I stand with ED: Shamu

Former Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Webster Shamu yesterday disowned a video clip circulating on social media platforms, where he was captured as suggesting to his supporters that they should ditch Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa in the forthcoming general elections.


The video was allegedly recorded during Shamu’s campaign rally in Chegutu East’s ward 12 on Saturday.

Shamu claimed his speech had been grossly misconstrued, adding he was solidly behind Mnangagwa’s presidential candidature.

“I have never compromised my support of President ED (Mnangagwa), who is our candidate. I have been the political commissar of Zanu PF and I know what needs to be done for the party to achieve victory in the coming elections,” he

Shamu said he was simply underscoring the decision of the people when he told Zanu PF supporters to vote for their choice instead of naming them.

“Our presidential candidate is ED Mnangagwa and it’s the people’s choice and I was simply underscoring the fact that people should follow that choice. The primary elections also sealed the people’s choice,” he said.

Shamu further dismissed allegations that he was fired for plotting against Mnangagwa and backing the G40 faction, saying the claims were being peddled by his enemies.

“I dismiss those allegations with the contempt they deserve. It’s utterly false. I don’t know why these things are being said against me and I can’t comment on these people’s behalf,” he said.


  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    you dont have pride like a goat. chisiiraiwo vamwe vana shamu honai maziso abouda kunga edetse nekuchembera.

  2. Comment…Mukoma CREMORA kani.

  3. Cremora you have a history of denigrating ED and you know what everyone knows that when it comes to backbiting you have been very very consistant and you have never disappointed and you did not disappoint again on this one.

  4. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Nhaiwe Mugadzaweti, kumusha kwenyu hamuna hama dzachembera? This is why Nelson wenyu will not be president as he has that same attitude towards elders who should be respected. Nyika ino inoyera vafana and haidi rubish yakadaro. Hutungamiri hwedunhu rino hunosarudzwa naMusikavanhu through Makombwe neMasvikiro kusingadiwe nonsense dzenyu idzi. Kana usingazive izvozvo kanganwa nezvekutungamira Zimbabwe.

  5. josphat mugadzaweta

    nonsense nhire there is nothing divine about the murderous zanu crooks

  6. nhire dont u put GOD amng those masvikiro?its only God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit nad ts high time we need some one who respect that not those bloody sucker monsterous ppl.

  7. Cremora you are going to be fired soon after elections and the first by-election will be held in your constituency.

  8. kkkkkkkkkkk shamu hazvityise kubvuma kuti uri wemdc kkkkkkkkkkk

  9. This geriatric Shamu will stand for anything. He cant stand on his own. long brainwashed by Zanu. Shame and I’m sure he has family, grand children whom he’s not wishing a better Zim.

  10. kid marongorongo

    you have a tendency of abusing social media platforms by peddling lies, the report never mentioned that he said said dont vote for ED, he was just warning people to vote wisely. not to vote for this ever crying small boy chamisa.

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