ED begging me: Chamisa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) has reportedly sent emissaries to opposition MDC Alliance, seeking a “pre-election understanding” ahead of make-or-break polls later this month, presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has sensationally claimed.


The 40-year-old opposition leader seen as posing the greatest threat to Zanu PF’s near four-decade-long stranglehold on power said he believed that Mnangagwa, who came to power following a military intervention that facilitated former President Robert Mugabe’s departure last November, “is safer” under an opposition administration than his own.
Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda told NewsDay yesterday that Mnangagwa had sent emissaries to “create an understanding” fearing an electoral loss.

Sibanda was responding to reports that Chamisa was in the process of negotiations for a possible audacious post-election arrangement that could bring former First Lady Grace Mugabe back as Vice-President eight months after her husband was forced out by a combination of a military intervention and a nationwide outpouring of resentment.

“The thing is Mnangagwa and his junta government wants to use State media to create a narrative that will alienate us from the electorate. They want us to lash out at some people or political groups, but that would be ludicrous for Chamisa or any other politician to do three weeks before an election.

“We are canvassing for every vote, including Mnangagwa’s. Mnangagwa is safer under a Chamisa government than his own.

I can tell you now that we have received his emissaries keen to come up with what they are calling a ‘pre-election understanding’ because they can see the game is up,” Sibanda said.

“Mnangagwa and his people want to alienate Chamisa from everyone else and then talk to him about their future.

Chamisa is busy with campaigns and has no time for negotiating with anyone. But he will welcome every vote,” Chamisa’s spin doctor added, denying reports that the MDC-T leader was also making last-minute engagements with the Mugabe-linked National Patriotic Front.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF deputy secretary for legal affairs, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana dismissed Chamisa’s claims as “dreams of little boys”.

“The youths are allowed to dream, but not on important national issues. This is not child’s play, but we are talking of a critical national process. President Mnangagwa has the support of the masses and we do not call for an election to enter into negotiations with people.

“We do not have an agenda to negotiate with anyone. That is a constitutional issue and I would have known. The President has sent no emissaries to anyone,” Mangwana said.

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  1. Its seems like there is no new dispernsation at all ZanuPf is still forcing people to rallies when clearly the 75year old has nothing new to offer anyone in Mugabe’s circles is just as bad and as evil as Mugabe himself



  2. Mangwana should that youths have every right to dream about national issues as they are future of this country unless the oldguard intend taking the country to the grave with them.

  3. Down with zanu pf editors

  4. Mangwana has many years experience in politics but doesnt seem to realise stereotyping any demographic is suicidal. The take out here is Zanu pf does not believe the youth can handle important national issues. They happen to be the game changers in this election so go on Mangawana and alienate them with reckless talk

    1. Majority of the youth will vote ED

      1. who says? based on what evidence?

      2. How old are you

      3. We are not stupid

      4. Stop day dreaming

  5. Farai Johnson Nhire

    If wishes were horses, begars would ride. Which World are these dreamers sleeping by the way? Do they ever take time to watch their oponent’s rallies? Ed is getting the amount of suport that even he himself is finding hard to believe. Winning is no longer just a probability for Ed. It is a very big reality. The only likely understanding that President Mnangagwa can seek with Chamisa is to encourage him to avoid inciting violent activities and that is his moral duty as a mature leader and head of state.

    1. Wezhira Wezhara

      Well said @Farai. The current Zanu PF is very different from Mugabe’s in that people are not being forced to close market stalls to go to rallies. People voluntarily go and the numbers are just proof. Why would people not vote for a person who has ushered in real democracy in Zimbabwe? ED has my vote and many others from those who freely attend his rallies. Yes we are bound to have a few misguided who attend to cause chaos but nzou haicheukire poppy.


      2. we have witnessed many people walking out of mnangagwa rallies and being forcibly made to remain seated. people have been beaten up. Bindura rallies over the weekend come to mind. It pains me a lot to see Zimbabweans being repeatedly fooled by the same idiots over the past 37 years and continue to “vote” for the same idiots…..

      3. ED Has My vote. i am youthfull 34 yrs to be specific, enjoying the current prevailing political environment. Economics shall follow suit because ED is real. ED is practical. I have been charmed. he has my vote. think twice and join us its never too late. 2018 ED Pfeeeeeeeee


    3. Nyatsimba Mutota

      Gore rino hatichadi zvechembere mu government. Ngavaende kunozorora uko

  6. If indeed ED sent emissaries to talk to the MDC alliance about whatever, then the alliance is very wrong in rushing to the press to sing about it, its undiploamatic

    1. Say that again! Imaturity!!!

    2. They, themselves showed t that they lack the same political maturity when they went to the press claiming that Chamisa engaged them fir a GNU. Thats tit for tat

  7. @Farai Johnson correctiong Mnangangwa is not head of state neither is he elected by law yet hence why this comming election is a make it or brake it for now he is acting or should I say faking it till he makes it he is selling a fallasy that he is incharge of the office after the junta yet he is an illegitimate ruller since Ian Smith

  8. @GTTM its politics you dont get involved unless you want to get your hands dirty smear campains happen in every country under the sun

  9. The proud i repeat shall swallow their pride, as we povo will give them a reality check, we attend rallies not because we want but being forced but come election we shall show you the middle finger, musakanganwe chazuro nehope, the same people who killed our relatives are now asking for our votes. You shall see come july 30.

