Chamisa threatens ‘earthquake’ on ED, Zec boss

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday threatened to unleash an “earthquake” to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba to accede to his demands for the levelling of the electoral roadmap ahead of the July 30 polls.


The 40 year-old opposition leader made the threat through his spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda and chief election agent Jameson Timba.

This came as MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora said the party would make a “big” announcement

on their way forward regarding their unfulfilled demands today.
“We will not arm the enemy by revealing what we will do. But rest assured there will not be an election if these demands are not met,” Timba said.

Timba said Mnangagwa needed to address the issues raised urgently.

“We do not speak on behalf of other candidates but this is a serious and urgent matter that Mnangagwa and ZEC need to address for their as well as the country’s sake,” he said somewhat cryptically.

The MDC Alliance has raised a red flag on anomalies on the voters roll, ballot paper printing and provision of specimens of the same and militarisation of the Zec among other things that it argued would negatively impact the July 30 election.

Sibanda chipped in saying: “We have not made any demands. Chamisa has not demanded anything from Mnangagwa or the Zec. Instead, we have reminded Zec and Mnangagwa of their obligations to citizens to deliver a free, fair and credible election.”

“We have reminded Mnangagwa and his Zec that a command election will not fly. It will not be acceptable. Zimbabweans are tired. That is the message we have got from our interactions with the populace across this country,” Sibanda said.
“Instead of giving us the complete voters roll that will be used in the election as provided for by the law, we are getting bits and pieces of lists of names. It is up to Zec to put a deadline on when they should make sure they abide by the law.

“It is Mnangagwa who needs an earthquake to make sure Chigumba moves. We don’t need an earthquake to make sure we have a free and fair election. But we will have one.” Chamisa’s spin-doctor accused Zanu PF of working with ZEC to deny the opposition access to the proper voters roll.

But, Zanu PF deputy legal secretary Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said: “These are serious allegations and they should be able to prove them. Zec is an independent commission and we along with other parties are equal players in a game in which the Commission is an impartial referee. Political parties must not be in the habit of throwing around spurious allegations they cannot prove.”

Asked why Zanu PF had not been part of the group of parties that observed the printing of ballots at Zec’s invitation last Friday, Mangwana retorted: “It is only those that are scared of an election who demand to see the printing of ballots. We respect state institutions given mandate by the Constitution to do their job. You have never demanded to see your examination paper being printed. If the MDC is scared of elections they must just say so. It is only the MDC that believes in magic that marks put on the ballot will move. We are not magicians and do not believe in voodoo politics.”

The MDC Alliance also insisted that it preferred the ballot papers to be printed in South Africa, arguing the chosen Fidelity Printers failed to meet their minimum expectations.

In an interview yesterday, Timba said no local company had the capacity to print ballot papers for 5,6 million registered voters.

“If Zambian companies had the capacity we could have gone there but it doesn’t have. The capacity does exist in South Africa,” he said.

“We had agreed on an observation process and everyone will be there. It is not proper to have them printed at a security establishment like Fidelity Printers, an area where we have our currency and gold and guarded with AK rifles.

“It’s not a private printing company. If we had a private company that has capacity we will do it here, we are talking about capacity here.”

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  1. You can do anything within your proximity to demand a fair playing ground but bowing out of the race will be the last nail in your political coffin. Beware of the backlash.

  2. If that is what you were told by your long time ally Mugabe in Dubai then forget it, Nelson nothing is going to change for now.

  3. Ma threats ako haashandi wangu.pull out and see if elections will be postponed. Too much flip flopping on your side.

    1. Don’t be so empty headed… the reason why Zimbabwe is suffering so much is because of past elections. Don’t fool yoself thinking that the international community is going to accept fussy elections…..the suffering will be worse that the previous years.

      1. Away with your ransom mentality, we have suffered enough and its now clear that MDC is power hungry and wants to ride on people’s suffering to gain power

    2. mh.ta yemunhu nxa mkos.o

  4. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    sounds from the illeterate and biased , there is no smoke without fire , something is wrong somewhere , the red flag is up , elections have been stolen

  5. sorry zanu this time ED is will not make it

    1. isheanesu marima

      says a blind man

      1. sitting at the corner of a round table

  6. Pasi nezanu pf pasi neutongi wasatan

  7. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    Heyi kutya kudyiwa zvakunoita kkkkkkkkkk. What is this hell nonsense about the printing of ballot papers? These mdc haaa shame

  8. The challenge that Zimbabwe has had over the years has been disputed election. If ED decides to soldier on and go on with this not so clear election process which does not even meet SADC acceptable electoral protocol I am afraid Zimbabwe will continue in the doldrums and blame sanctions for the continued poverty. Why is he afraid to be transparent-poor Crocodile unfortunately some fools continue to “dance” near it.

