I’ve never been ED’s ally: Jonathan Moyo

EXILED former minister Jonathan Moyo (pictured) has claimed he has never been a political ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa even during the days of the Tsholotsho Declaration, adding he holds the country’s leader in “disdain” and as the instigator of Gukurahundi.


Moyo was viewed as a key player in the 2004 declaration when a group of six Zanu PF provincial chairpersons, members of the politburo, central committee and war veterans met in Tsholotsho to plot and push Mnangagwa to occupy the vacant post of Vice-President following the death of Simon Muzenda.

The move was undone by then President Robert Mugabe’s move to amend the party constitution to ensure one of his deputies was a woman.

The decision saw now opposition leader Joice Mujuru become Vice-President.

“The widely held view that Mnangagwa and I have, at any time before now, been so-called political allies, or that I supported him in the Tsholotsho saga, is pure fiction. Mnangagwa and I know only too well that we have always held each other in mutual contempt. Ever since!

“As captured in Wikileaks, on 21 December 2001 Mnangagwa, as Speaker of Parliament, ‘voiced his disdain’ for me to US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Joseph Sullivan. He said that knowing I too was, as I still am, disdainful of him as the ugly face of what’s wrong with Zanu PF and Zimbabwe!,” Moyo wrote on his Twitter timeline on Friday responding to a question why he blames Mnangagwa for the Gukurahundi massacres.

Mnangagwa stands accused of having had a hand in Gukurahundi since he was State security minister, a charge he vehemently denied saying the blame laid squarely with Mugabe.

“Mnangagwa has flatly refused to acknowledge, take responsibility or apologise for his role in the Gukurahundi atrocities. He’s on record before the coup declaring Gukurahundi a closed chapter.

“A person who does not acknowledge a tragic problem, like Gukurahundi, can’t be expected to solve that problem. President Mugabe acknowledged Gukurahundi as a moment of madness. But he failed to solve it, because he was held hostage by Gukurahundi denialists who ousted him!,” Moyo wrote.

He added: “An obvious question to ask is, why has Mnangagwa refused to acknowledge, take responsibility and apologise for Gukurahundi? An obvious answer is simply that he knows only too well that he was, and is, the most culpable; as the leading instigator and enforcer of Gukurahundi.!”

Mnangagwa refused to take responsibility or tender apologies for the Gukurahundi massacres during an interview in Davos, Switzerland. The President has appointed a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) to deal with the 1980’s mass killings.

Moyo added: “Under Mnangagwa’s unfettered control and direction, assisted by Danny Stannard and their coterie of British and apartheid intelligence operatives, the CIO manufactured lies that Zapu leaders and Ndebeles were fomenting insurrection and tortured and murdered alleged insurgents!

“The lead state organ in the execution of the State of emergency in the dark Gukurahundi years between 1980 and 1987 was Mnangagwa’s brutal CIO. In this period, illegal detentions against court orders, widespread torture and murder on a mass scale were the order of the day!”

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  1. unopenga iwe Mugabe ndiye wakapuwa degree re gukurahundi reknight hood namabritish vakazomutorera atora mapurazi Whose fooling who ?todakukupa rokuvukura kanawadzoka

  2. Political Turncoat

    Jonathan Moyo is well documented as having actively supported Mnangangwa’s elevation to the vice presidency in 2004 following the death of Dr Mzee. Newspaper articles that he himself wrote after his 2005 expulsion from the party highlight his die-hard support for Mnangagwa as he (Moyo) claimed to be against the Zezurunization of power in the country. He even registered his disdain of Robert Mugabe saying the Old Man was a non-democratic and non-revolutionary power-hungry person who would do anything to keep himself in power including sacrificing the revolutionary and nationalistic ethos. The uniqueness of Moyo is such that he can write a full thesis and successfully defended it before any University defense committee, arguing that he is not Jonathan Moyo and has never at any given time worked under Mugabe. He can then, with astonishing zest, proceed to sue anyone calling him Jonathan Moyo and in no time at all in the face of million-dollar lawsuits, the likes of the Herald will be running helter-skelter like headless chickens, printing apologies. That’s the enigma of this top intellectual called Jonathan Moyo!

  3. Who/What is Jonathan Moyo , by the way. Can someone explain to me who/what he is?

    1. His job is to do or say things and later deny, deny, and deny until he can deny no more!

  4. But Moyo is telling the truth. Mnangagwa was the chief enforcer of Gukurahundi as the minister of State Security. Together with Perrence Shiri who was the commander of 5TH Brigade. Many Ndebeles were killed and maimed and houses destroyed by the 5th brigade. Therefore no sane Ndebele would support Mnangagwa who butchered their kith and kin.

