Chamisa plots ED, Zec showdown

OPPOSITION MDC-T and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday said he would today confront President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba to demand answers after his party officials were allegedly barred from witnessing the printing of the ballot papers in Harare on Saturday.

By Simbarashe Sithole

Addressing a campaign rally at Mvurwi Stadium in Mazowe North constituency, Chamisa accused Zec of bending all electoral regulations to rig the elections in favour of Mnangagwa.

“If we do not agree on ballot papers, there will be no elections this year. I was told that our party members were not given time to witness the printing of papers, hence tomorrow (today), I am going to see Chigumba and Mnangagwa. If we do not agree on that, there will be no elections,” he said.

Mnangagwa is currently out of the country attending an African Union summit, which ends today in Mauritania.
The claims were also confirmed by MDC Senator David Coltart and MDC-T executive member Jameson Timba, who indicated that they were barred from entering the premises where the ballot papers were being printed.

Chamisa said he had also gathered reports that Zec had changed the format of the presidential ballot papers and placed him side-by-side with Mnangagwa, instead of following the alphabetical order which would have placed him on second position with the Zanu PF leader 15th on the candidates list.

Chamisa said the changes were meant to confuse some of the voters into voting for Mnangagwa. Ads

The youthful opposition presidential aspirant also disclosed that former Zanu PF strongman Robert Mugabe had endorsed his candidature.

“How can we lose an election to a disjointed ruling party? Mugabe pledged to vote for me. So if you do not vote for me, Mugabe will do so. Hence, if I happen to lose, I will know that it is you, not Mugabe, since I already have his vote,” he told the rally.

Chamisa also called on Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga to take a break from politics, saying the former military commander had failed to find his feet in the country’s fast-shifting political terrain.

“Chiwenga is a military man. He should relax and leave us the young people to govern the country. Recently, he said people of Zimbabwe should not worry about cash. Honestly, how can he say that cash is not important? Give me a chance in government and enjoy life,” Chamisa pleaded.

He took the opportunity to endorse MDC-T aspiring legislator Tulani Ndlovu ahead of MDC Alliance candidate Tinashe Muchenje.

“We know you had problems with your candidates here, but we have seen that Ndlovu is more popular and with him, we are assured of winning the seat. He stands a better chance against the incumbent MP Martin Dinha (Zanu PF),” he said.
Chamisa also blasted the government for failing to deliver and said stability was brought by the late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in the Government of National Unity (GNU), which he said was an “appetiser”.

“This government has failed. It was stabilised by the late Tsvangirai in the (GNU). At least we have something to prove to you that we can deliver. The so-called new dispensation under Mnangagwa is nothing, as they have brought nothing in seven months of power,” he said.

“There is nothing called new dispensation. Mugabe and Mnangagwa are the same. Ngwena (Mnangagwa) served Mugabe for 52 years, so what is new now? Do not be deceived these old people. He should just go and rest.”

He promised better health facilities, aiming a jibe at Zanu PF top officials who were airlifted to neighbouring South Africa for better medication after they were injured during a bomb explosion at Mnangagwa’s White City Stadium rally last week.

“If voted into office, our health sector will be super, not what we are witnessing from Zanu PF. (Some) people were airlifted to South Africa. Why South Africa yet we have hospitals here? Just because you are a top Zanu PF official you can go to South Africa, where there is medication. How about those at the periphery? How do they survive?” he queried.

Chamisa said corruption was a cancer in Zanu PF since most of its officials were buying houses and developing other countries at the expense of Zimbabwe.

“Zanu PF officials are so corrupt. You see them buying houses in foreign countries. Why do they want to invest in other countries? It is because of corruption. That should stop by voting them out.”


  1. Chamisa you were not around but galavanting in Israel and all parties were pictured witnessing this transparent process so please focus on convincing voters on why they should vote for you not to waste time on attention seeking strategies.

    1. dako rako


  2. pane angaitawo confusion yekuona chamisa sagarwe here???why are yu so pathetic nhaiwe nyangwe ndiri dofo rekupedzisira handingatadze kuzoita compare mdc to zanu pf….. ummmm wakunyanya manje chamisa its tooo much

  3. Come on @eliasha, did you expect Chamisa in person to be present or his officials? ED or even Mujuru etc were not there but represented. Please use your brains, if you have any, to think and not your bums. Crap and disgusting.

