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Chamisa, ED in panic mode


WITH time fast running out ahead of Monday’s general elections, opposition MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has reportedly pressed the panic button amid fears that the Sadc Troika may not find time to convene an urgent meeting to resolve his poll demands.


This comes as President Emmerson Mnangagwa today meets with the party’s notorious “Green Bombers”, infamous for the orgy of violence that characterised previous elections during former President Robert Mugabe’s era.

The youthful opposition leader, who had initially requested that Sadc convene an extra-ordinary summit over the “Zimbabwe crisis”, last week had to change tact and request a troika meeting before the elections.

The MDC Alliance leader has in the last few days narrowed down his demands to two key issues – security and chemical composition of the ballot paper.

Chamisa’s election-rigging fears escalated yesterday following reports that his rival, Mnangagwa would today meet the ruling party’s dreaded storm-troopers – National Youth Service graduates – popularly known as the Green Bombers, to scale up Zanu PF’s election campaign.

The opposition leader’s spokesperson, Nkululeko Sibanda, confirmed to NewsDay that the delay by Sadc was causing them sleepless nights.

“We have communication from Sadc to the effect that they received our letter requesting that the Troika meet to consider the crisis in Zimbabwe. This is a very urgent matter to us and we don’t have much time. We are now waiting for official communication on Sadc’s decision,” he said.

Asked if Chamisa had given Sadc a timeframe within which to convene the meeting, Sibanda said his principal did not, but might be forced to consider that option considering the little time left before the polls.

“No. We did not give them (Sadc) any timeframe, but we are running out of time. The president (Chamisa) has not made an indication as yet, but he will consider whether to write again. This depends on whether Sadc acts or not,” he said.

The current Sadc Troika is made up of Angola, Zambia and Malawi, with South Africa as the regional bloc’s overall chairperson.

South African Department of International Relations and Co-operation spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya last week confirmed that the Sadc chairperson, President Cyril Ramaphosa, had received Chamisa’s complaint letter.

Mabaya was not available for comment yesterday as reports emerged that Angola’s Foreign minister Manuel Domingos Augusto had landed in Harare, probably on the same mission.

“Domingos is in Harare. Remember he is Sadc Troika chairperson of the Council of Ministers. There is a possibility he could meet Chamisa,” a source close to the opposition leader said.

But Chamisa’s spokesperson could not be drawn into discussing the Angolan’s visit. “Yes, we have heard he is in Harare, but we do not want to mix or cloud issues. Our position remains the same, Sadc is yet to directly respond to our request and that is what we are waiting for,” Sibanda said.

Contacted for comment, Foreign Affairs secretary Joey Bimha, said: “He (Augusto) is chairperson of the Troika Council of Ministers and normally, a person in that position chairs Sadc’s observer mission to any country that is having elections. I am not sure if he is in the country because I was away, but it would not be surprising.”

Asked if the regional body had communicated with government on Chamisa’s demands, Bimha said: “We do not have any such communication. In any case, it is the chairperson of the troika who decides if there is need to meet on a particular subject. They do not meet at the whim of anyone who writes to them.”

Chamisa at the weekend reportedly told supporters that Sadc “understands our position” and his party’s grievances.
MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube yesterday sounded the alarm bells, accusing Mnangagwa of seeking to re-ignite fear in the electorate.

“There is always a reason to be fearful where Zanu PF begins to meet with institutions or groups that have been used in the past for coercion and intimidation.

“If, indeed, this was a new dispensation, Mnangagwa would understand the relationship between the electorate and these national youth service graduates is tenuous. There was no need to bring them back into the election matrix. It sends the wrong message,” he said.

Ncube challenged Mnangagwa to dismantle the National Youth Service programme, in line with his pledge to depart from the country’s dark past.

“If anything, the President must have moved to dismantle that whole group. These youths were used as Zanu PF storm troopers and activating them a week before elections should be a cause for concern,” the former Industry minister said.

MDC-T presidential candidate Thokozani Khupe’s deputy, Obert Gutu, concurred, arguing Mnangagwa’s meeting with the “terror group” was meant to instil fear in the electorate.

