Chief Charumbira drops another bombshell

NATIONAL Council of Chiefs president, Fortune Charumbira has dropped another bombshell, declaring that traditional leaders would not hesitate to intervene in political issues when national interests were under threat.


Addressing delegates during the installation of Taaziva Morgan Gatsi as new Chief Mangwende in Murewa last Thursday, Charumbira said although traditional leaders were not politicians, they could “chip in” if need be to defend their inheritance.

“On the issue of politics, we are not politicians, chiefs do not do politics but they keep on talking about us in relation to politics. If you see us getting involved in politics, we do so when we realise that there is a serious threat to the interest of the country, the interest of our own institution. If we realise that there is a threat to the institution or the country, yes we can express our minds and opinion, and of course we can give direction,” he said.

Charumbira, a Zanu PF apologist, currently faces a contempt of High Court order compelling him to publicly apologise for declaring traditional leaders’ support for the ruling party.

“Let me give you an example, if someone is screaming inside a house, we do not ignore, we open the locked doors and see what is happening inside. That is what we do. We get involved in politics when things turn bad.

“Look at history, we have traditional leaders who were beheaded and some of the heads were taken overseas, that is politics. The likes of Mbuya Nehanda, they were defending their own country and heritage,” Charumbira said.

The traditional leader also defended government’s move to provide them with all-terrain vehicles, saying there was nothing political in them receiving the vehicles a few months before elections.

“Recently, the MDC youths were demonstrating in Bulawayo and they were labelling Thokozani Khupe as a prostitute, as a traditional leader you expect me to keep quiet? Politics should be for the good of the country. I want to emphasize, we are not politicians, but to an extent that they affect our institution, to the extent that national interests will also suffer, we then get involved and give direction,” he said.

Charumbira said he was hopeful of extending his tenure as traditional leaders’ boss in elections set for July 18, saying the late Chief Jonathan Mangwende had ordained him to cling on.

“Chief Jonathan Mangwende passed the baton stick to me. He then nominated me and said Charumbira take over. I was made the president by the people of Mangwende. He told me that he has been in Parliament for 35 years and that he was tired. That is how I took over,” he said.

Chief Musarurwa of Mashonaland East last week declared interest in the top post.

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  1. Too much power but very little brains…

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Who has little brains our Chief and your idiot chamisa who thinks the name of a country plays soccer? kkkkkkkkkk

  2. This is pathetic. How can one compare Mbuya Nehanda’s days and modern day politics. There were no political parties then and Mbuya Nehanda’s fight was against colonialists. These leaders do not use logic thats why Africa is where it is today. Another one at some point compared a Ballot paper and an Exam paper. I wonder how do we arrive at such conclusions. Politics of the Belly!!!!!!

  3. Wezhira Wezhara

    There is nothing wrong for Chiefs to support political parties of their choice as long they remain apolitical in the exercise of their duties. Chiefs are also human and that is why they should be apolitical but at the same they are allowed to exercise the right to vote in any election. We had Chief Rimbi who became an MDC MP but there was no outcry.

  4. Comment…shungu hadziurayi shuwaa uridoto wanzwa dako ramai vako

    1. Hezvo.

  5. This is the result of colonial distortion. Madzimambo edu (our Kings) were the Commanders in Chief,not presidents. Now we have “Chiefs” who do not even know what happened and are happy to be told what to do by their subjects.

  6. Chief magaro. What does he know. Its all this mbanje he’s smoking which zanu PF legalised. Now we have a nation of EDiots and chiefs wanting to be ZEC.
    30 JULY, BYE BYE

  7. Comment…Kune imwe nyika kune maDhemokatsi nemaRipabhurikenzi. Kana paine makwikwi vatungamiriri vanoenda
    panhepfenyu pamwe. Votaura zvavanovimbisa kuvanhu vavanenge vachishuvira kuti vavasurudze sevanhu vevanhu. Nekudaro, munhu
    akakwidzwa pahutungamiriri hazvirevi kuti uyo arikukwidza arikuda kutengesa nyika kwete. Mutungamiriri akanaka anobuda paitwa makwiikwi nenzira yakajeka. Uye, ngatigaroziva kuti ZIMBABWE ahisi
    yedzinza kana bato rimwe, asi yemadzinza nemapato ose arimayiri.
    Vamwe vanoti iri bato rine hushamwari nevekunyika dzemadokera. Inga mumwe ane mapurazi makumi maviri nerimwechete. Asi iye achishandisa rimwechete. Makumi maviri achibhadharisa vakabva venyika dzekudora. Hausi ushamwari here? Munhu hatsvakiri shamwari kana mhandu. Asi zvinongoda chete kuti munhu aite shamwari ine hunhu hunoyemurwa. Mambo, zivayi kuti madzishe aya ose arimunyika muno ndiyevene vose vemunyika yeZIMBABWE,
    zvisineyi nebato raanotsigira. Madzishewe, kurudzirayi runyararo munyika. RUNYARARO RWUNOTANGA NENI. UYE RUNYARARO RWUNOTANGA NEWE. RUNYARARO RWUNOTANGA NESU TOSE. Chief, LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Uye ivayi mututamiri, kwete mutongi.

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