  4. Kkkkkk vana erisha ava vanombogara nyika ipiko vanongovomoka vakaroiwa ne zanu chakatyokera havachatomboone ,kunzwa kana kufemedza kuti zanu yonhuhwa ngairaswe.

  5. This Elishwa is a green bomber from border gezi. They used to kill innocent civilians if they support MDC.

  6. Farai Johnson Nhire

    So Nelson thought the alphabetic system would enhance his chances, not the freeness and fairness of the process. Him number 2 on the list and Ed number 15. If he disagrees with this, its either he is a fake advocate or he stupidly believes whoever gave them the names Chamisa and Mnangagwa new that the two would engage in a contest were Chamisa would be naturaly more popular than Ed.

  7. Kana wakaregedza kuenda kunoona mapepa achipirindiwa zvakavharana. Ende gara hako waziva kuti IWE Chamisa haumise sarudzo musi 30. We are now 28 days to go

    1. to go where – to HELL?

  8. If true surely ZEC knows better to put Mnangagwa in his rightful position according to the alphabet, what kind of broad daylight rigging is this

  9. Why does Chamisa always have something to complain about? Such a crybaby! I wouldn’t waste my vote on such.

  10. Abraham Abbie Ngulube

    Come July 30 u have my vote but im concerned about zanu wth all the stunts they keep pulling 4 mi there’s nothng i would hate than 2 see Zanu win the election

  11. The only way to prove your worthy is through ballot box, mind we have external accessors Pres Chamisa. Don’t loud, it makes you irregular.

  12. viruss vigoroso

    no mater how much you bark, the election will still continue and you will still lose. simple

  13. this is the last month before you are defeated, and you are still trying to plan to overthrow zec. shame

  14. this is the time to polish up your campaign and you are busy trying to push the wall. hhahhahahahahaha

  15. soon all these nightmares will be over mr chamisa. you will be back in gutu sitting with your grandmother of a wife

  16. the coming of ED is like an impending cyclone, you cannot stop ti nomater how hard you try

    1. kkkkkk u think any normal zimbabwean who cares for his future and children will vote for zanu pf you are mile s lost.just wait elections are around the corner

  17. isheanesu marima

    keep dreaming chamisa. elections wont wait for you

  18. A imi kani. Tawina kare MDC.

  19. sorry guys chamisa will emerge victorios diapite zanu tactics people want change kwete nhema for 38 years.imi chete pa social media ndimi munosupporter zanu against 5 million nyarai kutogwinyira nhema.

  20. shame you seem not to no kuti ZANU ndoiri mupower motonamira maposters kuita sekuti ndimi opposition gwenduruno zanu nemi kumba

  21. Chamisa, Mugabe factor is a turn off rather than a turn on in the opposition wing. Reprimanding his subjects and still aligning with him sounds contradictory. That said, its a big NO to a compromised electoral exercise.

  22. someone tell these cry babies to shut up and read the act vakatadza kupinda coz chamisa aituhwinha achitsvaga bag kumadonations because USA yakavharisa maNGO aivabira mari

  23. Wezhira Wezhara

    If you say in Zanu people are corrupt and buying houses, tell Zimbabweans where you got money to buy a house in Borrowdale if you are not corrupt? You never ran a tuckshop since birth and you have not practised law for more than two years. In fact you have not done any case at court as you are still under tutorship. I wonder how you were admitted to the Advocate Chambers.

    On top of that you did A level in Masvingo and failed. In the end you had to go to Poly while your peers went to University. How can a failure run a country

    1. Your pathetic logic is for fools. We had one of the “most educated” governments in the world but the sum of all their efforts was in reducing the potential and wealth of this country to zero. Education is a means to an end not end end in itself. Learning does not end – you only “finish” a course.

  24. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    Himdeee maiwee, ko wakamyemgera zundu kuti ukagara mundove wava mombe ndiani kovo. Wakatiparira munhu iyeye. Chamisa, you are just a confused toddler we will never allow to play with our hard won country. Eve if you win you will not rule. Do you think you are stronge than Mugabe. Do you think Mugabe and Grace do not want to rule. And then you. Tibvire kumhepo

    1. iwe unotopenga iwe hauna kukwana if he wins he will rule mark my words makajaidzwa EDiot is desperate kuti adiwe nemaInternational countries hapana zvamuchaita its not 2008 full imbwa yeZanu

  25. Let him do. Timboona kwaanosvika.Mupei tambo yakareba. We need to see his style of leadership.

  26. I am surprised that will still have stupid people who believe r`that Zanu pf can manage this country m ED had seven months to prove to us that he can do it but alas , he is now behaving like Mugabe , always on air are squandering tax payer’s money o hiring planes from abroad . God may you open the eyes of those would be Zanu Pf supporters to see the light and vote Chamisa for change . In the past 7 months of military coup , money has become more difficulty to access and fuel has been going up on weekly basis , can you imagine whats going to happen if these cowards are given a 5 year mandate to run this country .

