MDC Alliance candidate assaulted

Suspected Zanu PF youths yesterday allegedly assaulted MDC Alliance House of Assembly candidate for Gokwe-Kabuyuni, David Siampondo.

Speaking to NewsDay, Siampondo said a group of youths wielding axes and stones approached him while he was at Zumba Business Centre.

“I was in the company of my campaign team comprising Misheck Nyoni a provincial member responsible for political education in the Midlands North province of the MDC, Lizzy Munozohamba a provincial member and Felix Ngiza a youth in Zumba who operated a store there.
We were coming from a meeting and door to door campaigns with our team in Sikwiti and Sawirangwanda in ward 27 when we briefly stopped at Zumba business centre to drop Felix and also put some campaign posters for our president Nelson Chamisa. When we attempted to put the posters that’s when these people came charging at us. We could not run away as we were surrounded in all directions. They must have been pre-planned it. They demanded an explanation why we were “selling out the country”, and when we stood the ground and told them that l did not owe anyone explanation on why we are campaigning for the MDC. One of them grabbed me by the neck and head butted me three times”

“We left the place and reported the case to the police under RRB 3481907 the suspects are yet to be apprehended and actually
I received no police report to afford me medication attention in government hospital hence I opted for the private facilities being assisted by doctors from Zimbabwe Association for Doctors for Human Rights (ZDHR)

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