Govt rolls out nationwide road rehabilitation

THE government has so far released $8 million for the dualisation of the Harare-Gweru highway with a 20km stretch expected to be completed by year-end as efforts to rehabilitate the national road network that has suffered neglect intensify.


The money, which has been disbursed to all provinces, is part of the $232 million fund set aside by the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) early this year under the emergency road rehabilitation programme and hotspot rehabilitation.

Mashonaland West resident engineer for the project, Finale Mapurisa told journalists touring the Zinara road projects on Thursday that the first phase; the nine kilometres from Norton to the first tollgate being constructed at the cost of $1,2 million per kilometre, was already 85% complete.

The Harare-Gweru dualisation project is part of the ambitious plan to dualise the Harare-Bulawayo Highway.

“Initially, we had set October as our target to finish the first phase of our Norton-Chegutu dualisation project, but we have revised it down to August,” Mapurisa said.

“This is the fastest pace in the history of Zimbabwe and with funds permitting; we have already began opening up some 10 kilometres from the tollgate.”
Mapurisa said they will pave way between 10 and 15 kilometres every year.

Zimbabwe needs about $5,5 billion to rehabilitate its road network that has suffered neglect over the years.

Transport minister Joram Gumbo in January unveiled over $230 million to be disbursed to provinces in phases.

Midlands provincial engineer Stephen Kamutema said his province’s road had been badly damaged by the excessive rains and the Zinara funds will go a long way in rehabilitating the road network.

Midlands, which received about $21 million for road rehabilitation, said it has embarked on many projects including reclamation of the Gokwe centre gully, rehabilitation of the Gweru-Zvishavane, Kwekwe-Nkayi and the West Nicholson roads aimed at decongesting the Gweru-Beitbridge Road, paving of the Mberengwa-Mataga Road and many more projects.

Matabeleland South provincial engineer Denis Mapfurira, said they has received over $10 million for road rehabilitation and hope to improve on its 2 267km road network where close to half was still gravel roads.

Since 2013, Bulawayo City Council indicated that only 31% of the roads were in good condition and 69% needed serious.

The province was rehabilitating the Gwanda-Tuli and Gwanda-Maphisa roads.


  1. $1million + per kilometre??? 10-15 kilometres per year???/ $230 million ?? None of this makes sense. Learn from experts & use concrete with complete local content & long life like the USA. More jobs for local & businesses!!! Too easy??

  2. To improve traffic flow between Byo and Hre i would advise the project to be phased as follow; after completing Norton toll gate stretch;- in order of priority-
    1. Chegutu to Kadoma
    2. Kwekwe to Gweru
    3. Norton toll gate to Chegutu
    4. Kadoma to Kwekwe
    5. Gweru to Bulawayo

  3. what about harare-B-bridge road? seems its mashonaland only which goes to the president’s home….

  4. Thats nonsense! Go to urban areas and see the pot holes and gullies mushrooming all over. First repair the urban and rural areas roads b4 embarking on highways.

  5. development of roads is fine let them do what is possible as of now well done zim hoping to see positive results

  6. bheveni sibanda

    at least ZINARA is now doing something since the coming in of new dispensation otherwise paidei pasina kana chiri kuitwa dai Bob aripo. i also think kuti nyaya ye dualisation should only come after tambogadzirisa Harare – Beitbridge road because its now a death trap.

  7. 1.2million per kilometer is a price out of this world corruption at its best what is the road made of that makes soo bloody expensive at the end of pleasing the contractor by paying such amounts wont help Zimbabwe because its the tax payers that will be paying through their noses and an ever widening debt

  8. I’ll love to read about a proposed bullet train and spaghetti road budget at this point in time. If a normal road can cost so much, what about the spaghetti?

  9. Norton to Bulawayo is 331km. At 1.2mil/km the total cost of the road will be $397million. At the rate of 10km per year that is 33yrs. Which means ndkazvara mwana wangu nhasi panozopera road yacho mwana wangu anenge aroorwa and ndnenge ndaa nemuzukuru anenge ava muForm 1. This is mockery

  10. kid marongorongo

    the government under the leadership of ED is very practical. the time of fake promises is over, ED is doing a great job and this should be happening all year round. i will vote for ED.

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