Chamisa takes diplomatic offensive to SA, Angola

MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa is sending emissaries to South Africa and Angola in his regional diplomatic offensive aimed at pushing President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to bow to his demands for free, fair and credible elections.


The alliance will by the end of next week dispatch three of its principals Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube and MDC-T secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora to raise red flags in what they have termed electoral violations.

Chamisa’s chief election agent Jameson Timba, told NewsDay that Chamisa has already reached out to President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, who is the chairperson of Sadc, and Angolan President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço.
“We have written to the host nations which are South Africa and Angola being our first ports of call because of the strategic positions that they hold. President Chamisa will despatch his top team by next week to go and appraise them over what is happening in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chamisa was unhappy with the manner in which Zec was handling the elections, accusing the electoral body of taking sides with Zanu PF.

The MDC Alliance said given the boiling tempers and a stalemate on the printing of ballot papers, Sadc and AU should take over the running of the polls.

The diplomatic offensive is meant to persuade the regional block to step in and bring sanity ahead of the watershed general elections.

Timba said following the demonstration by the MDC Alliance, they were still waiting for a response from Zec.
Mnangagwa, speaking in Beitbridge on Wednesday, said he was not worried over small parties that were afraid of elections.

Meanwhile, Chamisa yesterday scoffed at the 22% pay hike for soldiers as peanuts.

Speaking at a rally at Gaza Stadium in Chipinge, Chamisa said civil servants deserved better salaries.

“Soldiers, police officers and teachers were given pay rise and its peanuts. Under my government they are going to benefit more. Zimbabwe is going to be a different country come August 1,” he said.

Sifiso Sithole, daughter of nationalist and the late Zanu Ndonga leader, Ndabaningi Sithole said her father died a disappointed man. Sifiso (64) who received a rousing welcome at Gaza Stadium, told NewsDay on the side-lines of MDC-Alliance star rally that her father left the unfinished business of removing Zanu PF from power. She claimed Chamisa was anointed by God. “I am happy that our president Nelson Chamisa is God-fearing. He is a pastor and that tells you that he is a good leader,” Sifiso said.

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  1. Even kana vakatuma vanhu kudenga.yangu vote kwete yako yangu ndiri kupa ed nyangwe ukatuka kana kushora hazvichinje chinhu.

    1. you must know your limits bootlicker. tamba nezvimwe kwete naMwari. your indoctrination is now driving you nuts.

    2. Ediot wakutamba namwari iye chamisa akupinzai busy mwaka uno muchademba Tsvangirai no reforms no election Zanu majaira

  2. agara arikutya

    1. Chamisa Wacho

      Sekuru vako Mnangagwa ndovarikutya ko why not leave Zec iite basa Zanu kuda kubira

  3. its too late ED is the big boss

    1. Chamisa Wacho

      Boss vaani kana uriPresident urimushandi wevanhu ndopamunouraya nyika maZanu Pf ipapo pekuti President Boss iye akaiswa nevanhu anyway ED akazviisa ega pachigaro coup gvt

  4. chamisa is too young for ED for sure

    1. Chamisa Wacho


  5. ED is far much better than vana ramaphosa vacho

    1. Tarisa nyika ye SA nedongo raDambudzo rinonzi Zimbabwe wozotaura mafunnies #ccc

  6. wasting money resources and time chamisa

    1. Is it your money fool

  7. ED is deadwood my friends but Chamisa is energetic and charismatic. ED’s sun is almost setting, meaning that when we take the law of nature into consideration i.e. age and death which are positively correlated ED’s destiny is near.

    1. We dont eat age .What we need is not young age but well planned economic recovery moves.

      1. The best comment ever.

    2. While I am still searching for a presidential candidate to vote for, I find it very laughable the claims that Chamisa is charismatic. Every time I watch him address gatherings or in interviews, I hold my head in shame and gaze at the floor. I look at the charisma of a thirty something years Macron and Forty something young Obama when he came into office, these have charisma written all over them. Not this verbal diarrhea and down right lies bordering on a Trump sound alike that Chamisa spews. He is a disgrace to Africa, the world must be thing that’s how a forty year old educated African behaves.

      1. My sentiments too. I dont doubt Chamisa has lost more voters of late. I wonder why his advisors are letting him stray. He now seems like the worst leader one cant imagine any country run by him.

      2. Taura hako sahwira,,,,ndingatorega kuvhota pane kuvhotera chamisa,,,zvaanotaura zvinotonyadzisa. Anoshoresa Zimbabwe.

  8. Hahahaha, CIO is working overtime posting fake comments in support of ED everyday. It wont work my friends, ED is hopeless even the soldiers with guns cant stop people from deserting his boring rallies midway

    1. Vasiri maCIO acho muripi to post……

      ED pfeeee

    2. @Truth On top of which, the majority of the urban voters who have ready access to the media have always been MDC supporters. So while they may be pleasing their supervisors, the bots and trolls are wasting their time. Too bad that their traditional rural voters are now able to attend MDC rallies and are well tuned in to social media, thanks to WhatsApp.

