ED chides Chamisa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has lashed out at MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, accusing him of raising “unsubstantiated” vote rigging claims just to soil the ruling Zanu PF party’s image after realising that he was heading for a crushing defeat in the July 30 general elections.


Addressing thousands of youths at a Zimbabwe Congress of Students’ Union (Zicosu)-organised students convention in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa described the MDC-T as “a little political party trembling with fear” over the prospect of losing the polls.

“As we approach the peak of an exciting campaign period towards the 2018 harmonised general elections, government has put in place all the necessary measures to ensure that our elections are free, fair and credible. I am aware of little political parties that are afraid of elections. They get frightened by democracy, but democracy has come to stay in this new dispensation. We allow people to have freedom of speech and we guarantee that this election shall be free, fair, transparent and credible, peaceful and non-violent,” he said.

Chamisa has accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) of conniving with Zanu PF to rig the elections in favour of Mnangagwa, by manipulating the printing of ballot papers, among other shortcomings.

Mnangagwa challenged the students to shun politicians who make false promises.

“We want our people to vote for those who they want except those who promise the moon,” he said.

Chamisa has come under attack for promising to revolutionise the public transport system by introducing bullet trains and modernising the country’s road network to meet international standards.

Mnangagwa promised students that he would meet with their leadership, vice-chancellors and ministers to iron out problems they encountered at various universities and colleges.

“As your President, I pledge a brighter future for you, jobs prosperity and hope, during the six months that we have been in office, I am unable to cope up with the new projects that our country is opening on a daily basis,” he said.
The Zicosu leadership pledged to ensure a resounding victory for the Zanu PF leader, saying the July 30 election was a done deal.

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  1. Thank you ED ,lets not worry much about young man there always say a lot of things which there will regret later on in life its part of growing up and they will realise that they were wasting time on wrong things when they real adults.

    1. Nonsense

    2. ED reminds me of Golith who kept shaming the Israelite soldiers, until he came face to face with the young David who had the help of God to defeat him. Golith called David a young boy with milk on his nose, yet young anointed to be king defeated him shamefully. That is exactly the young David Chamisa will do to him.

      1. Well said @Ziso

    3. Utter garbage. @ eliasha- u just proved you are one of the EDiots who wander on these forums standing up for a man who has no clue. He even reads his shona speeches.

  2. josphat mugadzaweta

    rubbish. you have been telling lies and killing with mugabe for 50 years now you accuse chamisa of lying have you given him the chance to prove himself? the students who listen to the dull square-nosed monitor lizard (gwashadombo) are just pupils and not student.

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Kutuka kuvenga musi wa! August uchapinda mumablankets chaimo kutorwara. Hazviti shamisi because iculture yeMDC yekutuka munhu asina kana chaakutadzira. But hazvihwinise zvazvo maelection don’t worry josphat.


      2. Chamisa for President 2018


  3. Legalised Thievery

    We all admire the USA, UK. Learn at least one useful thing from them. They don’t put people without wealth into positions of high office. For the obvious reasons that have made us to become impoverished.

  4. Josphat its clear that you are not happy with ED and you prefer Chamisa. Manje ucharwadziwa, ugosvotwa, worutsa asi ED achahwina wotonga Zim newe futi uchingorwadziwa.

    1. But your life will never improve- it’s called an empty win or winning air. Zanu PF will never win a free and fair election that’s why they put violence first in everything they say or do. Threatening rural people with a return to war and holding them at ransom etc

      1. apa wanyepa apa

        1. @ takesure- u should be called LOVENONSENSE

    2. Tinotenda Makoni

      Ndezvekurwadzisana here maZimba. Lets desist from that spirit. It’s bad.
      Tovaka nyika sei neruvenge anhu woye?

  5. Idiot politician failured ED Mnangagwa want to meet with student leaders and iron out their grievences, but how can he able to solve these problems he and his Zanu pf party have created for zimbabweans? You look to solve your own created problems during election time,why did had you failed to do this before election period? How many promises has Zanu pf made before and during elections that they have fulfilled to the electrolate? Zimbabweans, ED Mnangagwa and Zanu pf must go and no more listening to their empty promises, we must vote him out freely.

  6. To hear ED accusing other politicians of making false promises is the most ridiculous ironic statement of the year, very funny

  7. You must be shamed of yourself ED for coming with the same lies to the electorate during every election time. We are now used to your empty promises and warn you that this time ZANU PF will not win. The electorate is not mind-sick to the extent of forgetting your past evil deeds.

