I will not boycott polls: Chamisa

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday claimed that they he had met Sadc and the African Union (AU) officials to register his displeasure over poll irregularities, and assured them that he would not boycott the elections although the ground was uneven.


Addressing scores of party supporters at Garwe Stadium in Chivhu, Chamisa said: “The reason why I am late (to the rally) is that I was engaging the Sadc and AU over irregularities ahead of the polls. I even told them that [President Emmerson] Mnangagwa will not get 25% or 20% of total votes. We will not boycott the election. I know all their tricks to bring in fake ballot boxes,” he said.

The MDC Alliance is currently pushing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to be transparent on ballot paper printing, among other demands.

“It is not going to happen (election). You won’t threaten or harass me. I am like a tick, if I bite I won’t leave. I have told Sadc and AU that there is a misfit in the country. The process by Zec to print ballot papers is disputed,” Chamisa added .

The youthful leader said his move was triggered by Mnangagwa’s refusal to engage all parties for a dialogue on how to move the country forward.

Chamisa’s assurance that he would not boycott the polls came amid reports that he had told other MDC Alliance principals on Tuesday that he was now considering the option given Zec’s intransigence.

The youthful opposition leader also hailed the army for pledging to respect the country’s Constitution and not to involve themselves in partisan party politics.

“I am happy to hear that the army has vowed to follow the Constitution. That is good, they are there for the people. When Mnangagwa and Chamisa tussle in the political ring, they should step aside. But when Chamisa wins, they should salute, they will be saluting the government, not me,” he said.


  1. Total flip flop and has graduated into Morgans league and there you have it ladies and gentlemen someone who aspires to be a national leader behaving like this and even to his legion of supporters they do not know what next will come out of the mouth of this young political leader, Very Sad indeed politics is about consistence and only consistance will make you win the hearts of the electorate.

    1. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      When someone becomes timid, it becomes difficult to be consistent. The young leader is going through a political baptism of fire.

  2. Elisha you seem like someone who was brain washed by ZanuPf Zimbabwe has gone from bad to worst under ZanuPf only thiefs and thugs support ZanuPf Zimbabwe needs new leardership other than ZanuPf even a monkey is better than ZanuPf

    1. True ZANUPF is full of thiefs and thugs.We need young leader, we are tired with these old thiefs there are destroying our country.Where is 15 billion then we vote for them.

      1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

        Regera kuvhota iweee 15 billion unoiziva ukaiona? kubva uchiita grade one kusvika pari nhasi vakamboverenga kusvika pa billion zvayo? Zvineyi izvozvo nekuvhumuka kwachanyiswa ari kutumwa neZANUPF here kutaura achizvi kakawadza ega? kkkkkkkkkkk kutotiwo our country iwe uri the worst thug

  3. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

  4. Comment…Chamisa kabhuru shanga chaiko.. Kungodzingirira mhou asi chaitwa hapana. Much ado about nothing. The voters want concrete plans and not bartalk gossip.

  5. This guy called the Man is totally mad.Elisha is simply and correctly asking for President Chamisa to be consistent. Period.the day before yesterday he said there won’t be elections. Today he says elections will be there.So where is Zanu Pf brain washing coming in here..mopenga baba imi

  6. This Eliasha comments on almost every news item and he comments rubbish!

    1. You are the one who is spewing rubbish

  7. Silvester Matambo

    This Chamisa or Chasura guy is so shallow, he is so ridiculous that even village women there in Binga do not take him seriously anymore. All rigth thingking Zimbabweans will surely not vote for such a hopeless charlatan of a dubious background. On July 30 2018, me and my family will be out in full force voting for ED for ED has my vote and ED pfeeeeeeeeeeee panyanga.

  8. Mupfanha uyu in’anga chaiyo inoshopera. Flip flopping and inconsistency is your pitfall come july the 30th

  9. SADC and AU told him to boycott elections at his own peril.

  10. mazicobomoco7

    What kind of flipflopping is this, we will boycott the elections, i will not boycott elections,hayaa so does that mean the electorate will just dance according to someone’s tune and all those aspiring to be MPs and councillors will also bow down to this confusion. Now i can see why MDC is continously sub dividing, there is a leadership crisis, Khupe can not bow down to this.Mdc kana yoruza ochema kutogara apa Sadc neAu mapercentage eresult,shame to you Chamisa. Kuvukura wanyanya ED pfeee

  11. Zimbabwe is the only country in the world led by an HIV positive president Mnangagwa and 2 HIV positive Vice Presidents, Chiwenga and Mohadi. They are currently so sick that they rely on daily doses on medication to be able to speak

    1. Pertias Chimukwambara


    2. iwe hausi mugwere here

  12. Chamisa akava bhuru shanga ko dzimwe ngavi for 38 year dzichingo tenderedza mhou but chamuda hapana. Toda mhuru isu vana ED venyu takatsenga kare matohwe asisisina muto awo kkkk Chisa pama Chisa

  13. My own opinion..

    Chamisa can be a good president and he has the potential of a being a great political figure… he has to adress the following personal chalenges of his if he is to do well

    1. Avoid quick reaction and screaming for help from regional toothless boardies uneccesrily.
    2. Avoid speaking straight lies to Zimbabweans who know what is right fo the country,
    3. be seady, dont show signs of fear and timidness in public
    4. speak like a diplomat, avoid offensive and suggestive jokes.
    5. Aoid using SM and Newsday to enhance propaganda like ZANU pf has done to Herald.
    6. Be prepared to win elections and rule or loose them and continue to live and run again

    1. sound talk brother. keep it up

    2. Dope comment. I agree 100%

    3. respect!!!!!

