ED’s name dropped in Kaseke assault case

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s name has been dragged into a criminal case where Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke faces charges of assaulting top lawyer, Phillipa Magnify Philips.


Phillips told Harare magistrate Nyasha Vitorini yesterday that Kaseke approached her during Mnangagwa’s recent State visit to China and pleaded with her to withdraw the charges against Kaseke.

“I told him (Kaseke) that when injustice occurred, it has to be solved. He cannot go around calling married women b**tch,” she said.

The court heard that Kaseke also went to the complainant’s father, who is a former ZTA employee, to ask him to influence his daughter to drop the case, but failed in his endeavours.

Kaseke, who was represented by Nomsa Sabarauta, denied the offence, saying it was the complainant who insulted him.
Allegations are that on July 27 last year, Phillips was at the High Court representing her client Freedom Maziriri in the company of fellow lawyers, Shamiso Mangwengwende and Gregory Garikai Masvikeni.

It is alleged Kaseke approached Maziriri in the presence of Phillips after a pre-trial conference and expressed his displeasure at having to deal with female lawyers.

The State alleges Kaseke told Maziriri that Phillips was not a good lawyer and that she was misleading him. This did not go down well with Phillips who immediately registered her displeasure over Kaseke’s conduct.

Phillips allegedly told Kaseke that his client had the right to be represented by a lawyer of his choice.

In a fit of rage, the ZTA boss allegedly shouted obscenities against Phillips, at the same time poking her with fingers.

Kaseke allegedly further threatened to assault the complainant, but was restrained by Masvikeni. Phillips did not suffer any physical injury and did not seek any medical treatment. It is alleged Kaseke’s lawyer Mahuni later sent a WhatsApp message to Phillips apologising on behalf of his client.

Netsai Mushayabasa appeared for the State.


  1. Takesure Zvazviri

    Some journalist are not professional, i know you want to market your paper using public figures` names. This article has nothing much to do about President Mnangagwa,i know you also want to tarnish the image of our President.

  2. Mr. Journalist, your article does not show how the president’s name has been dragged into this matter; please explain how you ended up with this title for your article

  3. Chipepa ichi ndechenhando, pathetic reporting…………

  4. Kaseke’s brain functions along the same lines as Mutsvangwa’s except he is worse because he is a womaniser who also abuses young girls. These two men believe that since they went to war(38 years ago) the whole nation owes them them the right to do as they please!

  5. Sunshine Samaita


  6. pliz dont make me lose respect for this paper, the headline is pathetic to say the peast

  7. pliz dont make me lose respect for this paper, the headline is pathetic to say the least

  8. shame gutter journalism no name of ed anywhere

  9. kid marongorongo

    saka President vakwana papi reporter i doubt kuti wakanatso kwana, heading yako nezvawanyora zvapindiranan papi. unofunga kuti uri kunyorera madofo. takutoziva kuti mareporter muri kubhadharwa necommission saka dambudziko rako ndere kuti uri kujuta newsday nenews dzekunyepa kuti uwane mari. takuverenga news dzako kuti tione kuti nhasi uri kunyepa uchitii not kuti news dzenewsday dziri kuymurei kubudiriro yenyika. ED is a man of integrity a leader beyond any doubt. saka iyo yakaseke yanyanyo shamisirei unoti haasi munhu anotsamwa if provoked. ndimi makakur muchifunga kuti ticha haagoni kurwa wakapusa reporter iwe.

  10. Kare Kaivanani


  11. Desmond Chingarande wandinyadzisa. Wakoniwa basa zvachose. Your headline and story are out of synch. Shame on u. I am not a politician but i am disappointed

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