I’ll announce poll results: Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday threatened to pre-empt the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s vote-rigging antics by prematurely announcing results for the July 30 elections to enable the electorate to compare the figures.


Addressing thousands of supporters during a protest march to force Zec to level the political playfield, particularly to ensure transparency in the printing and security of ballot material, Chamisa also vowed to conduct overnight vigils at the Zec offices next week if their demands are not addressed.

“This time we are going to announce the election, not Zanu PF. We will have a system to have all the results from polling stations. So from voting, we will tell you where to go and wait in order to protect your votes,” Chamisa said.
In 2008, then MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti was arrested and charged with treason for announcing the results of the elections before the electoral agency had released its own tallies. The charge was later dropped when the MDC-T and MDC formed a coalition government with Zanu PF.

Biti, who is now one of the principals of the MDC Alliance, last week threatened to prematurely release results of this month’s polls to counter Zec’s machinations.

Chamisa added: “This is the last demonstration that we will do and go back home. On future demonstrations, no one will be going home.”

“Next week, we are meeting to assess the situation and if there is no movement on the ballot issue, it means there is no sleeping anymore. We have lost everything, but we are prepared to defend our right to integrity of the vote and the voters roll,” the youthful opposition leader said.

He said the party had the capacity to shut down the country because the generality of the population was now yearning for change in governance.

Chamisa said the opposition would this time not be hoodwinked into entering a flawed election.

“Our agenda is that we will not get into an election with outstanding issues, but this doesn’t mean we are not going to have an election. Unlike in the past, we will not boycott any election. This is not a Zanu PF primary election, but a national election and we have to agree on how it is going to be conducted,” Chamisa said.

The MDC Alliance leader said Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba was only doing the bidding for the ruling Zanu PF party. He also accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of plotting to rig the forthcoming elections using “his Russian friends”.

“Right now, they have Russians in Mt Pleasant, about 64 of them. They think I don’t know, but I am being told by sources within the military,” Chamisa said.

“I am watching them. They brought others and if they are helping Zanu PF in elections, then we have a problem.

Sovereignty of a country doesn’t allow having foreigners coming to interfere with our electoral processes. We are taking up that matter and we are not going to budge.”

He said he was sure of winning in this year’s polls because of the divisions in Zanu PF and vowed to give Mnangagwa sleepless nights.

According to the petition handed over to Zec, the MDC Alliance accused the commission of being subjective, partial, dishonest and incompetent in the manner it was running the 2018 election processes.

The opposition party further alleged that Zec had refused consensus and full disclosure of the source, security, traceability and openness of the ballot paper. The Chamisa-led alliance also claimed that Zec had given Zanu PF access to its database and failed to guarantee equal media access to all parties in the polls.

Chamisa demanded the urgent release of the final biometric voters’ roll, in a searchable and analysable format with requisite biometric features. He also said the roll should be audited while the ongoing printing of the ballot paper should be halted pending buy-in from all stakeholders.

He said he was aware Zanu PF was intimidating villagers in rural areas, and threatened to deploy party youths to protect the villagers.

Biti and #ThisFlag founder Evan Mawarire said people from all walks of society should unite to stop the injustice in the running of the month-end elections.


    1. Eliasha haven’t you ever head of “dreams come true.” Whatch this space.

  1. regai vavukure havo

  2. Chamisa benzi chairo

    1. ko iwe uri chii

  3. Farai Johnson Nhire

    I have said it before and i will keep saying it, Chamisa has had no intention to run for elections since he saw the size of zanu pf crowds at rallies. The talk of annoncing results is just a side show. He has already been paid to cause a rebellion and the povo following him are sleepwalking into another horrible conflict. Mind you, it is very easy to start a conflict with armed people but it is very difficult to stop it or even imposible, so vana vezimbabwe, be very very careful.

