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I’ve learnt from previous councillors’ mistakes – Ndlovu


MDC Alliance co-spokesperson for Bulawayo, Edwin Ndlovu, has bemoaned the uneven political playfield which he said was tilted in favour of Zanu PF. Ndlovu, who is also the deputy spokesperson of the Tendai Biti-led People’s Democratic Party (PDP), is contesting for the ward 8 council seat for Makokoba in Bulawayo.


Southern Eye reporter Silas Nkala (SE) caught up with Ndlovu (EN) and spoke on the electoral processes. Below are the excerpts of the interview:

SE: Can you give a background of yourself

EN: I was born in Matobo and grew up in Thorngroove, which is part of ward eight in Makokoba constituency. I am also a Bulawayo businessperson. I am married with five children and I am a religious elder.

SE: What are your aspirations?

EN: I am a firm believer of devolution of power and was happy when my leadership deployed me to the local authority as a ward 8 candidate. As someone who grew up in Thorngroove, I am well-versed with challenges facing the people in the area. I am in touch with the people of ward 8 which includes Thorngroove, Nguboyenja, Barbourfields and Mzilikazi.

They regularly brief me about their everyday challenges and aspirations.

I am also regularly briefed about the mistakes made by the previous councillors and I appreciate the support my elders give me in the ward.

SE: How have you fared on the campaign trail so far?

EN: The campaigns are going on smoothly because I am in touch with the ward as I am now spending my day interacting with residents. I have done door-to-door campaigns, reaching out to every household in the ward.

As part of the MDC Alliance, I am happy all party structures in the alliance are supportive of our campaign and we share the same vision towards our ward.

SE: What kind of competition are you dealing with in the ward?

EN: We are 16 candidates who want to represent ward 8, but that doesn’t shake me as I present the best manifesto to the electorate and I am more visible than my competitors.

SE: What makes you think you are the best candidate?

EN: The MDC Alliance manifesto is the best and as an individual, I present to the ward the best vision for the

residents. I am actually in touch with the electorate and we share the same thoughts as to what is good for us.

SE: How do you see the political level playfield?

EN: The playfield will never be level as long as Zanu PF is in power.

They are masters in manipulating elections. This time around as the alliance, we are saying 2013 will never be repeated.

SE: What are your parting words to the voters, opponents and your party?

EN: My parting words to the electorate is that they must make sure our president, Nelson Chamisa, is voted into State House, James Sithole voted into Parliament and Edwin Ndlovu voted into council chambers. I promise to be a servant of the people and shall not forsake them.

I have also learnt from the mistakes of previous councillors and promise to be a true community leader. I shall fulfil my promises of youth and women empowerment.

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