ED threatens to fire Charamba over Binga radio signals

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday told Binga villagers that they would soon receive ZBC television and radio signals, 38 years after independence.


Addressing hundreds of Zanu PF supporters at Somhlolo Stadium in Lupane, Mnangagwa threatened to fire his spokesperson and Information ministry permanent secretary George Charamba if Binga remains without radio signals by next year.

“I was told by (Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob) Mudenda that in some parts of Binga there is not radio and television coverage that comes from Harare. That should be a thing of the past. Charamba is here, if we get to next year this time without the radio, television and telephone coverage, your job is done,” Mnangagwa said

He also urged Zimbabweans to be hospitable to foreign observers currently in the country for this month’s elections.

“We have observers who have come into our country, foreign observers to observe our elections we should welcome them, they should feel at home, we do not want to hear that you have given them a hard time even those small political parties,” Mnangagwa said.

He again made mockery of MDC Alliance demonstration in Harare on Wednesday saying the protests would not convert into votes.

“To those who are doing demonstrating, demonstrations won’t vote. The polling booth can only accommodate one person at a time. No demonstration will vote or enter the polling booth,” he said

Meanwhile, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Monica Mutsvangwa yesterday claimed Mnangagwa had raked in $20 billion worth of foreign direct investments in the past seven months, a feat that could not be achieved by his predecessor former President Robert Mugabe.

“You have to vote for Mnangagwa, the only person who has been accepted by the international community, including Britain as capable of taking this country forward,” Mutsvangwa told Zanu PF supporters at a rally at Peacock centre in Chimanimani East.

She also chastised MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa for being clueless on how to take the country forward.

“If he wins, he doesn’t have any plan. It is only Mnangagwa who has a plan for this country. The opposition failed to remove Mugabe. It was Zanu PF that removed him. Zanu PF is a party that cleanses itself. It is only Zanu PF that renewed itself,” she said.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    oh so thats why we always win binga they dont receive doses of lies

  2. Mai Mtsvanga vakatotsva zvavo… Saka tosvikepi with such politicians? The reasoning capacity is beyond repair.Wasnt Mugabe part of this same ZANU? Who propagated Mugabe’s iron fist rule? Was Mugabe all alone for these past 37 years? If so then you are not worth to be entrusted with national governance.

    1. Takunda Nigel

      You missed the self-renewal part .VaMugabe vakabvutirwa simba neG40 .Or he traded it for personal comfort .ZANU PF saw that , stepped in and renewed itself .

  3. Demonstrations never enter voting booth, a person at a time. That is solid truth. I believe the words but surely Binga deserves better.

  4. Honestly if FDI to the tune of 20 Billion had found its way into the country, there was going to be no need to shout out. People were simply going to witness it on their own. The situation on the ground tells a different story. I believe that the country has instead experienced a flight of capital in excess of $20 billion dollars. I wish if we could hire a president of another country to run ours on a part time basis. Zimbabwe is truly a failed state. The country was quite ok when it was being run by a company, British South Africa Company.

  5. Comment…thank you mr president for your promises lead us to new zimbabwe#ED has my vote.

    1. What!! @Kelvin Mweta; U are one blind ED bootlicker and u want him to lead us who can see. He’s equally blind and his time is drawing nigh. Shame on you brainwashed lot.
      Vote for change or forever be an EDiot in the school of imbeciles where foolishness abounds!

  6. extended dambudziko hautaure zvekuzoisa signal unongoisa wakanyarara

  7. Mnangagwa is wasting time trying to convince people that he is now a born again person. We know your evil shenanigans. In Binga we will not vote for you.

  8. Takesure Zvazviri

    Performance is one of President Mnangagwa`s goal. Well done ED we don`t want fake promises,people should deliver.

  9. I wish if I could open the eyes of my beloved brothers and sisters to see what is on the ground and start to believe that Zanu PF is the thing of the past . ED as the president should be we aware of places which do not have radio and television signals , he has been in this government for the past 38 years , he must also stop behaving like Grace who used to call people to order on public meetings , this shows how low he is .

  10. If u a not a servant of the people, ED will fire u for shuwa he will do that- a man of consistence and persistence. viva ED

  11. zanu are failed faggots !!

  12. The reason why Binga has no radio signal is because of Zanu PF who has been punishing areas that do not vote for them. And because of that we will still not vote for you! Keep your radio signal we have done without it for 38years.

  13. Mai Mtsvangwa-$20 billion FDI? You are telling lies. People are no longer docile or uninformed. $20 billion would have long ago transformed this country’s economy in a blink of an eye; and right now this is not the case. Banks do not have cash while ordinary people on the street are flourishing the black market. As for Ed it is a mockery to the people of Binga that 38 years after independence there is no radio and TV signal, and ED goes on to promise that MAYBE by next year the signal would be available. The same ED who has been in government these 38 years is definitely going to do nothing about the signal.

  14. Zanu PF is highly infested with thugs and its not surprising that one of the thugs was given a contract to install the signal equipment and as usual ate the money. Mugabe was at least educated. This Dambudzo is a disgrace. Cant add or subtract. Cant retain info and only wants to cling to power so that Grace doesn’t have a laugh about the end of his era.

    Zimbabweans have spoken and this EDiot cant see or hear it. So is he deaf and dumb!

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