  10. Most of you guys are obsessed about Mnangagwa this, Chamisa that. It seems to you supporters that any one of these two has the solutions to all our ills. Why do you put so much trust in politicians as if they are super beings? These two guys are just as clueless as most us are. Instead, as a country we should set an agenda which any politician who wins should follow. Am actually baffled by the amount of energy some of you people put to defend your preferred candidates who are as fallible as any one of us. After the elections we will all go back to our wretched lives, vanga vachiita mari vachingoita, whoever wins. Imi masupporters you will be forgotten after 30 July.

  11. Most of you guys are obsessed about Mnangagwa this, Chamisa that. It seems to you supporters that any one of these two has the solutions to all our ills. Why do you put so much trust in politicians as if they are super beings? These two guys are just as clueless as most us are. Instead, as a country we should set an agenda which any politician who wins should follow. Am actually baffled by the amount of energy some of you people put to defend your preferred candidates who are as fallible as any one of us. After the elections we will all go back to our wretched lives, vanga vachiita mari vachingoita, whoever wins. Imi masupporters you will be forgotten after 30 July. Come on people lets support objectively


  13. Why shouldn’t people be obsessed?
    Mugabe rulled for decades people had so much hope and trust in the new Zimbabwe and rule of law Tswangirai was the first to realize that we were robbed of our independance and hard won freedom Im not saying that Im 100 percent behind the opposition but Zimbabwe needs a leader that stands for all Zimbabwean irreguardless of politicall affiliation and saddly Emmason Mnangagwa and ZanuPf only care about the liberation struggle that has so far ended they need to think about the nation listen to the people strangely average Zimbabwean people have the solutions to all the current problems but it is the current Government ZanuPf that cannot even hold itself accountable for all its obvious faillures one cannot put all the blame on Mugabe alone yet he had the entire cabinet of ministers and advisers who strangely some are now running for President and blamming the opposition for suctions was a new low for Zimbabwe but we need to adapt like China and Cuba which have been under sunctions for years until now and yet continue to make great strides Zimbabwe needs a shift in the right direction vote wisely…

  14. @David Chimisa denied the claims being made on state media as a smear campain to sway voters from him he later added that Mugabe would vote for Chamisa come 30 July

  15. Yako tsamba yawakanyorera ED takaiona.Show us that was sent to you by ED if you are not what you are….Liar

  16. @chaurura une humbowo kuti yakabva kuna Chamisa?dofo radzidza

  17. Nicodemus Munyanyiwa Mutsvairo

    There is nothing wrong in talking about what will happen after election because there should be hand over and take over so whats the fuse that the two must not talk on those issues. Its only without this country at heart that smear dirty where its not needed. Dont forget we all have lives to lead after this election and we both need each other ED or NC.

  18. @Chaurura The article say E.D sent emmisaries not a letter dont twist the facts

  19. the man chii chacho chamisa is a failure trying to get sympathy from us then never ED has gained political millage to that extend where by chamisa is no longer able to say a single sentence without branding it with EDs name pumaa

  20. who begged who a point of correction over there,is this not the same person who lastly said ED is refusing to engage with me on this zim political issues haaa

  21. its so mesmerizing to here that from chamisa

  22. ZANU PF is going to win this election especially having the confusion within the these different parties starting from the alliance yachamisa

  23. chamisa agara arikutya uyu

  24. Zimbabwe with Vision

    Zimbabweans, it is time up to change and definitely vote for young leadership of generation of MDC-T’s CHAMISA who have vision and very capable of leading Zimbabwe’s economic transformation as the present world’s technological advancement is griping firmly in every minded country’s economic development.

  25. chibaba- makuruwani

    Chamisa is right incase if he engaged ED without known to his supporters or citizen of Zimbabwe anogona kumuita yavakaita Morgan Tsvangirai takazochema manje.

  26. Zanu pf idiots are always very eager to distort and twist our visions that creates an enabling economic transformation through a Zimbabwe Rainbow Nation which Zanu pf people have hated decades years of misrule,murdering and destruction. Zanu pf people for years have been pretending as black human beings,but are total baboons.

  27. “The youths are allowed to dream, but not on important national issues. This is not child’s play, but we are talking of a critical national process.”

    There is something wrong with this way of thinking, the youth are the future and they need to be seen as important otherwise the national will not be able to make it on the international scene where there are many youths affecting policies of today and tomorrow.