  4. The voice of the people is the voice of God

    1. No the Voice of God should be the voice of the People!!

    2. voice of people will never be the voice of GOD

  5. For all his bravado about being popular Chamisa is especially afraid of open contestation….First he refused to go to MDC-T congress to contest Mudzuri and Khupe even though he claims he has the support of the majority of structures…Then during primaries he imposed candidates loyal to him and blocked those perceived to be loyal to Mwonzora to weakens Mwonzora ahead of an anticipated congress in December….now he runs from elections with ED&ZANU Junta…..ED&ZANU?!!!!!1 If u can’t even contest ED&ZANU then pliz go kumusha…..Interesting that whilst he runs around with the traitors Biti&Ncube MDC-T stalwarts like Mwonzora,Mudzuri,etc are relatively quiet

  6. Chamisa, concentrate on the elections. This thing of demonstrations will make you lose your credibility

    1. comrade which Zimbabwe have you been living in… Even Tsvangirai focused on campaigning turning a blind eye on ZEC, look what happened. He is dead now and no results.. Life is what you make it.

    2. kunyepa

  7. Kungoti Chamisa munonyepawo mhani, he he he 64 Russians ndinozviziva, zvakunetsa kuvimba nemi manje kubva zvamakawoneswa moto paHard Talk.
    Yaa mavotes emasympathisers murikuatsvaka nemumvura nemumvra zvokwadi. Hameno itai tiwone.

  8. navo nemumvura dzajaira nhondi nevaroi dze zanu pf 38 yrs of looting when is the masvingo road going to get started vanhu vapera nemaaccidents

  9. gegegegeeee the confused youthful leader ,dai mdc alliance iri team yebhora kana world cup isati yatambwa vachida kuziva kwakagadzirwa bhora nemunhu akarigadzira

  10. All ZANU PF people are just stupid. Surely you question why some1 would question the interity of ZEC after a failing political party has stayed in power for 38 years, the facts are there MDC won some elections and till were not allowed to rule. Wake up people.

  11. TG as things stand now, you can call Zanu PF supporter stupid but if you arent seeing what MDC-T under Chamisa is doing to this country now, you are as stupid as those you calll stupid if not worse. Chamisa seems to be the person who always want to be in power throigh violence and confusion. He refused to accommodate Khuphe’s demands which I believe the Khuphe camp also saw as valid but he wants his to be met. What character of a person is this? Isnt it dictatorship? If you dont see him as a dictator and an oppprtunist, then something is wrong with yoi. You have allowed your party loyalty to bindfold you. People like myself will never carry a political party card, hence we will vote for those people making sense. If these elections were held months ago, I would have voted for Chamisa but of late, he has proven he isnt material to lead Zimbabwe. He himself knows that hence using people like you to bulldoze himself to power. If he is doing this as a presidential candidate, what will he do if he was president? He is proving to be of the same leaf as Mugabe who always wanted things to go his way. Insult people all you like but you have already lost the elections unless if he changes these few days left.

  12. Chamisa is confused. he is just trying his lucky

  13. Kana uri serious nekuti Chamisa anohwina Mabasa obva awanda, siya basa rauinaro ikozvino wozopinda Chamisa ahwina* Ichi ndachipihwawo naTaguma

    1. ita mushe iwe,ndogosiya basa randinaro ripi ini ndagara ndisina basa racho

  14. chamisa and MDC-T or any other opposition party is not the problem everyone is going through,but it is Zanu pf’s 38 years of misrule which is the main focal point today that as zimbabweans, we must remove ZANU PF regardless of our different personal views. As long as Zanu pf being our main stumbling block, we will never ever progress come what may and no future generations.

    1. thank yu i support yu

  15. Nhasi Ndezvedu

    True and to the point, Chamisa anoshamisa. He wants things his way forgetting kuti we have 23 Presidential candidates. What happens if each one of them starts behaving like he does? If his party was a world cup football team, they would have wanted to know how many soccer balls were bought, who made them, whose leather was used,the names of all the referees for their games, the line ups of all their opponents, the outcome of all their matches and the winner of the cup before they kick the ball. The truth is Chamisa is being haunted by his promises to quit politics if defeated by ED and giving ED his sisters. He is now seeing reality and a looming heavy defeat.