    1. Iwe ndiwe unopenga. The sadc, au and the international community are quiet because they are satisfied with the process so far

    2. viruss vigoroso

      as it stands, all observers are pro elections. non are raising red flags yet so let the elections go on

  9. Stupid anology by Mangwana

  10. Nyika Ndeyedu

    You expect to win election when you a discredit everything in Zimbabwe . I think Mapamper(Chamisa) can not lead this country . Chaos yega yega we need a person who values his identity . Mangwana is talking sense.

  11. Farai Johnson Nhire

    A Word Of Caution To The Not So Wise Advocate: Mr Chamisa, your unannonced visit to the middle east last week raises eyebrows a great deal and importation of spies and terror from that part of the world will not go unnoticed and unanswered by the croc.

  12. Hello Zimbabwean
    MDC ibato revanhu,vanhu ndivo anotaura zviri kuwa netsa pakurarama munyika.Uye Zanu PF inotonga kwete kutungamirira vanhu nokuti kuungamirira unosvika paunoneta oudzao ari kukutevera kuti pinda pambri zvino kutonga kutsikirira ataura kwayi ngabaiwe ngaafe .Kutaura chokwadi vanhu avo vakaoma moyo Zanu uye hapana achada party iyi kunze kwe mbavha ne mhondi.Dai vai sarudzwa ne vanhu nyika ino inenge isina nhamo zvino zvekumbunyikidza vanhu saka tiri munhamo.Ko why cant you do zviri pachena kana muchiti muno diwa na vanhu nokuti ukaona nokuti ukaona mukadzi wako achiti abvunzwa navanhu kuti baba vekwenyu vari iye wotsikitsira pasi voti ne gumbo avo vamire apo akatarira pasi zvoreva kuti something wrong.Kana pachinzi free,fair ngazvitwe jekerere varume musafarire kutambura kwavanhu munyika mwari uyu regai tione AMEN

  13. Mnangagwa cannot change the electoral laws of Zimbabwe, since this is done in Parliament. Mnangagwa is not, and should not be in charge of elections. All he can do is to declare the date, and ensure security of all parties and the general population. He cannot direct ZEC to give in to Chamisa’s demands, since there is no law that empowers the president to instruct ZEC. I don’t know why Chamisa is threatening Mnangagwa with his earthquake. The earthquake that Chamisa is promising is child’s play. If he chickens out of the elections, there is no problem, but if he tries to disrupt the elections, then the law will meet him head on.

  14. PROPHET271262

    Little boy Chamisa Which bible school did you go to Leaders are appointed by The Allmighty …………If God wants ED TO STAY you can not stop him , but remember, he will not be there for ever I PERSONALLY have fallen in with the humility the first LADY HAS she is very good .You Nelson you are also very good but you need to wait for your time. PLEASE GO AND READ THE BOOK OF KINGS AGAIN .Hapana chati chachinja pasi pezuva.

  15. Kungovukura everytime semwana kacheche . MDC must man up

  16. Zec and Zanu have been rigging since 2000, so they do not want to leave their evil ways

  17. This is the real reason why we suffer, i had a look at the voters roll and it is so fraught with errors and mistakes. What Chamisa is simply saying is correct the voters roll coz ndipo pane nyaya yese. kana musingazive nyararai shut your fucken mouths. Why is he not willing to amend and correct the voters roll? Uyo ataure zveSADC neAU hautozive zvauri kutaura, those are useless organisations who let Mugabe rule for over 40 years abusing Human rights along the way.