  14. This forum is highly infested with brainwashed ZANU PF butt lickers who are stuck on the dumb mode and hence can’t reason straight. Sadly most of you on this forum are in your 30s or early 40s without any jobs or something to call your own. 38 years of failing and you still believe they can deliver! Yes , deliver rubbish!

    ZANU PF has through the years highly brainwashed you so much that even if they told you Harare is Masvingo, you would convincingly believe and accept it. Not sure what you guys smoke but it surely has left your brains dead. Vote for change; anything that makes sense or forever be an EDiot

  15. Vanganya very mature contribution. Chipoto sadly we still have people like you in our society. So what if they are HIV positive. Stick to facts bro. Zvekutukana ndezvenguva ya Mugabe. Iyezvino we want people that put facts on the table.

  16. Slick Reak why should we vote for people that insult others like you are doing. You are alienating us from your cause. We vote for the mature who give us substance not insults.

    1. @papa Jose; I knew one idiot would rise up and prove their idiocy; and u have boldly proven that. By the way if you define substance as “what ZANU has done for you for the past 38 years, then u have proven my point that u are rightly one of the brainwashed. Where everyone can see that it’s black, you insist it’s white. That’s being brain dead.

  17. Your Name (required):Special Black

    My friend HIV positive are just people like you. So those who are HIV pos in MDC you hava no place there think twice. For your own information it is against the law to publicise someone’s healthy status. We know very well that your party is fighting to be in power and then legalise gaysm, there are number MDC youth who waiting to get married when comes to law, remove all resettled people, cease warveterens pensions. so do you think it would be wise to vote for a party that would allow that.

  18. jackfromsweden

    So whats next for the MDC followers..you followed him when he was comrade boycott and now you are sniffing his behind as he participates yet again. Such an imbicilic idiot this so-called advocate. I will never have such a flip flopper represent me..

  19. You always oppose your last week announcement. We now know you very well and unmistakably NC. Be serious with your audience else you are going to announce they down voted you to lose elections.

  20. Zec is the one which started the inconsistancies in the first place to start of with the voters role they give him only names addresses and ID numberswithout photos claiming it was for security reason after Chamisa makes serious threats they give him a full voters role now comes the ballot paper issue they say they wont disclose not even a sample of the ballot paper and their numbers in each constituencey then again as usuall Chamisa threatens a strike and magically a sample appears now they wont let him witness the printing of ballot paper but at least we know how many will be printed we now need to know the number of polling stations and ballot papers allocated to each respective polling station

    We are watching Zanu Pf closely we know their tricks even know that the millitary take over was planned way ahead evidence is Jah Praizers album that strangley seem to have been perfectly timed for Mugabe’s outster and the recent bombing another song featuring Killer watch the space…

  21. The little boy is evidently scared of the Croc. Pakaipa.

  22. Uuuh

  23. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Vamwe munoti ZANU PF yakaiyei pa 38 years murikunze mungazviona sei kuti mugarevo mumaguta kuma low density iZANU PF bvunzai vabereki venyu kuti dzimba vakadzitenga sei vasakunyeperai, kuti muve macouncilor nemamayor echitema, zvikoro, zvipatara, nyembe dzine vatema muhurumende iZANU PF saka moti ndikatenga mota nekurima moti imbavha. hei muasarasa chiri mumako nekuda kuuchira.chamisa akatiitira chii?

  24. Correction ZanuPf depended on donor funding all these years 1st to rebuild Zimbabwe after the war 2nd to build schools,hospitals and infrastructure
    3rd bringing food aid and health to the poor and marginalzed

    Donors later realized that ZanuPf used AID given to them as campaign machines then they stopped giving AID to the government that was around 1999 to 2000 before the land redestribution program do I need to say more special black? from the our gvt have been begging for help ZanuPf need foregn AID like person suffering from cardio failure needs a heart

  25. Your Name (required):Special Special

    So are you saying all houses that belonged to council were changed to ownership by donor funding. for your own information land reform started in urban areas, vana kuwadzana ext, dzivaresekwa ext, rutendo, mbizo, umuganwini etc anga ari mapurazi. hapana akatengerwa imba ne donor funding, maclinic nezvibhorani yes. land reform is now history. Imi ipromise chete hapana chakanaka chamaita, taurai zvamakaita.

  26. We can not leave on past things, what we need is a peaceful change that transforms the lives of people. The industry should come to its full normal operation

  27. kid marongorongo

    chamisa wakapusa wanzwa hauzivi zvauri kuda kana isu taida kukuvhotera tatopererwa unotinyadzisa unongochema daily nhasi unoti boycott mangwana no boycott what do you mean,haaa uri mboko wanzwa dai ari mudzuri better steady and mature kwete zvako zvemupremmer izvo fokofo. hona garwe cul roziva zvariri kuita wakando kumbana nana biti ndovari kukuudza zvekuita uchibhaiza. ndakuisa vote yangu pana ED akarongeka. ED PFEEEEEE

  28. E.D is the best candidate amwe ese haana chaanokona bah

  29. pamberi mberi ne zanu pf …pasi nechana chituku

  30. And we should also be able to analyze correctly on how the MDC alliance plans to run Zimbabwe when in actual fact claims for abusing funds recently allocated to them by the government were brought to book. We hear in the press of the conflicts between Chamisa and khupe over the $1.8 million. Non-Governmental org have withdrawn funds to their party and they are seeking donations from the ordinary people. This means that the amount allocated to them was blown up. We don’t hate them but funds were converted to luxury. #ED Has OurVotes.

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