Govt dangles more incentives for civil servants

GOVERNMENT yesterday dangled another carrot at civil servants two weeks before crucial elections, promising to provide them with additional incentives on top of a 17,5% special civil service allowance awarded to them this month.

This was announced by Presidential Affairs and Monitoring Implementation of Government Programmes minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi in a statement.

This came as the Zanu PF-led government is trying to micro-manage its disgruntled workforce ahead of the July 30 harmonised elections.

“Negotiations through the National Joint Negotiating Council resulted in a signed agreement whose contents are being implemented with effect from July as follows: payment of the 17,5% special civil service allowance. Cash in-lieu of leave (CIL) for teachers who have accrued more than 123 days’ vacation leave, Treasury will be releasing funds to clear these leave days over the next six months. Reduction and alignment of rentals at institutional accommodation to housing allowances paid to various grades of civil servants,” he said.

He said the signed memorandum of agreement between government and the Civil Service Apex Council will continue exploring ways and consider other additional non-monetary benefits to enhance the conditions of service of civil servants.

He disclosed that the Public Service Commission in partnership with the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) had also agreed on a $60 million public service housing facility for civil servants which would be managed through the National Building Society.

Mumbengegwi said government was in the process of establishing a Public Service Collective Bargaining Council that would be mandated with dealing with workers’ issues in a holistic manner. ads Ads

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  1. Izvi zvinotendwa hurumende yakabata vashandi vayo mune zvakanaka nyika inobudirira

  2. Kokerai Chisvo

    The new gvt provides ppl wit e necessary human security

  3. Lets go vision 2030

  4. I applause the good work done, i always wish this could go in tandem with price control-and money markets dismissal.

  5. Surely this is outright vote-buying for the ruling party yet Chigumba is dead quiet. Thank God teachers are alive to this fact and will vote wisely – for change of course.

  6. This populist move is just another nail in to the coffin of the economy. Typical zanu pf move to keep power by all means necessary even to the long term detriment of the economy

  7. This is utter rubbish!! This is too little too late.where were they all along?Now they pretend to care for us when suffering has been our middle name.Any sane minded Zimbabwean won’t take these jokers seriously for we have been taken for a ride for far too long only to be dumped after the election.To me that is plain vote buying,so many promises with no implementation all.

  8. maitiro enyu aya

  9. The problem is if you have power and money you think those who work fo you are stupid no no no hapana mari yamapa vanhu apa in case u dont no rate yapa 100% to hell pamberi na chamisa

  10. Hamuna kwenyu vanhu munoda hurumende yakadii, yu always politicising things mugabe maingomuvhitera wani

    1. they promised to reduce maRentals padzimba dzehurumende that was not done

  11. Take the money and vote for who you want, don’t be tricked. The next government will start from there!!

  12. If You cannot fix the economy then even 100% is not enough increase for salaries… Crazy inflation as seen in the markets today means your July salary has lost 50% in value… So go and que tomorrow for your bond coins…yet the fatcats will still be allowed to withdraw cash US dollar …don’t see as far as your nose people…ask Chinamasa how he is going to pay…easy..print more bond paper…or ask Gono for your lost pensions from 2008 while he sits back and enjoys …

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