    MDC remains the major opposition party and if you don’t know the repercussions of them boycotting the elections you will be an idiot to forget the economic decay that happened a decade ago……..ZANU PF can rig the election but will never rig the economy.

    vanaUK nanaAmerica varikuSupporter ED and ZANU PF unoti kupusa here? Nyika yakatengeswa naED kare and those guys will never support a party like ZANU PF for free……

    Hamuna brain

  18. Zimbabwe, this time we must unite. we can not continue to be abused, our votes stolen everytime ne ZEC. Please ZEC stop that nonsense

  19. Rigging occurs on voter’s roll and ballot printing. zANU PF and their twin ZEC knows that. They do not want something fair. Imagine in Nyanga ward 2 Zanu pf councilor got full voter’s roll, mdc candidate has blank one. Hapana kwatiri kuenda guys with these thieves

  20. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    That Samanyika anoti MDC must be man, Zanu PF also must be man. They need to go to battle alone not with the help of ZEC. Why are they not even complaining. They went to nomination court without voters roll yet the law says voters roll must be released before nomination. Taneta ne mbavha

  21. Shoko ra Nehoreka

    6 months dze New Dispensation, dai iri MDC iri panyanga zvinhu dai zvakanaka so. But now taa kutenga mari yedu pama ecocash. Kungenga mari yawashandira mmmmmmmm. Zanu yapererwa

  22. Yaaa Chamisa ukange uchita zvinhu zvako zviri pasi pemutemo hapana chakaipa asi ukazoita out side regulation and laws of country ungenge wairasa like what you are doing right now zvikuvhutsira mukuru wenyika. Tokumbirawo kuti upe respect and usaramba uchida kukonzeresa muvhukela munyika. ED always preach the gospel of peace, free and fair during and after the election. Usada kutsvaga vanhu vanokuvotera kuburikidza ne confusion wanzwa here Chamisa.

  23. Hondo Zvenyika

    Chamisa hausi wakunyanya here? Ndiwe wega opposition here muno. Zvitsiudze

  24. The biggest mistake was to have ZEC board formed by one party. Now that it has already happened allow the contributions of other parties too. Why can’t you just implement what they need so that your proclaimed victory is not questionable. Let every know that you are loved by your people by providing a fair ground for everyone. If you say you are loved they will still vote for you why manipulating the path for one party’s advantage. Itirai Chamisa zvaanoda musamuti anongochema chema ko munobvei mukazviita. Our systems dzagara dzakadhakwa tarirai mazzimsec question papers vamwe vanosara voita maexams vamwe vanemapaper ebvunzo kare. Mhosva haizi muzvikoro asi kwazvaka printwa. Every year there is a leakage and it means there is something wrong with the printing house. Surely no one trusts anything from our government. Talk of new currency before we have a feel of the new note someone from Chirundu border already has it. Who does that if not the very government. It has never been genuine to its own citizens for 38 years now. Those who are in support of this have been benefiting from this chaos and they will never to see it change

  25. Your Name (required):Special Black

    MDC ndiyo yapererwa nokuti haichazivi pekubata uku vari kufunga kuti ane ushamwari nevaimbonetsanana navo asingazivi kuti akagara mudhudhu wereza. varume endai kumaelection nyika ino isava chiseko chepasi rose. mutemo hauchinjwi na cde ED asikuti parliament manje zvanonoka. izvi zvemabalot paper kusouth kwete nokuti toda kuporomota macompany emuno. imi economics dzenyu dziri questionable. pindai pndai mumakwikwi kkkkkkkkk.

  26. Zimbabwe yakazara mapenzi emakudo.Zanu pf,khunini machotonga nyika nekumanikidza vanhu kuti vakudeyi? Ndianiko pasi rose asingazivi huipi hwenyu? Seiko Zimbabwe is kudeveloper imi vezanu muchiti muri kutonga zviri pamutemo? Sei muchishaya mari munyika yose kana imi vezanu muchiita zvakanaka? Zanu pf bomb rakakupotsai riye paByo ndaonazve zvikukutu pamberi apo nekuda kwehumbimbindoga nehudyire dyire hwamunonamata uhu hucharamba huchidzosera nyika yedu shure. Mukangoramba muchipikisana nezvido zvegutsaruzhinji satani achakudyai imi.

  27. I like it when you quote the word of God when it come to leaders. It is indeed God who appoints leaders and it is also God who removes leaders. Whatever we do as a nation( I mean our behavior) will attract certain leaders. Some leaders come to execute God’s punishment to the nation and some are there to bring healing. At this point I don’t really trust a lot of politicians because they can be nice just because they want my vote. I trust the God who appoint leaders and He alone will give me wisdom to vote for a good leader and he will tell me who to vote for. Rigging or no rigging God has a way of bring out the best for us

  28. guys don`t be fooled those zec ppl ,,their are actually zanu pf ppl ,,why they are ignore what ppl of zimbabwe wants ,,,lets be fair in this election,, if ediot and zec rig election their won`t rig economy


  30. ED PFeeeeeeeeeeeeee ane hunhu

  31. Uyo arikupfeka nguwo dzekuenda kuhondo ngaarege kutaura seanodzikurura abvako.

  32. Nyaya dzenyika idzi

    I hope and pray that the so-called earthquake will not be another grenade thrown at ED.