  8. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Imi murivanhu verudzii munoshandisa mazwi ekutuka. kana mukazoita hurumende madzimai edu vana nesu muchange muchitituka. chete haisi mhosva yenyu asi kuti kana wakafunda unogona ku lacker zvimwe zvinhu ubuntu. kutuka hakusi kuwiner maelection. heee idiot, stupid etc ndochii ichocho. Isu tinoti ED Pfeeeeeeeee chero akashata sei. kureva kuti imi chero munhu akaremara kana kushata hamumudi mubato renyu.

    1. Voetsek…you think we’ve forgotten kuti muri mhondi.

    2. Musorobhangu(G40)

      ZPF is evil to the bone,and will never reform. Kana usingaoni huipi hwe ZANU PF uri mbavha,gororo chairo.

  9. ED and those around him wanted a one-party state but now pretend to like democracy only those with the memory capacity of flies and those incapable of independent thought cannot see through these lies. You rigged elections for Mugabe and never won any election yourself in your entire 75 years so give us a break. We’ve not forgotten that you said you were a trained killer not so long ago.

  10. A president who talks about “coping up” is a liar – you “cope with” – O Level English.

  11. You were all misled by the headline. ED said “little political parties that are afraid of elections”. That does not mean Chamisa. NC is leading a GREAT PARTY.

  12. Shoko ra Nehoreka

    Cde ED, musataura kudaro, ndimi makatinyepera. Takafora nemauto toichinzi zvinhu zvichanaka. Izvezvi mwedzi 7 hapana chatirikuona. Mari chaiyo muma bank hamuna. Munongoti zvinhu zvanaka, apa zvinhu muzvitoro mitengo yongokwira imi muchingotonga. Zvichanaka gore ripi. Apa imindimi murikutonga asi munongogaro tivimbosa makore ose, mukativhotera tichaita izvi. Munozviziva here CDE kuti Tanzania , Ghana, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya. Ivory Coast dzaa ne ma spaghetti roads. Maa maziva here kuti Kenya irikutovaka migwagwa yema spaghetti izvezvi, Rwanda yakatopedza ma feasibility studies. Ko Chamisa zvaakambivisa kuti tikapinda panyanga munguva pfupi chembere kumusha dzinoita ma foni ,maviri maviri, hazvina kuitika here pa inclusive government? Handiti MDC isati yapinda taichinjisa ma line ne mombe here muchingotonga CDE. Imi Cde ne musangano wenyu we ZANU hamutioniwo se vanhu vanofunga imi. Musadaro Cde ED tinokuremekedzai nekutimakabatsira kubvisa va Mugabe vanga vonetsa. Haiwa apa makaita gamba chairo. Asi hamuna kutsanangura nyaya ye ma ballot ka . M aparties ma oppossition ose akasheedwa ne ZEC Kuti anoona printing ye ma ballot papers asi vvakanorambidzwa kupinda. vakangotaridzwa kuti iyo building ndo maa ri kuitwa print. Ngapaite jekerere apa CDE. Pane jekerere aiwa kana makunda tose topembera CDE. Asi chandoda kuziva chamuchanyatsoita chamusina pa 38 years chii. Hongu murikutonga asi munongovimbisa chete election yega yega cde. Kana paine wamati masunga akainda mujere kubvira mapinda panyanga cde ndiani. Saka dzese idzi ingirozi here ma minister awa. Ingirozi here CDE. Kureva kuti corruption iyo tinongohwa muchiti no to corruption hapana akambobawo here mumbomuitawo muenzaniso CDE vangu. Aaaaaaa CDE ini ndine mubvunzo. Ko ivo varungu vangomuka vokuombererai maoko, hapana chitsotsi chinozoitika hee apa. Isu taneta kubiirwa ma minerals edu nema foreigners. Itai kuti ma minerals edu aite benefit Zimbabweans. Iwo ma bank omongovhura kwakanaka. Achada ma CEO, vachada mazi salary pecks, vachingomora . Ko cash yacho ichabvepi? Taneta kurara pamisuwo ye ma bank

    1. Haiwavozve tibvire campaign for votes, kwete kungovukura nonsense

  13. ED is more afraid of elections than anyone else. He has a record of LOSING elections in Kwekwe. He has a divided party. He is banking on other antics or factors than mere popularity.