  29. You see lies!!! Lies! Chamisa has surely gone nuts. Electoral loss in two weeks chikomana! You and your yobs can go hang in the backyard of political oblivion

  30. Mugabe,Mujuru,Bonyongwe,Zimhondi,Chiwenga,Shiri,ED Mnangagwa,Jonathan and all Zanu pf party people were all Youth when they destroyed people’s houses and businesses in 2005,murdered,kidnapped and burn people’s buttocks on hot stoves in 2008. ED Mnangagwa and zanu pf party pulled Zimbabwe away from the commonwealth countries and 2013-2017 created a cashless zimbabwe. All these evil acts zanu pf people committed,were they young or immature? That is why i am always saying,’zANU PF is a party of baboons with a human being instincts because these people don’t have visions and minds. Definitely they are Misguided apes.

  31. Farai Johnson Nhire

    There is this nonsense about Zanu Pf forcing school kids to rallies. If any who are 18 and above who registered to vote decide to attend then who has a right to stop them? Do we have any testimonies and any other evidence of the very individuals who are minors who were forced to rallies?Let me make something clear. The oposition knows very well by observing Ed’s rallies that Shumba Yekwachivi is destined for a landslide victory and have already decided to challenge the result in the electroral court. The idea is to prepare in advance for that by rubishing the numbers attending the rallies as huge numbers of school kids who do not vote so any Ed victory should be an obvious fraud. They have even dicided to involve the high court in the plot.

  32. kid marongorongo

    Chamisa is a blood lier we know you from that trump issue, uknge wakungoti bwai bwaii wakuvhunzwa kuti wakasangana natrump kupi wakungoti nda nda nda, kkkkkk ndokunyepa kuti wakadzidzisa Kagame kuisa OS pacomputer yake nhasi wakunyepa kuti munangagwa akauya kwauri wega hauone kuti zvaunotaura ndezvekupenga

  33. Stop day dreaming

  34. If my understanding serves me well, its now a choice of getting rid of Mnangagwa and bring back Mugabes through Chamisa or vise versa please clarify good people we are confused here.

  35. Chamisa chete chete.
    We want a new Zimbabwe

  36. Pane mamwe manyepo anotyisa sekuti 1. How could ZANU force school children to rallies pari paweekend? During school days, maschools emunharaudza ndoanotora vana vavo kuenda kufunction yapresident. Ndiani asingadi kuona munhu ane mukurumbira auya munzvimbo. Same applies to Chamisa, people come to see a famous person not kuti vanomuda kan kumuvhoter. 2. People forced to a rally vane zvivindi here zvekusiya rally kwavamanikidzwa kuenda???? Kutya pakumanikidzwa kuenda kwazoperepi?????. The truth is vanhu vauya kurally vamwe vanogara kacha so that vakanzwa kuti mota kana kombi yakuenda they have to go whether zviri kunakidza or not. . Real supporters do not leave when their leaders vachitaura. Vanosimuka achitaura are not real supporters but vanenge vauya kuzoda kukonzeresa.

    1. Let us be realistic here. Most ED’s rallies are beamed live on ztv and we see thie tega nemaziso edu. Kwa Mutoko people started going out when the president was still speaking and zuro uno pa Bindura apa vanhu vakarohwa. Whether they have come out of their own volition or not is not a problem but the signal this sends to the public. Zanu pf is more than 50 years old and with 38 years experience and if they fail to manage this small issue how can they manage the country? and remember rallies do not translate to votes remember it has been able to pull crowds to fill White city stadium before but failed to get even a single seat in bulawayo save for those which were donated by MDC T.Its not a lie that these people are forcing children toattend their rallies.Even Mugabe airamba but they are the same

  37. Vote Build Zimbabwe Alliance

  38. Zimbabweans, it is a must,you like it or not,let us vote ZANU PF OUT OF Zimbabwe.

  39. The upcoming elections are already a Sham. Zimbabwe is not ready for elections now. We should have had an interim/ caretaker government led by an independent person / body neither affiliated to ZANU nor MDC. This would have been done to enable 1). the alignment of the country’s laws with the new constitution, 2) to have an independent electoral commission, 3) “debrief /re-orient both the army and the police forces to ensure they understand their impartial role in respecting the choice of the people, 4) the equal access to public media for all political parties, and 5) open up space for proper voter education. A nine month to a twelve month period would suffice. The failure by the opposition to insist on starting on a clean slate just shows how opportunistic and immature Zim. politics is. Our politicians have become like “pigs”, you find others “zivoxa udaka” you also join in. There is really not much of a difference between Mnangagwa and Chamisa. They are both just telling people what they want to hear. Chamisa promises bullet trains in a country where even city roads are dilapidated, just proving that he doesn’t have a plan for re-building the country, let alone the basic infrastructure. As for Mnangagwa, it’s the perennial ZANU chorus of empty promises. Seven months in the presidency and nothing to show for it. In the final analysis it is the Zimbabweans who created the monster, by failure to hold their leaders accountable for 38 years – or rather it is because of our primitive tribal politics.

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