  16. William Wallace

    To be honest ..If our parents vote Zanu PF and all you blank headed dudes,How will you stand in front of your children when the ask you why did you allow this to happen,when the country is being run by a few cruel,selfish individuals…God is now taking over we have suffered enough

  17. ED Is modern Adonijah

    Chamisa confused? i say Zanu pf and its people are mad, How can one think of voting for someone who is 75yrs old? it means after 10 years its more likely we will start again to have a leadership crisis.If this young man is to rule i think he will do it carefully coz jeri anenge akatarisana naro.To those who are saying Mudzuri, Khupe wat wat, Mudzuri was rejected in his warren park constituency and khupe was boycotting Tsvangirai meeting and the most important thing is like this: why didnt she go on to contest the legitimacy of chamisa.She went on to form her own party which means she had no love for it, she said “we are all in politics for money”

    People of Zimbabwe Zanu pf is like a soccer team yakarohwa 5-0, Coach aive bob and ED ari cpt, now ED ave coach tototi team yakachinja ED haana kudyisa team apa ndiye ayiita ma own goal ana Chiwenga vari ma sub keeper,ana Chinamasa vari ma striker,


  18. Chamisa has the legal right to demand a free, fair and credible election. ZANUOIDS comments shows you are having sleepless nights because of this young man.

  19. maitiro enyu aya

  20. Chamisa is not an idiot, he is obviously receiving intelligence from disgruntled operatives from within zanupf itself and being given advice how to counter the rigging from guys inside zec, zaunpf has now created too many enemies against itself

  21. Isu pedzeyi kuprinter maballot papers ana chamisa vachingovukura

  22. josphat mugadzaweta

    macomments ari pano andiratidza kuti nyika yedu izere mazeeretsi masekausavi asingabatsire. that why zanu ichoondonga zvinhu

  23. kid marongorongo

    ichi chakadzungaira ichi uno announcer maelection results uri ani iwe haa kumwe kupusa so why uchimakisa mafollwers ako nhai chamisa, pane vanokutevera vese havasi vese vari dull kune vamwe vanofunga kukudarika vari kutoshay a kana pekunyarira, truly they just follow you because they want the party but they are ashamed of you. you have become ZEC already, kkkkk I want to thank Mnangagwa who brought democracy in Zimbabwe, we now know the depth of thinking of these guys, we couldnt tell during the Mugabe era because they had no room to say their nonsense, same applies to Biti and Ncube you wonder what kinds of lawyers are they. Pathetic.

    1. Odinga was even sworn in if he is copying from him but then what happened…..

  24. Im sorry to say from where I stand, MDC-T supporters led by Chamisa resemble the Zanu PF supporters led by Mugabe. They refuse to see the plain truth. To them its Chamisa or nothing, tge same as what used to be in Zanu PF during Mugabe error. During Mugabe, it was Mugabe or nothing. Such supporters resort to name calling because to them all should be singing their tune. Right now, Chamisa is poison in Zim politics. If he has the support he claims to have, he should be comfortable and looking forward to July 30. But as it is, he is busy confusing voters. I dont doubt that even voters who used to see him as an alternation have a different opinion now. Other talk of age, we arebt voting people based on the age but what they bring to the table. If a 100 year old has a better cision, I would vote him/her than voting a 19 year old without a vision. Some people are blinded by their party affiliations.

  25. ruma chamisa

  26. Nhamo ndiyo ichaita kuti Zanu irohwe. People have suffered too much. Our neighbors in RSA, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique are getting employment, health facilities etc. In Zimbabwe Zanu is contesting against one Opposition named Hunger.

  27. Zvima CIO zviri kungohukura kuti ZANU ipapa nokuti zvakaguta. Kana kufungawo hama dzenyu dziri kurara pama que e mari.


  29. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Wawakaona zvineproof kuti anoshanda kuCIO ndiani? Kupusa nekuzungaira kwaChamisa kunoonekwa kana nemwana mudiki chaiye. Izvozvi nezuro airotomoka kuti ane vanhu vake varimumillitary vari antiMnangagwa vanomupa information kuti awane kukonesa Ed kutungamira nyika. Mapurisa Vanebasa rekutsvaka munhu aida kuuraya president mawana clue. Mapurisa batai munhu.

