previous elections were manipulated, and ED wants to manipulate this one too, even though he cant deliver. The Zimbabwean should not be cheated forever. The Zimbabwean must make the earthquake Chigumba solicited, and this election must not go, until it is a clear and transparent one. A fair and transparent election is key to all accountability in governance that will follow. But if Zimbabweans begin with a sham election, accountability will not follow. This 2018 transparent election is a do or die situation for Zimbabwe, if the ZIMBABWEAN cares about the future of his/her nation. It all begins with free, fair transparent election, and Priscilla Chigumba should Zimbabweans are fools who do not know what a free and fair election is. She may force and aid ED to cheat the whole nation, but in the end we will remember and her the evil she did, blocking the way for the Zimbabwean to self governance. She will benefit personally yes, but at the expense of immensely many suffering Zimbabweans. She is choosing to be on the wrong side of history. Great people do good things for their fellow countrymen, and not rob them in broad daylight. Chigumba should reason it out that the future is greater than the evil desires of the lizard.The future is for us all, and for our children and their children’s children, and we should not kill everyone’s future, just for ED.
    But if Zimbabweans fail now then we will have failed forever.

  29. Prayer without action changes nothing – its good decision making and taking appropriate action (complemented by prayer) which brings good results.

  30. I am juss wondering WHY NEWSDAY is misleading people . is there any evidence or statement that shows EU, UK saying they will join the demo against zec . PLEASE stop exposing your incompetence to the world . you should report as is .the constitution says no electoral reform can be made after the announcement of the election date .so why should people march in the streets ???.To my suprise CHAMISA is the one who was involved the selection of zec members, then chii chachinja nhasi???this chamisa guy is just trying to rise tension nepaisingade . Nxaaa cry babies

  31. @Eliasha.You are a confused lot.nine months ago you were saying VaMugabe chete chete when ED was having terrible time and unfortunately Mugabe was gone when you were fast asleep.After realizing no more Mugabe and being more confused you have decided to go for the same ED.Kkkkkkkkk

  32. machinja ane rudo

  33. Nelson should first have a Democratic change of power process with Khupe, after that he can only start talking of democracy because lets not forget akazvigadza humambo chitunha chiri mumba, so all u Chinjas just shut up and sort your house issues first then you talk of national issues, because how do you expect to solve Zims problems when your own backyard is full of garbage
    ED PFeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. reforms now….. where were they all this while when they knew all the anomalies with zec,why wouldn’t they lobby for reforms well before election season,busy sleeping in parliament and cry at the 11th hour,grow up chamisa boy.

  35. Demonstrations and then what. I have always said since the days of Morgan that whoever advised these opposition leaders is useless or is a ZANU (PF) person. ZCTU are you saying workers will leave their work stations to go and demonstrate? Do not play with people’s lives and jobs. The truth of the matter is that Chamisa is afraid of elections because he now reckons that he will lose. Whilst others are campaigning Chamisa is busy at war with everyone, ZEC, Khupe, MDC-Alliance whom he has dribbles, MDC-T (where he has more than one candidate per constituency because of his cronies. I also wonder why sane people tend to support such acts of directionless leader. Let us where the demonstrations will take you. You want to take Zimbabwe back to the Mugabe era. Shame on you. To News Day, do not support anarchy by publishing such destructive news

    1. Good observation! The real threat to free and fair elections was former President Mugabe’s violence towards election day. Now that that is gone, every other complaint is simply academic!

  36. Shandisai njere dzamakapihwa naMwari wenyu varume .kwete kushandiswa ,,,ukanyatso dzishandisa dzako hauite hasha nezvinhu zvisina basa…zvaunoda pane zvauno chidira…zvausingade pane zvaungazvidire…

  37. i am still wondering if Chamisa is a real lawyer. KUTI MFANA UYU ANOMBOWANA NGUVA YEKUVERENGA CONSTITUTION . WHAT DOES THE CONSTITUTION SAY ABOUT ELECTORAL REFORMS ???.Pane ari padyo naye ndimbomubvunzawo here .?How many lawyers are in mdc alliance vasingazive constitution ??Zvino tingape nyika kuvanhu vakadai???This guy is juss an orator. i now begin to question his credentials as a lawyer. ndosaka ndichizoti mdara #ED PFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  38. Opposition yakaora muZimbabwe, no strategy. Vafana ivava are MDC splinter groups that ran away from MT and left him in the wilderness forming their own parties MDC-N, led by Welshman Ncube , PDP led by Tendai Biti; Transform Zimbabwe, led by Jacob Ngarivhume, ZPF, led by Agrippa Mutambara, ZANU– Ndonga and Multi-Racial Democrats
    So what has made them come back again into Movement for Democratic Change – (MDC-T), led by Nelson Chamisa ? Why did they leave in the first place?

  39. Chanetsa chiyi maReforms acho gaaitweka zvopera chete iyi ari kurambireyi kuashandura nhai, umbavha ihoho huripachena.

  40. I advocate for free and fair elections with all electoral reforms as per the dictates of the Constitutions. However I understand that the constitution dictates that there MUST be no changes to the Electoral Act after proclamation of elections. Now vari kuda demo vanoda kuti zvichinjwe unconstitutionally here? I am made to understand that it is the duty of parliament to amend the Act, zvino zvayakavhara zvochinjika sei? MDC yakadzinga vayo muparliament saka maida kuti ZANU ikumiririrei hare zvido zvenyu? makaramba kuita ma by-elections mazoda zvino sei iwo ma reforms asina kuitwa? U dont know what u need. Demo yenyu shows that u need chaos and violence zvino muchazvishaya demo ichangopfuura sezvakaita imwe with no impact. ndekupi kunodaidzirwa reforms 3 weeks before elections. Arent u exposing yrself? Potest vote is now running away from u coz of yr confusion. Are u saying voters roll pictures and printing yeballot will take away the 95% votes dzamaireva or you were lying kuti mune vanhu? Maifunga kuti vanhu vacharega kueinda kumarally yaED moti ndimi mega mune vanhu. Hamuna kurongeka modyiwa chete. hamuna party structures in 80% of Zimbabwe whom you should bank on but u rely on protest votes.

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