Director ‘blocks’ NGO

MANICALAND provincial medical director Patron Mafaune has come underfire for allegedly blocking a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Rural Mobile Health Care, from providing free health services to villagers in Makoni district.


The NGO co-director, Joseph Karaga yesterday cited Mafaune as the stumbling block for their project. He claimed Mafaune had refused to let them launch the project in Makoni, saying they should move to Chipinge.

“The provincial medical director Patron Mafaune is a stumbling block at the moment. She has refused to grant us permission to conduct our medical services in Makoni district,” he said.

“I don’t know the reason, but she texted me three weeks ago, saying she can only offer us Chipinge area. Chipinge district medical officer has not been reachable and the area requires more resources than we have at our disposal at the moment. We always target disadvantaged rural communities where there are inadequate public health facilities,” he said.
Contacted for comment, Mafaune accused the NGO of failing to follow government laid-down procedures.

“There are laid down procedures which are followed and they should go through the district medical officer and also see if the doctors are registered because everyone can go and want to give medication,” she said.

“But I don’t know them. Have they spoken to me? They should give you the letter I gave them because I communicate through a letter, I think they are lying,” she said.

The charity organisation which comprises a team of volunteer doctors and nurses was formed last year.

The charity organisation works in close liaison with the Population Services International and National Aids Council who provide reproductive health services. Mutare businessman Wilson Masokowere and co-director of the organisation Forward Nyemudzo are some of the NGO’s funders.

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