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Chamisa insists on ballot paper testing


MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa yesterday remained adamant that they were not going into an election without testing the ballot papers.


Chamisa claimed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) officials told the MDC Alliance during a meeting yesterday that the electoral body received orders from President Emmerson Mnangagwa not to compromise on the issue of the contentious electoral reforms.

He made the remarks yesterday while addressing thousands of his party supporters at Vengere Stadium in Makoni Central constituency, where he claimed that Mnangagwa wanted to trap him by forcing him to go to the courts to challenge the issue of the contentious voters’ roll.

Mnangagwa has, of late, been challenging Chamisa to approach the courts if he had any issue over next Monday’s crunch polls.

“This is a historic moment and you are attending this rally in your thousands. Today, I was in a meeting and I sent our leaders our chairman Morgen Komichi, secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora and chief election agent Jameson Timba. We told them that we are not moving on our terms over the ballot papers,” he said.

“Zec responded by saying that Mnangagwa told them not to compromise over the matter. Zec told us that they are responding by sending ballot papers to their stations. What it means is that Zec is driving this country into instability. This means that both Zec and Zanu PF are bedfellows in destroying this country.”

Added the main opposition presidential candidate: “We told them we are approaching Sadc and say that we are deadlocked. But we are not going to boycott this election since we know that we won this election and it’s a delayed match.

“Mnangagwa told us that we should go to court. We are not fools. You want to trap us and people are the ultimate courts of this country.”

He dared Mnangagwa to come out clean and declare that his hands were clean.

Chamisa said heads would roll next week at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and Zimbabwe Newspapers for siding with Zanu PF, while denigrating opposition parties and leaders.

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  1. Chamisa akutobhowa, all political parties were given sample ballot papers to test a few days ago but he still wants to talk too much. Chamisa ane politics dzeku varsity dzekukonzeresa manje the truth is he might win or he might not win hameno but if he loses and causes chaos ne noise VARUME KUNOROHWA MUNHU KU ZIMBABWE. Chero imi machinja mukada kupinda tonaz muchiti tinovhara Harare kkkkkkkkk munomamiswa mega nehembe dzenyu tsvuku and hazvina zvavinochinja. Munoda kuramba muchi tester ballot paper kusvika rapera rese here? Tibvirei apa leader wenyu akadhakwa and zvaarikutaura achakwadzisa ma suppoters ake varohwa magaro iwayo kkkkk

    • which sample ballot papers are u talking about? u seem to be benefitting from this cruel regime. why are they refusing random sampling? why are they refusing to provide an electronic and verifiable voters roll? we need objective analysis of behaviour and character here not just commenting for the sake of commenting. do justice to ths country. ppl are suffering and u are busy supporting these dictators.

      • Primary elections in Both parties were compromised, with some candidates found with their own printed ballot papers. Is that situation we want to find ourselves in, in a national election? ZEC are absolute spot on in safe guarding the integrity of the ballot paper.

        “Mnangagwa told us that we should go to court. We are not fools. You want to trap us and people are the ultimate courts of this country.” This coming from a lawyer who wants to rule the country, will he observe the rule of law if he wins? another Bob in the making

    • nhayiwe caruton wadyeiko usiku wafunga kurutsa mangwanani ngwanani asi uri mwana wemuroriyi asinga faririri kugarika kweruzhingi.tsek mhan

    • musoro wakazara madhaka kufara nekutambura kwevanhu shuwa vana mai varikukuvara nechando pamabank hauna tsitsi to support dubious ple

    • Zvawakapata nhaiwe kana sample yavapihwa iroyo sample yemaballot papers arikushandiswa why varikuramba kut maballot papers acho atestwe batch by batch .Hausi kuona kt pane chitsotsi ipapa .Vakapa maparties masample ari bhoo but ballot richashanda ndoiroriya richadzima X yako pachipuda yaMnangagwa .

  2. With some people still failing to see and deal with the electoral challenges, it is inconceivable therefore that the same people can see and deal with the more complex strategy by the West to recolonize and exploit Zimbabwe at the expense of future generations. Africans need to open their eyes and wake up from this deep slumber in naivety. Colonialists called Africa the dark continent, now the light is shining. Keep eyes open!!

    • It’s ZANU PF that has colonized Zimbabwe. They grab land only to greedily distribute it among themselves with Mugabe getting 21 farms for himself. Chiwenga recently grabbed an ARDA farm for his wife. Chiwenga’s wife secured a lucrative govt travelling tender a few months after grabbing power from Uncle Bob. ED is now parading well known international con men as investors in the mining sector. ZEC is packed with ZANU PF girlfrinds and securocrats to steal the vote!

  3. nelson chamisa you are the true president of this country even mnangarwa is aware of that.stand firm on the issue of ballot testing and their upkeep.do not move an inch .we have compromised a lot .I BEG YOU PLIZ DO NOT ENTER THIS ELECTION if those demands are not met rega yakadero ngwena hakuna kwainosvika.we have lost everything we have nothing more to lose but zanuoids fear they will lose their ill gotten wealth

  4. Chero mukatuka HAZVICHINJE zvinongoperera pama comments iwaya. Hapana ballot paper richaburitswa and hakuna Zimbabwe yamunoita shut down. Mukada kuzviedza KUNOROHWA MUNHU…your demands are now unreasonable. #HAZVICHINJE

  5. Chamisa is the next president of Zimbabwe one way or the other, no matter how cruel Pharaoh is (Zanupf) he cant stop the children from possessing the promised land

  6. Mnangagwa is evil for trying to steal 2018 election from Chamisa. ED Respect Zimbabweans’ voices. Evil will not prevail over good, be warned.

