ED ‘love child’ fined for disorderly conduct

A 31-YEAR-OLD Harare man who allegedly stormed into President Emerson Mnangagwa’s residence claiming to be his biological son was yesterday fined $20 by magistrate Josephine Sande


Brian Chitembeya was charged with disorderly conduct, but insisted during trial that Mnangagwa was his father and that he wanted to engage him for financial support.

But Sande told him to use proper channels to settle the matter instead of trespassing into Mnangagwa’s residence without appointment.

“You don’t refuse the presidential security personnel orders, but you must use proper channels or to approach your elders to settle your matter,” Sande said.

The court heard that on Monday, Chitembeya went to Mnangagwa’s residence, but was stopped at the gate by security personnel. Chitembeya vowed to remain put at the entrance, leading to his arrest. Francisca Mukumbiri appeared for the State.

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  1. Tinonzwa kuti ED ane mirwi yevana. It is alleged there is a lady has two children and teaches at Lomagundi Collegewhom he impregnated twice.

    1. ndisinyoro


    3. Should a 31 year old still require financial support the guy is an adult

      1. ko haasi mwana here nhaiwe. kana iwe wakakurira munhamo havasi vese. he’s jus a prodical son mfana uyu akapihwa akapedza adzokera zvimwe since mdhara ari BILLIONAIRE

      2. He is an adult who thinks like small child, bulldozing into the residence and wanting financial support at 31 years, shame. These are some of the change tactics.

  2. ED Sinyoro wenyoro

  3. Where was he all alone? Is he coming now that he is president?

  4. Where was he all alone? Is he coming now that he is president? Lets have a DNA test first.

    1. No DNA its a waste of time, he must go back where he was for the past 31 years and aid to behave well.

  5. #Nokuda and like you say he is an ‘adult’, Yes, he is but he knows that his father is responsible for the ruins Zimbabwe is in and can’t find a job to sustain himself. He is very right to ask his father to provide for him.It does not matter where he was before. Nhasi uno tirikutengera vanakomana vari 25 years old ‘underwear’ because of the battered economy. Let him.

  6. Age ine basa rei. Ngaaone baba vake vazivane. Ivo vanotambidza madzimai yakadaro vanoti zvinosvikepi?

  7. mabasa e mdc akaoraa ayo

  8. an old man like that 31 must be clever enough to score his goals ummmm let him be serious

  9. Com
    ment…he must surpot hes son even at 90 years.He failed to raisedhe son.

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