    3. My sentiments too. I dont doubt Chamisa has lost more voters of late. I wonder why his advisors are letting him stray. He now seems like the worst leader one cant imagine any country run by him.

    4. The best you can do is to knock some sense to your stray Chamisa than calling people CIO. If you are charmed by Chamisa’s garbage it doesnt mean everyone should be.

  9. ed pfeeeeee zviripachena wani

  10. chamisa wazonyanyawo kutya, it’s known kuti haulume

  11. Ed pfèèèè

  12. Ko ndimwi Mwari here mava kuti because ED is 75 ndiye achatanga kufa.Veduwee tambai nezvimwe kwete about death.Mwari ndiye muridzi weupenyu bwedu, ndatenda hangu.

  13. A Chamisa rally versus ED rally says it all. That young man is on fire for sure kwete zva ED zvakaneta kudaro, kwanzi 10+4=40 ndo chii ichocho

  14. Comment…ZANU pf wonaiwo payasiya nyika yava l end removed Robert Mugabe there promise us better but zvinhu wesi kuoma the cashless country vanhu zivai pekuvhotera pliz

  15. so zanu pf has employed vanhu mumukira kuzoisa macomments pama media ose zvawo nepama phone edu. very desperate sure. tineurombo nemi.

    1. iwe watumwa nani?who employed you?

    2. Taura hako… Zanu yatuma vanhu kuzosembura

  16. You want regional bodies to take over running over a sovereign countries elections hahahaha? We are not even in a state of emergency or war zone! Kwanai imi!

  17. surely SADC and AU cannot come and legaly run our elections if Chapter 7 of the constitution is not amended. The outcome of such an illegal process cannot stand.Any fool will surely know that what the MDC Alliance is doing these days is just political grandstanding which is not going to help them in any way to win elections

  18. I am confused here. According to the ZEC, they are doing everything as guided by the Constitution of Zimbabwebwhich I understand was drawn by both Zanu PF and MDC then led by Morgan. Now Chamisa is approaching SADC. If ZEC is complying to the Constitution, does it meam Cyril will be able to overrule the Constitution of Zimbabwe? This is really confusing. If SADC can’t change the Zim Constitution as I believe they can’t, what’s the intention for approaching them? As I have been saying, in my eyes Chamisa has lost all the credibility I had for him. Is he fearing loss even before going to the polls? What hope does this give to Zimbabweans? Do these guys really have the interests of Zimbabweans at heart? Chamisa is on his tactics of trying to bulldozer himself into power? When will he know that only the voting populace has the power to give him the edge he so desires? For the first time I had registered to vote in Zimbabwe but with this, ED seems to be a better choice. I have never believed that I would one day choose Zanu PF in my whole life but now they seem to be angels compared to this MDC led by Chamisa. For how long does he want Zimbabweans to suffer? When is he campaigning? He resembles Musi Maimane here in SA. Like in SA, I dont see the DA winning elections here. So it means the ruling parties will rule forever.



  20. To anybody who cares please show this coment to the sadc head of states if you have access: Your Execellencies, I am a peace loving Zimbabwean who wishes to inform you about our situation here. Our nation has just gone a leadership change and has been preparing for free and fair electios but a certain political party and its leader is fronticaly preparing to cause mayhem in Zimbabwe. So when you receive their so called diplomats next week, you may do well to interrogate them because some unconfirmed rumours indicate that these people might be clandestinely operating some terror training camps on your soil without your knowledge, with the sole aim of deploying the the terror groups to cause mayhem in the country. Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly apreciated by all peace loving citizens of our great nation. Your Sincerely, Fj Nhire.

  21. Guyz lets be honest this Chamisa chap is simply hopeless

  22. only two people from the same place using the same WiFi commented in favor of ED using different names why . their email addresses do not exist why ? Payed machine to support dead bond note manufactures .

  23. The good thing about democracy is that you are free to vote for whoever tickles your fancy. Some of us have followed Chamisa’s journey since 2006 from his time in government and parliament and he has exuded unparalleled excellence in both spells. My vote is not premised on rally talk but on a proven track record and FYI Chamisa was twice voted Minister of the Year in the Inclusive Government.

  24. Be it known to all of you who are commenting here because you are on salary to just do that, the majority of Zimbabweans are tired of whatever you call ZANU. Given a choice millions are ready to fight in order to get independence. You have pushed people far too much and you seem to be mocking the misery which is all over people’s faces. There is a struggle going on in each and every person in Zimbabwe. The struggle is for a better country where manipulation is minimum.What kind of people are you? You love to see Zimbabweans suffering in order for you to get those crumbs for free. Munonyengedzwa nekutengerwa mota nelkupiwa tumari inorder to perpetuate our misery. Let me remind you that God is watching and one day, only one day gava richadambura musungo. We had sellouts during the struggle from colonial rule, who enjoyed at the expense of the millions, where are they now? Chisingaperi chinoshura. Pfuma yeropa iyi. Muchapenga nazvo izvi. dai maiziva kuti macomments enyu lacks gravity maisatombodaro. human beings are spiritual beings. hatingonzwi chete but tinonzvera. you are a disgrace to this nation”’