    1. Whose chief enforcers if you may kindly let us know vaDovi

  5. Jonathan “Twitter” Moyo, may you please shut up and watch G40less people do the trick. Zimbabwe is free and democratic-you failed your time.

  6. Farai Johnson Nhire

    There is no evidence of Mnangagwa’s involvement in gukurahundi unless your definition of gukurahundi differs from mine. The Ministry Of State Security was a well known legal and necessary part of government and it carried out its lawful duties effectively. The department managed to uncover a secret arms catch that was meant to be used for armed rebellion against a legitimate government. The state security, as its designation suggests, managed to trackdown serial killers such as Richard Gwesela, Thambo Lenyoka, Guy Gusvu and the like. These were part of notorious groups who used to terorise civillians cutting off human lips, noses and ears and i wonder weather if that operation is the one you mistakenly call gukurahundi.

    1. Farayi Svosve Nhire you are a stupid cant. Do you really reason properly? What do you know about gukurahundi? Zero. Mnangagwa was the key player you suuck. What arms catch discovered?…. afterall they were the ones who put them there. Shame on you. Nonethe less, the truth is arnd the corner. Shame on you. He (Mnangagwa) even mentioned that Matebele pple need DDT. You skunk. We shall see.

  7. Wezhira Wezhara

    People talk of Gukurahunndi as a situation where only Ndebele speaking people died. Richard Gwesela and company were also killing Shona speaking people before the Government intervention. When police officers were deployed there, they were killed and in most cases they could arrive at a homestead to look for information while the usual answer was that the residents were not aware of the whereabouts of Gwesela and crew. The momemnt they turned their backs, they would be under siege from bullets coming from the same homesteads where residents denied any knowledge. I have a relative who was also killed who worked for the army so in most cases when such attacks occured, soldiers would return to haunt the residents in anger. This thing was more of a war where Gwesela and company enjoyed support of the locals along tribal lines. Last let us remember that even Joshua Nkomo called on the nation to forgive and forget when he signed the Unity accord in 1987. So who is Jonathan Moyo to keep on talking rubbish?

  8. It is the width of that 2004 Tsholotsho Declaration which separates the two!!!!

  9. This Jonathan Moyo guy is insane chete….I remember an interview with Fingaz where he said he supported ED in 2004 becoause ED had expressed remorse/regret and promised to spearhead development in Matebeleland….I wish our media were real professionals who would do a bit of investigating and expose and confront blatant lies&hypocrisy by politicians.

    How can Jonathan hate ED for Gukurahundi but support Mugabe&Sekeramayi??????

  10. The media should also unearth statements made by ED during gukurahundi where he equated Ndebeles to cockroaches and 5th brigade to DDT(CHEMICAL USED TO KILL PESTS). so DDT had to kill cockroaches(Ndebeles). ED also said Ndebele villages should be burnt then. And many other statements.

  11. Did ED equate Ndebeles to cockroaches or he equated dissidents who equated dissidents to cockroaches?

  12. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Mnangagwa is related to ndebeles and there is no way he could call his kith and keen cockroaches. Munongonakirwa nekurotomoka zvamusina umboo nazvo. Ed never said anything bad about a particular tribe. Those who are framing these lies must brinout the video or the audio recording of him saying that THE NDEBELE PEOPLE ARE COCKROACHES. All i know is Ed Worked against people who used to operate as groups of serial killers and they used to mutilate people’s noses, ears and lips. Tichiri vadiki ainzi ma disidents and zvaitotyisa kufudza mombe uri wega.

  13. Nemiwo munongowukurawo imwi

  14. Zviripaground

    The big question is SO WHAT ? Are you in exile because of gukurahundi ? mugabe arikumba kwake kasukuwere wakadzoka Iwe uchachembera uchingotaura chirungu chenhema urimumwena. dzokaumbonyarara usapikisana nezvarongwa namwari nekuti unogona chirungu unopedzisira woita sezibenzi

  15. Stupid Moyo u be wasting time nigga.do you wanna be the President???? Get a life desperate dude.i don’t like ur behaviour it sucks!!!

  16. Gukurahund is an unfortunate,unforgettable,unforgivable moment of madness which Mnangangwa and his crew authored the bayoneting of pregnant women and other nasty things. Unfortunately what happened during this era is unpardonable.

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