Elections: Our children deserve better

THREE weeks before what is to all intents and purposes Zimbabwe’s most important election since the first all-race poll 38 years ago, the country is once again on edge.

After a month of relative stability and commendable peace, at least at the political level, the drums of war are once again at our doorstep.

We could actually lose it in the end. The hope that was built after November 18, 2017 and the outpouring of emotion by a collective citizenry weary of political conflict.

We needed to build on this and work to set up the second republic. But dark forces are once again stalking our national soul.

The opposition is demanding transparency and accountability, but the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), a Chapter 12 institution that must act as referee at this critical juncture in the life of our nation, seems deliberately “deaf and blind” to the dictates not only of moral suasion, but also our national governance Charter.

Section 62 of the Constitution indicates: “Every Zimbabwean citizen or permanent resident, including juristic persons and the Zimbabwean media, has the right of access to any information held by the State or any institution or agency of government at every level, in so far as the information is required in the interest of public accountability.”

And to cement this even further, in Chapter 1 Section 3(2)(g) under the founding values of our Constitution, as part of the principles of good governance binding the State and all its institutions, there must be transparency, justice, accountability and responsiveness by all governmental agencies.

Therefore, the demand for a clean and complete voters’ roll is not outlandish. Zec must simply comply! The demand by the opposition and other stakeholders, in particular aspiring candidates across the board, for access to the printing of ballots while not provided for in our laws, is covered by Section 62 and 3 as indicated above.

Given the fact that Zanu PF is a participant in this election and President Emmerson Mnangagwa as well as most of his Cabinet ministers are candidates in one or another part of the election, is it not unfair that they have undue advantage because they have unfettered access to information relating to the election.

Zec reports to the Justice ministry and the minister in this case, Ziyambi Ziyambi, would know how many ballots have been printed, by who, where and in what quality.

Surely, Mnangagwa would also have an idea of the answers to these simple questions. Is it too much then for opposition parties to ask for some form of access to such vital information?

No doubt the credibility of our electoral process hangs in the balance. Mnangagwa has promised a free, fair and credible election. General principles of accountability, fairness and transparency dictate that Zec needs to open up a little more. What is it that we have to hide? If none, they should, for God’s sake, allow opposition parties access to such information and let’s get this election done.

Our country deserves better and Mnangagwa needs to do something now if we are to avoid another slide into that black hole we were sucked into not many years ago. Our children deserve better.

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  1. why only alliance always complaining our laws are very clear.should we.change just to please one group ? so why did they even register to participate? if u r an under 16 team u only agree to play an over 30 team if u know someof ur own players are 50

  2. Farai Johnson Nhire

    The credibility of the elections hangs in the balance only in the author’s imagination. There is nothing necessary and lawfull to be known with regard to our elections known by Mnangagwa which Chamisa does not know. You want to tell us that your prefered presidential candidate Nelson does not know who Fidelity Printers are? Nelson doesn’t know the total number of registered voters and cannot calculate three percent of that number? He cannot add that three percent to the number of voters to find the sum and that kind of a chap is suposed to lead our nation?! And by the way do you have hard evidence that our minister of justice knows the quality of the paper used for the ballots? If you were the central bank governor, would you avail to all the citizens of zimbabwe with all the know how of how to print money and what type of paper is use and where to find it. I would also be happy to know who is that one beating war drums at our door step and all that after the White City Stadium incident?

  3. kid marongorongo

    is this alliance the mouth piece of other political parties or they think they are more superior than others. kuda kukura musoro muchanyara marohwa 30 July because ED has done something better than you. most of MDC have been in Parliament for a considerable time but they still have nothing to offer. What have you done. you are given the monies to develop constituencies where are the monies except blaming ZANU PF. what makes you think you deserve the majority vote when you are equal failures. i will vote ZANU PF its an organised party because imagine MDC paichatanga kurwira kuti aichaita vice president ndivanani biti ari kuda ncube arikuda mwonzora ari kuda mudzuri arikudawo nyika yakangomira. mari muchipwanya takangoti vavava, zanu yagara iri musystem itori nani plus Mnangagwa auya neimwe brand yezanu Pf plus its relly working i will vote for them.

  4. Tafadzwa Ziko

    I do not see any reason why I should not vote for the reformed ZANU PF led by ED. He has sufficiently demonstrated that he’s committed to leading this nation to prosperity and the fact that Uncle Bob and Auntie Marujata do not seem to like ED makes him the most attractive choice for the national presidency!!

  5. yes they deserve better but E.D is the only person who makes everything better

  6. beatrice panganai

    more universities being built…youth empower banks ..ma incubation hubs arikungovakwa what more do we need?E.D is creating a better life for the generations to come

  7. tafadzwanashe

    i got a presidential schorlaship and im doing my masters thanks to e.d

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