    1. Nokutambura kwatirikuita uku.Ukaona mhunhu anosapota Zanu haana kukwana.

    2. Mfundisi, for your info, people are commenting fairly based on what we have. I for one do not have a salary and have never had a salary in Zimbabwe. Some of us left Zimbabwe just after 1980 when we saw Chamisa’s style of leadership in Mugabe. For the first time, some of us will be voting in Zim. We dont play the person but the ball. From a neutral point, ED so far has proven that he wants to take Zimbabwe forward. You ask me how, he has sacrificed his comfort zone, opened himself for insults, something never heard of in Zim. On the other hand we have Chamisa who has become so power hungry that he doesnt care what his own constitution says. He will step on anyone just to be in power. Now age aside, who deserves to be given a chance to lead? We are not attacking Chamisa but his actions. If he had the interest of this country, he would take advantage of what ED has done and change Zim for better. What he is doing right now, he wants the world to shun ans isolate Zimbabwe and the misery to continue until he gets the power he wants so badly. So who is better in your eyes?

      1. Thank you so much fellow Zimbabwean. As much as we love to see Zimbabwe going forward, it is my humble submission to you hama that, Let this be done in a fairly and transparent manner. We cant be hoodwinked by ED’s rhetoric on peaceful, fair and credible election while on the other hand he is employing double standards when it comes to the realization of such an election. Are not soldiers busy patrolling in rural areas? Is the ballot paper being printed in a transparent and credible manner? What is the state of the voter’s roll? Were proper procedures followed up to the sitting of the nomination court? Is the state media impartial on political reports? Who is using state resources for their campaigns? Why does ZANU finds everything about ZEC normal? Why does Zanu defends ZEC? Why does ED fail even once to direct ZEC to do what the opposition is demanding if he is sincere on his call for free, fair and credible elections? I have many questions hama and i bey answers not just to blast Chamisa saying he lacks what is needed for a better Zimbabwe. ED has an experince of 37 years in a failed government and Chamisa has 5 yeras experience in a successful inclusive government.

  25. I doubt if anyone from those countries will have time to accomodate his tantrums

    1. yapisa Chinja munorara nebhutsu mugumbo gore rino muchademba Tsvangirai bcz naChamisa munosvika kumapenalty

  26. bheveni sibanda

    Manje SADC said its happy with the way ZEC is doing it’s things saka kwekuchemera hakuna. achazonyatso kuchema chaiko musi waanorakashwa na ED pama election apa


    1. Chamisa is nowhere close to Morgen.Usachipise gamba redu Tswangirai

  28. fambai CHAMISA dzamara tatora nyika yedu.machinja ese ane rudo anewe uye vakuziva pekuvhota

  29. Tingangotaura zvakawanda kuti nhingi ndiye achadyiwa nhingi ndiye achahwina musi wa30 ukusvika,toona kuti anodiwa nevanhu ndiani.

  30. Farai J Nhire

    Machinja tiudzeika kunobhadharwa vanhu varikucomenta in suport of zanu pf pamwe ndingangoitao mari. I thought it was a joke but munhu arikuzvitaura aramba ongovavarira pamwe ane hama yake yaanoziva irikuita mari nazvo. Asi chimwe chandinoziva ndechekuti comon sense hadzinei nekunge uchibhadharwa. VaMnangagwa is a mature and seasoned leader and handifungi kuti vangakundikana kusimudzira nyika. Chamisa ngaadzidzisweo kuti vaMnangagwa harisi dhongi rako rakakubisira vanga varipo vamakatadza makore ese aya kuitira kuti iwe upinde.

  31. Your Name (required):

    still supporting ZANU pf you are dull.APA kana pekutangira hauna wobva vapihwa scarf .chamisa chete chete

  32. Ive come to a conclusion that Chamisa and his people ony think change is when he takes over. Everyone else from the 22 other contestants is wrong. Pure rubbish

    1. Chamisa Wacho

      Because chamisa ndiye anevanhu

  33. People think out of the box , what do you expect from a Zanu PF government , for the past 37 years they have been promising fake promises , only the few thieves who are benefiting from the system are making the noise on the media platforms , kumamisha inongova chisa Chamisa , if ED is not afraid of the election why is he controlling ZEC .This year tichaona zvakawanda . ED is the man behind the Gukurahundi and you expect that person tp be the president , nxa , he s evil , it is better if it was another name not evil ED .

  34. This is my first time to comment ever. I dont disappointed with ZEC and Herald; please dont take us for a ride. We saw these claims on social media and you were both quick to come in and say thats politicing. Please check A few hours later a senior police officer issues a statement confirming whats on social media that postal voting is indeed underway. Now afew few hours later you come back with different news again. Either someone from ZEC or Herald or both should respect us and resign. Zimbabweans, these people should take us seriously

  35. FarAi ; u are one of the paid zanupf social murakashi. Zanupf don’t have any support. Y don’t u want transparency! Y not clear on who is printing the voting papers? Something is not adding up here!!

  36. Someone has to school this boy on the law of the land. He is reading from a different script. He cannot lead a country with such rantings.

    1. well cde he will mark my words Zanu imbavha taneta 38yrs of suffering

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