Mavesere vows to transform Kadoma

KADOMA businessman Zivanai Mavesere has vowed to transform the mining town if elected legislator for Kadoma Central in the polls scheduled for July 30.


Mavesere, who is contesting as an independent candidate, gained popularity during the social movement protests in 2016 for challenging the status quo during former President Robert Mugabe’s era in a series of videos inviting the then strongman to witness the dilapidated industries and businesses in the mining city.

The businessman expressed disappointment at the current crop of legislators who have presided over the continuous deterioration of the mining town.

Mavesere said he has decided to represent Kadoma as a patriotic citizen willing to participate in the resuscitation of the town, which has the potential to contribute positively to the economy of Zimbabwe.

“The people who have been at the forefront in championing the development of Kadoma has let us down in a big way.

Kadoma has been regressing instead of moving forward,” he said.

“Disgruntlement and dissatisfaction has become the order of the day, yet some of these people have been in office for 10 years with nothing to show for it.”

Mavesere said he was one of the many independent candidates that have been motivated by the prevailing peaceful political environment to also contest in the coming election.

He said his approach will be to listen to the needs of the electorate and deliver through transparency as well as accountability.

“The conducive atmosphere that has been ushered in by the new political dispensation also motivated me to freely stand as an independent candidate in the coming elections,” said the businessman.

“I pledge to turn around the fortunes of Kadoma first, through being a listening member of Parliament that is accountable and transparent in his business conduct.”

The 48-year-old politician has participated in various social and corporate activities in the town and, as part of his campaign, he has been doing door to door visits and road shows.


  1. Kokerai Chisvo

    Regai ndikuzivisei uyu dololo zero kuhwinha….ane nyaya dzake kauyu

  2. kid marongorongo

    haana kana umwe anomuvhotera uyu tomuziva. vote Zanu pf

  3. VaChisvo makanga mazviona, spill more?

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