  33. You have my comments editor

  34. I am a founder member of MDC and this is the first time I am not voting for them. Chamisa is just running scared his experience after the rallies shows him he is not going to win. Ask Eddie Cross. I will vote for principles and values not what a party used to stand for.

  35. We are in July Chamisa and your days of traversing the nation and beyond making empty threats on Mnangagwa and Zec are almost over. For your information, an election is a process not an event and thus you need to seek litigation where applicable well ahead. As we speak, Zec already has craftily made several electoral flaws supposedly to end up with the desired outcome. We are yet to hold the election whose electronic setbacks must also be anticipated. I doubt how Chamisa will be able to seek legal redress on all these systemic and systematic flaws and the beneficiary thereto, whether jointly or singularly. We should not be myopic to forget that this is the first electronic election that requires to be guarded legislatively. If the Parliament has not set out clauses to sort out BVR challenges on the whole process, the opposition must be ready to walk a tight rope.

  36. Last time Chamisa said gvt officials shoul not go to SA for treatment, now they print ballot papers locally and he demands that they go to SA for printing. DOUBLE STANDARDS, DOUBLE FACE, PRONGED TONGUE!!!

  37. mazicobomoco7

    Ground rakanyorova rese, team A and B dzotamba unohwa imwe yoti tarohwa ground ranga rakanyorova. The political ground in zimbabwe is now conducive and viable for elections to take place, everyone can witness that, political parties are campaigning peacefully and every events being covered by state media but its unfortunate some other political parties start to complaining before the votes. Lets us learn to be gentlemen, maprimaries akaitwa vakaruza vakaruza in that same ground,kana waruza shake hands neahwina and move forward together.Crying and boycotting elections does not help its like jumping out of the train and start barking hazvishandi.development woyeee. ED woyeeeeee .

  38. Chamisa has very valid claims but a very casual approach to the same. In my opinion, he requires legal experts to peruse them, one after the other and pursue them legally at the expense of taking such magnanimous claims lightly only to knock him down midway. It will be tantamount to chasing a wild goose if he expects to seek justice after a ‘grand defeat’. Not in Africa!

  39. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Nelson will not be president of this country this year and that is very certain. Jokes are not a problem but some of them don’t sound funny at all. Addressing Nelson Chamisa as Commander Inchief Of The Zimbabwe Deffence Forces is too silly a joke. Kana vacho vaimusiya achitora leadership yemdc nechikiribidi hameno kuti dzavo dzanga dzakanyatsokwana here? Entrusting Nelson Chamisa with leadership of this lovely nation is like when a parent gives in to a toddler’s demands who wants to play with a very sharp knife.

  40. Taneta nemaThreats. Hee tichazoita earthquake heeee chino nechino. Chingoitai zve tione. Haaa nxaaa mhani

  41. Comment…Musiki weDENGA neNYIKA, imi JEHOVAH, ndimi chete munoziva vatungamiriri vakarurama. SAMASIMBA ipayi nyika ino vatungamiri, kwete vatongi. Nekuti, imi chete ndimi munovaziva. Isu dzedu ifungidziro chete BABA.

  42. there are 22 other people contesting ED but everyday its charisma complaining yet jealous was part.of the gnu that gave us this constitution with zec appointed by president anyway why did he register as.a.candidate in a flawed process? when it was him hhaving 5000 people rallies he was happy now zanu,mai mujuru npf and even Khupe r drawing crowds to their rallies charisma wants to print the ballots himself so his argument iznt against 1person making the.rules he just wants to be that person

  43. Dont say ‘What Zimbabwean people want’ as if you talking on behalf of all of us, just be specific and say ‘What MDC Alliance people want’.Lastly only God make an earthquake, we are tired of your foolish lies, nxaaaa

    1. God let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.Everything happens for a purpose at the right season the tree will bear it’s fruits.

  44. Hey zanu pf taneta nayo iyi zanu nezec are twin robbers

  45. Chimbotanga wakura boy kwete kungoropota…

    1. mboko urimbwa iwe

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