  27. Quite interesting this or did i get it right; Chamisa telling the electorate that Mugabe endorsed him and will vote for him even if the electorate doesn’t kkkkkkkk my foot: this young man just opens his mouth and does not know what comes out of it. So the big question is what the hell was he doing in Mazowe telling the audience that it was of no value but Mugabe and his vote kkkkkkkk this makes me sick oh little dictator.

  28. Kkkkkk. Wake up Guy’s. The whole strategy is on printing ballot papers. They want to mix up with nikuv ballots.

  29. kid marongorongo

    kudenha kuti urohwe wozoti hamuna ground for free and fair elections dzikama ndo zvawakanoparidzirwa isiraire here zvemhirizhonga. enda unocampainer iwe. hauna zvekutaura kuvanhu nhema chete dzaunadzo.


  30. Zanu pf is a camp full of baboons masquarauding as black human beings.They can not see and read the inside outside world developments and the economic free fall they have invested in everyone’s life.What on earth are these black animals thinking of?

  31. exellent chamisa. u have got facts. zanupf is nothing right now. they promised air pies and sun crashes so why vote for them

    1. Yaaa unotopenga chete. ZANU PF never talked of those pies you are talking about. Asi chokwadi ndechekuti makapromiswa maAirports pamusha kkkkkkkkkk nemaspaghetti roads anofamba nemudenga kunosvika kuNyamapanda kkkkkkkkkk haaa and munotoitwa tundumurwa chaitwo naChanyiswa wenyu uyu. I heard mbiti saying chanyiswa apromiswa mabuses nemalorries emari kkkkkkkkkkk haaa yaaa shuwa shuwa munotombofungawo here vanhu imi ndokunyarirayi hangu

  32. we will vote for cde nelson chamisa .everyone loves him except one or two ngwena agents who are flooding negative comments on newsday under different pseudonyms thinking that they can woodwink us ,if ngwena gets 5% of the vote that will be pure rigging

    1. uchanyara hako ko handiti mazuva aswedera ED pfeeeeeeeeee

    2. kkkkkkkkkkk cde chanyiswa??? kamutengesi kakadaro kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  33. Francis Danha

    Don’t worry Chamisa the Doctor will get rid. Of Chigumba one on one .

  34. Comment…chisa chisa .ko why Zanu pf isirikuda kubuda pachena nemapaper ekuvhota aya.this is not free and fare.let us agree pachinhu one not kuda kutenderera


  36. Zanu pf, is a devils chamber, and a sinking vessel. Plz stay away or you will stink… Garwe hari vhotereki

  37. Even if you put 100billion investment into Zimbabwe today, there will be nothing to show for it. These guys love what they found in DRC!

    Kabila and his gov’t live nicely. They get fresh plane deliveries of groceries from Europe every month, live in some of the most exquisite mansions in the world. But you go everywhere in Kinshasa, Matonge, Lubumbashi, Mbuji Mayi, filth everywhere. Citizens survive on street market trading gotchi everywhere in unsanitary conditions.

    This is now common in Zimbabwe, imported to this country through Ooeration Sovereign Legitimacy! These are the ‘leaders’ you want-Zimbabwe?

  38. So we need change, Vote out the current Zanu pf and Bring back Mugabes Zanu?. Mhhhmmm intesting indeed. What a change!

  39. The youngest world leader to run for the highest office is the present president of France right now at 39 years of age.But zanu pf thugs and supporters are insisting that Chamisa is very young to lead zimbabwe. ED Mnangagwa old age at 76 years and Mugabe at 96 years,what developments have they achieved at their maturity stage in zimbabwe? 2000-farm invasions, 2005- business properties housing demolitions,2008 -300 people murdered, election riggings, refusing Tsvangirai to rule zimbabwe and 2013-2018 cashless zimbabwe.Zimbabweans,zanu pf is a club of useless black baboons.Down with ZANU PF forever.

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