  14. I thought it is ZEC’s mandate to promise free and fair elections not another party which is also contesting. It leaves a lot be desired…..can’t be a referee and a player at the same time.

  15. Memory Siziba

    Chamisa ngaapinde

  16. ED na Chamisa better you join forces. We want peace love unity and prosperity. ED is not selfish like Mugabe. At least mabhiza 2 awa can unite ZIMBABWEANS. If the 2 fight obvious there will be no winner in terms of our development and wellbeing. Better go for GNU ma US$ adzoke


      1. You are confusung me, mugabe and ED are not different!!!!uuuuuum, yet your chisa nhema chamisa say mugabe is going to vote for him. Kindly ask your toddle to officially tell us his shadow cabinet nokuti isu we understand he is not doing so becoz he has joined forces with mugabe & g40 losers.

        Kuda kudzosa mugabe aaaaaa musadaro

  17. These youths I hope they are aware that the main reason of going to school is so that you will be able to create your own wealth either by working, starting own business, etc. Zanu Pf has failed to create a favourable environment for that… With Zanu Pf you will marry uchitengerwa pant namai


  19. Cde Gabarinocheka

    kkkk maivepi vanaED all the years, once a devil always a devil….

  20. l will vote for one promising the moon not Ediot

  21. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Pamwe wanga usati wazvarwa paiurawa vanhu ve ZANU PF nemapetrol bombs, mapurisa. nanhasi MDC ichiri kuuraya muzvipatara nemasanction amakakumbira. Iro word rokuti voetsek,afr, rinotiratidza kuti imi munorwadziwa nekuti zimbabwe yakasunungukirei. one party state yanga iri mifungo ye g40 yamava nayo nhasi. A trained killer is a militant who fights an enemy not civilians. ED did his training long back and now he is a listenning leader. dai cde ED vasina kutrainwa pakaputika bomber vakatoenda exile. ED pfeeee.

    1. Watch the Gukurahundi videos where ZANUPF people were baying or Nkomo’s blood. An individual said they wanted a one party state (1983). So what are you talking about?

  22. It’s pointless voting for ED, in a very few years time he will be holding a walking stick & limping along just like his pal Mugabe & we’ll be back to square one again

    1. Dai mambosiyawo VA MUGABE when u make comments please.hanti makavabvisa.chivasiyayi vazorore veduwe.Mavasuwaka kungoti any argument involving Junta boy and Chamisa zita raVaMUGABE rinotopinzwa

  23. Chamisa yaaaaaa ED hambaaaaa

  24. Hlengiwe, Mpopoma

    its better to have new blood. We are tired of recycling these old ZANU guys. Chamisa has my vote

  25. Ed plizzzz tiregerewo tiende kCanana nhasi kumikira pabank only 45 pipo ndivo vawana ma $20 each wotiiii inyika here yatira


    Taneta todamufana Chamisa atungamirire.

  27. Mufudzi We Tariro

    So many prophets including prominent local ones ku UFI and PHD have prophesied about the anointing of Saul as a transitional leader but his rule will only be short lived. David will be raised from among you and he will be annointed shortly to take you to the promised land. Let us trust in God as we wait for his best time , July 30 we will rejoice as a new young leader will be on the throne. Zimbabwe will be prosperous again. David is surely coming. Zimbabwe will once again be a jewel of Africa.

  28. Chamisa Chete Chete

  29. Ediot and i hate you for the life that i am living and GOD please free up Zimbabwe from these devils who kill, steal and destroy everything that u have blessed Zimbabwe with! My prayer is God allow us to kwekwe him out come JULY 30 2018 and you have said it in your bible that whatever you seek in my name shall be granted unto you and my kind request this morning GOD is please Give us NELSON CHAMISA as a president! # CHAMISA CHETE CHETE 2018, # GOD IS IN IT, # CHAMISA FOR PRESIDENT

  30. Zimbabwe is the only country in the world led by an HIV positive president Mnangagwa and 2 HIV positive Vice Presidents, Chiwenga and Mohadi. They are currently so sick that they rely on daily doses on medication to be able to speak

  31. ED must go back & win Kwekwe central first before he can come back & run for country

  32. Uyo arikupfeka nguvo dzekuenda kuhondo ngaarege kutaura seanokuru adzoka uye akunda. God knows our new president watch the space. Many countries went to world cup hoping to bring the cup back to their countries. They thought pushing out Africans and winning the first round gives them mileage. Ikozvino mukombe uchiko. Vaive navo vakatousiya uriko vachiuda. Don’t boost before winning. Ndatenda

