ED’s true colours now emerging ahead of polls

ZIMBABWEANS will choose their next leader in four days’ time, but it is not way off the mark to say there is really nothing new about President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “new dispensation”.

In fact, it’s all frothing, no foam — all hubris, to say the least. Violence across the country by Zanu PF candidates against perceived opposition supporters has increased over the last few weeks, and yet nothing has happened to the perpetrators.

This has been confirmed by the police ban of the MDC Alliance’s proposed demonstration at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s offices in protest over its handling of the ballot papers ahead of Monday’s general elections.

It was tradition during former President Robert Mugabe’s authoritarian rule that any proposal by the opposition to stage a peaceful demonstration was met with threats of arrest, and this is the path that Mnangagwa — for all his claims that he is not like Mugabe — is now taking.

It is, indeed, time to prove who Mnangagwa really is, what he stands for, the authenticity of the man and whether or not his claims are genuine.

While the President may have started off well, allowing opposition groups to protest, but with the passing of time and the rising heat ahead of the crucial polls, the leopard’s true colours are now emerging as they were always bent to.

The fact that political parties signed a peace pledge ahead of elections does not take away the constitutional right to protest when necessary. It is quite ironic that soon after citing lack of manpower to monitor the proposed demonstration, the police suddenly had enough manpower to deploy all over the capital city as a preventive mechanism.

Talk of double standards!

If it was Zanu PF that had wanted to stage a demonstration, we are confident that permission would have been granted without even batting an eyelid.

The manner in which Zanu PF is fighting in Zec’s corner raises eyebrows as it creates the impression that the electoral body’s refusal to make further concessions will work to Mnangagwa’s favour.

Quite clearly, the opposition has a right to demand that their concerns be addressed by demonstrating against Zec, and Zanu PF legal secretary Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana admitted as much during Zec’s last meeting with political parties. Mangwana in his own words, said the opposition should talk to Zec — and not Zanu PF — if it had issues concerning the elections.

One cannot shrug off the suspicion that the ban on the demonstration is a ploy by Zanu PF to curtail the democratic space, particularly in view of the fact that all the demonstrations that have been done by the opposition so far have been peaceful. This should have been enough to take care of Mnangagwa and the police’s fears.

We have no doubt that Mnangagwa must demonstrate that he will not go back to his usual self in case he wins next week’s presidential race.

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  1. This article fails to acknowledge that ZANU PF’s peace march was also banned by the police so that the MDC Alliance would have theirs. Surely the MDC Alliance’s timing is really questionable and reeks of a ploy to put ZEC under duress so that the discharge of its constitutional mandate would be heavily compromised.

    1. bhutsumutandarika

      Which party was having a demonstration the day MDC sought clearance to have theirs. This is a poor analogy

  2. Once a crocodile always a crocodile

  3. How can a politician change his behaviour of 38 years in 7 months? Hardly likely at all, especially when he started off by telling his victims to let bygones be bygones – that should have come from the victims not the perpetrator.
    Those who support such hypocrites are also hypocrites. They fought for “freedom” they say. but why are they fightinh so hard to suppress the “freedom of choice”? Makes one wonder what freedom they fought for, to loot?

    1. Change the will of Zimbabweans

      true that

  4. Silvester Matambo

    You can write whatever hogwash you like about Zanu Pf, but what i know is that ED has my precious vote. Those going to vote for the ridiculous Chasura are throwing away their vote because it will eventually count for nothing. ED pfeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Forget it rigging will not help you. Votes count not fraud

    2. And next year when you are starving, and have no job, when you cant even think your own thoughts, remember that you voted for a man whose hands are dripping with the blood of people who opposed him. Chenjera ED!

  5. Very shallow article…, or was this written by a Form 2 kid who aspires to be a journalist??

  6. Comment…it is true that ed don’t give a room to anything that is fare , I wonder how many police force were there when we demonstrated during operation restore ED . there was no escort of such but today the same are told its meaningless.