  7. The bomb blast in Bulawayo was in actual fact a warning from the heavens that ED should let the children go otherwise he will face dire consequences kkkkk

  8. In this age of science and technology, a lot of crimes including murder and causes of fatal accidents have been solved and identified through well administered procedures. In the case of murder the main procedure normally adopted is post-mortem where the dead person is subjected to thorough examination, body tissues and materials found at the crime scene are sent to pathology forensic laboratories for analysis. An election is an event whose outcome can also be subjected to post-mortem, forensic and fault diagnosis procedures. In the case of aeroplane crashes, the BLACK BOX which records the messages to and from the pilot and signals is retrieved and analysed. In most cases the causes of the plane crash is identified. In the case of genuine accidents or system failures the same procedures still apply in addition to the use of FAULT DIAGNOSIS procedures.

  9. This time around we are proactive, not reactive after the elections. We are not going to allow our future to go in shambles. We are not going to allow you to steal our votes. Your tenure of power that your grabbed from Mugabe is going to end come next week. No more to Junta government, enough is enough. Chamisa Chete Chete, Famba Nero Famba. All your dirty deals are on book and you deserve to be behind bars. We are saying Noo to evil government mbavha, mhondi dzevanhu. Zanu u a heartless kuda kuguta mega this time takajamuka Chauya Chauya.

  10. Monday 30 July 2018, ED Pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, for economic boom

  11. There is no provision in the constitution yekuti opposition iite random sampling and testing of ballot papers. Zwimwe zvauri kuda mupfanha wangu zvakadhakwa. Concentrate on drumming up support. Sadc and i say no to unreasonable demands

  12. People please open your eyes.Vote for your future,at your tender ages you need a good future .Please i beg all of you my fellow Zimbabweans vote for the future of your children .If you are a sensible man or woman you will vote for the right person.Let peace prevail and please continue praying for a free and FAIR election.

  13. If there is provision in the constitution to take samples of the ballot paper to those who want it should be done. But if the constitution doesn’t have that provision Zrc should carry on

  14. Kana uchibvuma kuti MDC yaingohwina kubva 2008, wakaisvopusa. Ndosaka uchifunga without any evidence kuti Chamisa anohwinha. What makes you make that conclusion? Kungovukura! ED pfeeeeeee

  15. Zanupf is a party that is painfully locked in the past, nothing new can ever come from these stone age men, Chamisa chete chete for a brighter future

  16. musoro wakazara madhaka kufara nekutambura kwevanhu shuwa vana mai varikukuvara nechando pamabank hauna tsitsi to support dubious ple

  17. Zimbabwe is a democratic country inombumira kuti munhu anovhotera President vane vision yaanoona. inini ndakatoona zvangu kuti tabuda mu Egypt now tananga mu Canaan tichitungamirirwa navaMnangagwa saka ndinoramba ndichiva vhotera

  18. Comment…Mnangagwa will be jobless come monday anenge aakuswera achitamba tsoro nemarovha achaziva kuti paakauraya vanhu aiuraya nyika

  19. Those with a sixth sense can see that Chamisa WILL NOT be next president of Zimbabwe just like his predecessor Tsvangirai. His approach to Zimbabwean politics has many flaws and he fails to touch the right cords. Those who support him usually also fail to see this and will always react angrily to comments like this one. Chamisa does not have advisers and support from the right quarters and personally I see chaos in a government presided by his party. It is not automatic that if Chamisa becomes president then the economy will become functional and highly productive. Much still needs to be done concerning Chamisa and his political organisation. 30 July 2018 will see ED becoming substantive President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

  20. I have said this before, i want to say it again now and i will say it in the future, Nelson has no intention of taking part in the elections and masuporters murikuitiswa kubvira kare. Mnangagwa has a lot of support and Chamisa knows very well he cannot win. Mind you, Zimbabwe is not Harare and Harare is not Zimbabwe. The huge gatherings you see at Ed’s rallies surely translate into votes.

  21. We are fed-up with ZANU. I tell you people are now ready for another war.Its a pity though.We cant go on like this.NO

  22. “Zec responded by saying that Mnangagwa told them not to compromise over the matter.” Would Zec say that openly? When is Nero going to stop lying? And when are his blind followers going to stop cheering such stupid lies?

  23. Chamisa akafanana Na Tsvangirai hapana chinozikanwa after 2 days muchanzwa akuti if I win Zimbabweans will import used Xjapaneese cars free duty and hapashaikwe vonoti hee anevision kkkk kkkk he forgets that bullet trains and spaghetti roads result from over population. We don’t need that because we are not overcrowded we are not landless like Japan. Childish Duzvi.

  24. Vamwe avo varikuti vanoda hondo vanoirwa varikupiko? Kana madhakwa nemusombodhiya vakoma endai munorara muzorore. You think a war is like a soccer match where a ref halts the match ocasionaly to allow those who have fallen to have time to recover and carry on with the match? Hakusi kubasaka kwamunochaisa modzokera kumba ne kombi kumudzimai nevana! You need to think carefully before you suggest that kind of rubish. Ngaazvitange Chamisa wenyu kana achifunga kuti Zimbabwe i student representative council. Hakuzi kuUZ kwavaiitira weti mumafiriji.

  25. All these instructions you are receiving from Grace and h Bob will not get you anyway what you need to know is that the majority of youngsters who are flocking to your rallies are not registered voters and its very sad

  26. all these eRISHA you will find kuti musi wa3 zanu haidiwi nhai.toda kukusvuvurai zvekuti chiwenga achataura ega kuti tadyiwa gwendo runo zvakatonyanya muchademba tsvangi wamaibira.watch space erisha apedzwa kuvotwa na 7 onamirwa pamapolling station uchanzwa huwi hoziva kuti tauya

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