  33. chematsenganzungu

    muchanyarara henyu manje manje madyiwa mozondipawo karinging tone kanonzi rigging ndoda kukaisa mufon mangu kanondispaka kkkkk

  34. tinei ganyani

    well done mr President tave kuonawo chiedza pashure perima remakore mazhinji. nhasi rugare rwauya NaED vanhu vese vopembera saka vanowukura wukurai zvenyu asi ED waenda nechitanda this time

  35. Special black, uri mufudzi wevaroyi naED Mnangagwa wenyu. Muri kufunge kuti takanganwa 2005-makaparadza dzimba,mabhizisini eveanhu,2008-makauraya 300 vanhu nekuda kwehukukutu hwemoyo nepfungwa dzenyu dzakabatwa nemurevereri wenyu satani-mweya yetsvina hwenyu hwekudakungogara muchimanikidza kutonga vanhu vasingachakudii,2013-2017-(This is another special ZANU PF GOVERNMENT 5 year DISMALLY FAILED governing period)makavaka CASHLESS ZIMBABWE STATE. IMI MAKUDO EZANU PF KUDA KUNGOTONGA CHETE PASINA ZVAKANAKA ZVAMURI KUITA.pasi nemi mablack human baboons.

  36. Denzel Sandho

    Waiwepi muna Nov, kana waiwe my Zim, you are one of many millions of Zimbabwean who celebratedvthe actions of the so called Juntas, you celebrated thinking your team, the sanction loving MDC will be included in the running of the affairs of Zimbos on a silver platter, to your dismay so is the anger with the so called Junta, especial more that MDC has no chance in hell of going beyond July 31, ndizvo munongotuka munhu wese ataura zvakanaka zvirikuitwa na ED.

  37. Zanu hamu lume

  38. Zuva rimwe igore. ED Mnangagwa dai aive munhu unoda shanduko kuvanhu, 7 months dzaatonga ingadai zimbabwe yave nemari black market yavakaisa ave maroto chete. Saka imi vanhu veZanu pf musatitaurire zvishuwiro zvemaroto enyu asina madevelopments, hatina kuzvarwa nezuro isu. Pasi neuseless zanu pf party nesupport base yose isina ma visions.

  39. hapana asiri kuziva pekuvhotera kana mugabe akuzviziva saka tosangana kuballort box #kwekwehim #handei tione

  40. Letty Mabhena

    Chamisa is just a clueless presidential candidate who is promising the electorate his fantasies. Its a good thing that Zimbabweans wont listen to that boy.

    President ED Mnangagwa’s victory is guaranteed. #EDHasMyVote

  41. Thank you Mr President for emphasizing that this election shall be free, fair, transparent and credible, peaceful and non-violent. Zvisinei nekuti mamwe mapato anenge achiti chii pamusoro penyu. Thank you ED for promising us a brighter future, jobs prosperity and hope. Ndinoti ngazvirambe zvakadaro

  42. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Special Black haasi mufudzi we varoyi but is a friendly person.Why should think that utungamiri hwenyu hweMDC hwuno winer? wakanga wazvarwa here pavairasira mvura mumabhodho pa UZ? Saka ndorasa vote yangu kuti mungozoita izvozvo mumabhodho angu. hei dzimba dzose dzamurikugara zvirongwa zveZANU PF, housing ownership unless vamwe venyu kana makatengesa nhaka yamakasiirwa nevabereki. Hezvo vane HIV,vashata,nevakaremara mose manzi hamudiwe kuMDC. health status yemunhu its confidential even WHO yatozviona.

  43. Uri mufudzi wevaroyi nekuti muri kufarira kutambura kweruzhinji hwezimbabwe. Hondo ndakairwa 1969-1980 ndikasiya zanu pf 1990 ndaona kuti tariro yezvatakarwira hatina uye mweya yerima yakaputira zanu pf ichapedza veho. Vapfanha zwisisai chikaranga chatinoreva nekuti muchadyiwa.

