I can deliver better than Chamisa: Kuwadzana parly aspirant

ASPIRING legislator for Kuwadzana East, Ishmael Kauzani, claims if he wins the July 30 elections as an independent candidate, he will outperform the incumbent and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa, who has been the area’s legislator for the past 15 years.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

In an interview with NewsDay Weekender, Kauzani took a dig at Chamisa for promising the nation big projects if he wins the presidential race.

“Surprisingly, those who failed a small community are shouting and claiming to be the best candidates to lead our country. For Zimbabwe to move forward, it needs leaders who have the interest of the people at heart,” he said, pledging servant leadership

“It is high time we revisit our previous parliamentarian choices and scrutinise what they are offering against their background, with wisdom as well as their promises in relation to what they have delivered to the community.”

According to the aspiring MP, Kuwadzana was in a deplorable state synonymous with most high-density areas because the residents usually vote for political leaders who reside in leafy suburbs at the expense of locals.

“They (politicians) usually promise the community things they do not deliver because they come from other suburbs and only visit high-density suburbs to buy votes into the Parliament,” he claimed.

However, if given a chance, Kauzani promised to scale up projects already in progress, while adding new ones.

“Our main challenge is not giving food handouts, but creating sustenance to the local people in the long run and right now, we have started poultry projects for women, which they do in groups of 20, while men are engaged in security, where they provide day and overnight guarding services.”


  1. Comment…that’s typical campaign language that appeals only to the gullible. for the informed kind like myself we only vote in a way that wont betray o
    ur conviction and p

  2. Takesure Zvazviri

    If you have failed your own constituency for good 15 yrs, then you expect to lead the whole nation. I can forsee disaster if Chamisa wins.

  3. Chamisa is just good for talking lies, hee takatoona Trump akati topihwa mari, i will build spagethi roads -how when with what.

  4. kid marongorongo

    Chamisa was surprised to be picked the leader of this unknown coalition, he is still in shock because he knows very well that he can not deliver since he failed to do any single project in kuwadzana, he even asked other party leaders that why me guys i cannot even handle a small constituency, the likes of mudzuri were diplomatic and wanted him to first expose his incompetency then they will takeover.

  5. biti Mwonzora and Mudzuri set up chamisa…they want him to fail and then tke over and ask for a GNU…..chamisa and his fellow ghetto bon bon thugs havazvione manje

  6. Be serious guys. You no brainers. Chamisa is excellent and probably the best of what he does. Mind you the matrix of things required to develop ANY constituency for that matter relies on the correct functionality of the Government as a whole. When you have a poorly performing government, it goes without saying that cashflow is generally choked and makes life difficult for any would be performers unless they are using funds from their own pockets to fund Constituency projects. Even Superman would do nothing when there is no money both and Government level and household level. Apply common sense if you are uneducated PLEASE

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