  7. Farai J Nhire

    There can only be one president at a time and currently Ed is our president. The president has a constitutional mandate to see that the rule of law is adered to by all citizens. The opposition has the liberty to boycot elections if they so wish but they are not at all alowed by law to deny those who want to take part their oportunity. Chamisa had promised to stop the elections and we have heard him inciting his follers to disobey lawful authority and thus Ed decided to take apropriate action at the right time.

  8. Those who think that President ED, as head of state and government has no right to put in place measures that help to maintain law and order in this country are a miserable bunch of confusion. Any actions by the opposition (or by any citizen for that matter) that have a potential to ignite lawlessness should be prevented at all costs. No single person has the freedom to cause pandemonium simply because ZEC are exercising their constitutional right as enshrined in the electoral act. MDC Alliance and its supporters should not specialize in demonstrations & marches as if it has become their traditional way of campaigning for attention even if they are not deserving any. In the national interest, the misguided lot were intending to stage a march or demonstration for purely an unworthy cause.Were they not offered the platform by ZEC to table all their concerns? The same concerns were dismissed as not warranting any attention, that is at law.

    1. To vote for ED is to vote for Poverty, Police Brutality, Lack of Freedom of Speech, Beliefs and everything as humans we hold dear. The darkest days of Mugabe’s rule will be nothing compared to Ngwenya’s iron fist. Remember Gukhuruhundi? Murambatsvina? ALL orchestrated by ED!

  9. Shallow minded jounalism whose all stories are breaking news, the headline and the inside story differs

  10. what’s so special with zim election that everything is done secretly without the knowledge of the voter , ie ballot paper who printedit , where , how many, how doese it look like , without auditing ,only to be disclosed in the voting both like Anaesthesiologist examination. the request hasn’t come as a surprise but long due but given dead ear. the ISSUE is let the ballot paper be tested no one is asking for manna here . there’s no a better constitution the the people,,

  11. Its funny at one time Zanupf organised 1million man march they had all resources at their exposure including state resources but if MDC wants to excercise their constitutional rights by protesting unfair treatment by ZEC then issues like constitution and the Law come up I wonder if someone imposes a law that takes way even a single citizen’s right that citizen isn’t allowed to voice against the descrimination??????

  12. Who are these people? Tongai, Farai J Nhire, Mbongozidana …….
    They continue to support a man, a thug, who side by side with his boss and comrade RGM looted and destroyed the economy of our once prosperous motherland.
    Why? I am puzzled. Don’t they want a chance at a better future – or perhaps they are benefiting from the rampant corruption foisted upon our country by these power-hungry, selfish and unpatriotic ZANU-PF parasites?

    1. Ko iwe wambobvunziwa naniko kuti ndiwe ani? Chinonzi better future unochizivawo here?
      Who among your MDC Alliance leaders has guaranteed you a better future?
      How can you get so excited over empty promises, just mere political gimmicks? If they have failed to run local city councils, so with such dismal performances at council level what guarantees are there that the entire nation of Zimbabwe can bank or have such miraculouslous on them? Worse still, our roads in cities are littered with potholes, what a shame!

  13. Mhunziyedzimbabwe

    A thug?
    What a weird comment from a weak-witted savage, pregnant with immature political beliefs, hence the wild utterances!

  14. Farai J Nhire

    Samurungu, you are confused. What does the D of MDC stand for? How do you define democracy? So why do you want to force your own choice onto other people? All citizens of Zimbabwe are eligible to run for political office, Ed included. The case of Ed having looted whatever, I do not know about it, I don’t believe it and I don’t care. You care about it so wait until he leaves office next week after losing elections and you can prepare your evidence of all those crimes you were talking about and take him to court.

  15. Emmerson Mnangagwa is the richest man in the Country. Do you Zimbos ever ask the question HOW?

  16. Vincent Soto Williams

    We pray for a peaceful election and hope and trust us citizens ‘ll excise our democratic right . All the best to the winning candidate.

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