  44. Chamisa WL never rule Zimbabwe tichakumamisai vafanha


    Of late, double speaking Chamisa keeps blowing hot and cold. The nearer the election day draws, the murkier the water become. He opted for intraparty wars devoid of rules to take control of the mainstream opposition at the expense of demanding for electoral reforms to realign the nation after the fall of Mugabe. Having started on a high note, he is now fretting over the broader political spectrum. Its all systems go and there are no prospects for a u-turn. Now that the opposition placed the cart before the horse, the election fate is as good as sealed. 80% of the game has been played and the purported demonstration is nothing but just a formality. The opposition has itself to blame. I wish to be proven wrong as early as August 3rd. I rest my case;

  46. We want a Rainbow zimbabwe nation governed by an one rather than focusing on useless war credential ideologies. Zanu pf hates majority of zimbabweans,hence forcing to froge jump the people into attending to its useless rallies. Kare haagari ari kare haisiyo gutsa ruzhinji yetakarwirira.

    1. Matauriro ako Sand kana uri muwarvet chaiye akarwa from 1969 – 1980 shows that u were one of the dissidents dzakasakisa gukurahundi. If not, u were on dzakutsaku, Selous Scout, Pfumo Rvanhu kana mupuruvheya. If not zve, uri gandanga raiuraya vaipomerwa mhosva muhondo nokudaro mweya yavo yave kukutambudza. matauriro ako haavaki nyangwe MDC coz u are too intolerant and arrogant. Democracy does not dictate uye allows different opinion. Luck uri muZumbabwe dai vaive Nigeria waiita Boko haram. Toda kuvaka Zimbabwe tiri pamwe ngatipindwe nemweya wekuregererana hama. Wrongs were done, but Saul became Paul so Mnangagwa can change. Chamisa ndaimuda but he has undone himself. MDC is Chamisa and Chamisa is MDC zvinova zvakada kuuraya ZANU pana MUgabe.

  47. .why, as a sitting gvt, introduce command banking, vanovhoterwa kuti vagodii n whoz not sneezing with poverty!

    1. Ziva kuti zvinhu zvose especially external zvinomira coz of elections. hapana angada kuinvesta kana kupa mari kunyika iri kuda kuita maelections coz there is high country risk. Vanopromisa zvavachada kuita in the next 5 yrs. This term haizi yaED ndeyaMUgabe. Asingazivi ndiye aitarisira great change before elections. Vanovenga ZANU ndovanopa ED mhosva dzaMugabe but vari progressive vanoona ED as a completely different person. Noone is blaming Ramaphosa for Zuma’s ills or Angolaan President for Dos Santos’ deeds although they hail from the same party.

  48. Hello guys all along you have been saying Munangagwa is not electable he was beaten twice by Chebundo in Kwekwe. He was beaten using the same ZEC who have been rigging elections all along. So now why do we expect him to win or why do we expect them to help him by rigging when they didn’t do that in the past. So when Chebundo beats Munangagwa ZEC is ok and when Munangagwa wins ZEC is rigging. You MDC guys have serious double standards. It’s the same ZEC conducting the elections. Beat him the same way you beat him in Kwekwe and he accepted defeat. If you are beaten by him be gentle to accept defeat. Tipei serious guys. You running scared of ED.

    1. Nonsense. Anything coming out of the mouth of this man is garbage and not forgetting his boot lickers like Papa Jose

  49. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Imi mangamuri cde 1969 kusvika 1980 kana muchiverenga bible verengai romans 14:1-12. kochamaida kuti chiitwe nyika ichangosunguka chii? Tava kuziva kuti MDC inevamwe vasina kufara nerusunguko. hoyo mumwe arikuti ED naMugabe vane 50 years vachiuraya. tine 38 yrs tava nerusununguko saka unoti twelve yrs dzese 1980 going back vana vaifa kuchimoyo imbudzi? saka munekahondo pasi, munofurira vana vane hama dzakafa. vamwe vakaramba tinavo muZANU PF and mava macdes don’t listen those who are still lost. ED Pfee

  50. So Sleak Rick why r u insulting someone for his opinion. Sadly all your contributions are full of insults. Say your facts don’t insult someone.

  51. Free Mental Health checks on Monday 9 July 2018 at RSPCA by trained VETS; for all those who think Zimbabwe can be built by a man who can’t even speak to himself. Why bother with him when theres young intelligent blood.

  52. Stop trading childish insults, munhu anovhotera waanoda, there is no wrong choice. Ahwinha ahwinha.

  53. He is now showings his true colors ,we know them like this ,not to pretend as if that are good .

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