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Former Mugabe top aide begs for votes


FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s top aide, Albert Nguluvhe has made a passionate appeal to Beitbridge livestock farmers to vote him into Parliament so that he can push for policies that will see them migrate from small to large scale livestock farmers.


Nguluvhe said he would strive to have a livestock research centre established in Beitbridge, which is renowned for livestock and wildlife.

Nguluvhe is among four relatives seeking to take over the vast constituency left vacant by the ascension of long-time Member of Parliament for Beitbridge East, Kembo Mohadi, to the post of Vice-President.

In an address to a WhatsApp group for A1 and A2 farmers in the constituency, Nguluvhe said: “My dear livestock farmers how are you? I am aware our group does not discuss politics, but as you may be aware, I, your fellow farmer, am now into it (politics) full time.

“I humbly ask you as farmers to allow me to just once or twice in five years, discuss my vision for us as farmers of Beitbridge with me in Parliament.”

Nguluvhe said Beitbridge farmers were marginalised despite being pioneers of the revolution to change the country’s goat breed, taking a leaf from the Boer Goats Development in neighbouring South Africa, which other regions were now developing as their concept.

“I will, if I go into Parliament, fight for that recognition so that we are accorded our status and recognition, but most of all, resources,” he said.

“All of you know my interactive capacity from my previous job and I will use that to source what we need for the growth of the Boer Goat Development we started.”

Resettled farmers in Beitbridge led by Herbert Zhou and Chris Nguluvhe have successfully cross-bred Boer goats with local ewes for a healthy and stronger hybrid.

Nguluvhe, who retired from his security post after the fall of Mugabe in November last year, won the right to represent Zanu PF in Beitbridge East and said his approach would be strictly business.

“I will engage the meat industry at national level, for our small development of Boer Goats to boom and as you may be aware, I have a five year programme to donate bulls to all wards in Beitbridge East,” he said.

He told Southern Eye in an interview that at the end of his five year parliamentary term, if he secures the right to represent the constituency, he would have donated 60 bulls in the constituency which borders the Midlands and Masvingo provinces.

“I will knock all doors at all offices and engage all top people who already know me and believe me, it will never be in vain,” he said.

Nguluvhe said farmers in Beitbridge had explored and interrogated brilliant ideas, which he followed up with keen interest. Some of the ideas like revisiting the indigenous Tuli Breed of cattle and the establishment of Livestock Research Centre and Laboratory in Beitbridge had caught his attention.

Most farmers in the WhatsApp group praised Nguluvhe for his vision, with some expressing their desire to have him represent the constituency.

Others said they liked the maturity and professionalism with which he approached them.

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