    1. Panotaurwa dzemaCIO Farai Nhire nyarara kuti zii, hausi qualified to comment, uri dofo, iwe neni ngatizive zvekusupporter ED ne vote

  30. Instead of throwing brickbats at each other, can we for a change give a dialogue a chance and discuss our differences to find common ground. We are an educated lot, our people have suffered immensely and now an opportunity has arisen why should we fight and cancel elections and throw the country back to stone age? All interested parties, its time you came together and approach these challenges with maturity, skill and care for the sake of our long suffering citizenry some local and others in the diaspora.
    Lets stop arguing and sit down to find a solution that brings peace and harmony to the nation once and for all.

    1. Its unfortunate that those under the Chamisa spell cant see that. Itß either we work with ED who has indicated he wants to change things and take Zimbabwe forward or we change. If we are to change, we need focused opposition who will go to the people, convince them to see the light. The current opposition is a trademark opposition, those people existing for the sake of opposing and staying permanently as the opposition. The opposition has to understand that they need votes to change things in Zimbabwe not sympathy from the West or America. Zimbabweans have suffered for too long and we have become a laughingstock worldwide. If we have such an opposition what chance do we have for a new Zimbabwe? Now they are provoking violence so that the West and America can feel sorry for themband punish Zimbabwe through the ruling party.

  31. Its common knowledge most comments above are owned by paid zanu agents called “varakashu’ in case you didnt know. Come 30 July lets Kwekwe ED & his/her cronies!


  33. Chamisa is a waste of time

    1. Zim - Resident

      hmmmmm i disagree with you there. Wait and see….JOS

  34. Masvingo a Govere

    Please leave Chamisa alone, who does not know that results are pasted at every poling station so every party which is represented at every poling station will have the results. For your own information the international community in 2008 March elections they had the true results the same day. The reason why ZEC want to announce the presidential results after 5 days is they will be taking orders from their masters. In March 2008 elections it took them 6 weeks to announce results of less than 3 million people. Now there are 6 million registered to vote it will take them 12 weeks

  35. What Chamisa is doing is within his democratic rights. However, with his short stint as a leader of a political party, he is showing so many Mugabe traits. Zimbabwe is yearning for change but wanting change at all costs and blindly might be at a huge prize. ED has all the filthy garbage of the past era on his hands, but he has been trying very hard to wash them refreshingly and showing all the virtual leadership styles Zimbabwe needs. Faced with these tough choices, it is understandable why the Electorate is this deeply divided.

  36. Comment…isu sebato rezanu pf tinodawo kupinda mutown tozoendawo kuzec kwakabviwa nemdc kunoona zvakaona vamwe tegawo ikonzero dzedu zvakare uye kana mdc ikahwinha hatisi kuzobvuma sekuvimbisa kurikuita mamdc kuti havasi kuzobvuma nhai chamisa urimunhu rudziiko usingagone kuita sarudzo dzisina mhirizhonga unoda kurohwa wombobuda ropa sedhongi kuti unzwisise handiti

    1. ndozvamakajaira this time mamama

  37. Comment…go to hell with your violent plans iwe Chamisa,Zimbabweans need peace.

  38. if yu support zanu pf yu are dead bcoz consider how many years did yu suffered. those who say pamberi ne zanu ndovarikupiwa zvakanaka but how many are. are we going to suffer bcoz of small group of people vari kuda ma intrests avo asiri avanhu vose. think guys this time we need change a big change…. better zimbabwe is in your hands

  39. if yu support zanu pf yu are dead bcoz consider how many years did yu suffered. those who say pamberi ne zanu ndovarikupiwa zvakanaka but how many are yu. are we going to suffer bcoz of small group of people vari kuda ma intrests avo asiri avanhu vose. think guys this time we need change a big change…. better zimbabwe is in your hands

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