“It’s not a coincidence that Mnangagwa is meeting this terror group on the eve of an election. It is meant to invoke sordid memories of the Green Bombers’ activities, especially in 2008. Mnangagwa’s meeting with this Zanu PF hit squad is meant to ignite fear and remind the populace of its existence,” Gutu said.

But political analyst Sitembile Mpofu said Mnangagwa would have scored an “own goal” if he resorts to violence.

“I think Zanu PF has learnt better than anyone else that violence does not win you friends at home or beyond, hence, the President’s emphasis on his party and government’s commitment to peace,” Mpofu said.

“Mnangagwa must convince Zimbabweans and the international community that his message as the new leader of his party is different. The opposition has little to fear because any violence instigated by Zanu PF would derail Mnangagwa’s quest for legitimacy.”

Coalition of Democrats (Code) presidential candidate, Elton Mangoma, said Mnangagwa’s meeting with the group would be an endorsement of its dark activities.

“Obviously, there is cause for alarm if perpetrators of violence get this kind of treatment from the top. We had asked for peace pledges from the army, police, intelligence and the militia. Without that, they are playing a double game,” Mangoma said.

The infamous National Youth Service graduates were accused of setting up torture bases during the bloody 2008 presidential run-off election, which reportedly claimed the lives of over 300 MDC-T activists.

This forced then MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to pull out of the presidential race, citing persecution of his supporters, leaving Mugabe as the sole candidate although his victory was roundly condemned by the international community.

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  1. I thought this publication has always said the 2008 tortures were carried out by the army. Why don’t we wait to hear what he tells the Green Bombers what if he wants to tell them that we now want peace in the country they must move away from their dark past. How come no one is telling Chamisa to disband the Vanguard. Was the Vanguard’s campaign peaceful. ZANU PF is no longer a violent party relax guys and enjoy the peace.

  2. Chamisa should relax now & concentrate on fasting & prayer, no one can ever rig the will of God almighty

    • Under the late Tsvangirai, the MDC’s failings, all the way from 2002, included: not having an effective plan B for the rigging, looking to SADC/AU to fight our battles for us, and expecting our judges to rule fearlessly on appeal e.g. enough to nullify results like Kenya’s courts amazingly did last year. This year, the MDC has re-focused on mobilizing and energizing the people to action, and this is where the final solution will lie.

  3. Which crisis in Zimbabwe does the mdc alliance see which we don’t? The sadc guys cannot respond to a crisis which does not exist. Maybe Chamisa knows something which we do not which has to do with his plans he promised his supporters to disturb the electroral process and he suspects Ed to have detected the plan and is preparing to counter him. In that case, he needs to be reminded that international law which protects politicians does not cover rebels. My young brother needs to learn from Syria.

  4. ZANU PF is now in a panick mode(Election fever). Chamisa move on with mobilising the electorate and giving pressure to ZEC demanding free, fair and credible elections. SADC, AU and EU should be pressurised to intervene.

  5. Sincerity and honesty are key factors for any government or institution to achieve sustainable development. Any initiatives centred on “SELF” can only achieve short-term goals at the expense of the human race.

  6. Misleading Headline,Mnangagwa is not in any panic mood,Chamisa is the one in a panic mood.Mnangagwa is meeting the NYS coz they constitute the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow whom he Mnangagwa is grooming.Chamisa thinks he represents the youths but thats a fallacy.NYS churns out peace loving citizens and this was proved in 2005.Anyway kutya chati kwatara hunge ine chaturike.Chamisa has been advocating for violence and acting like a bitter divorced husband-too emotional poetic fury and historical outburst

  7. What a misleading headline indeed. Chamisa is the one who is panicking because SADC has not responded to his unreasonable demand that they convene a troika. Where in your story is it demonstrated that ED is in panic mode? Addressing the National Youth Graduates who are also part of the electorate is not panicking. He will also address children of war vets, war collaborators etc but that is not an offence. The MDC will never win an election as long as they have part of an electorate they call names.

  8. EDiot is panicking!!! Meeting the dreaded Green Killers is instilling fear in the electorate and that to any sensible person is PANIC!!

    • There is VanGuard in MDC there is NYS in Zanu Pf. Handei tione. abaiwe ngaacheme kana kubuda!!!!!1 Ichooooooo. Relax guys we have a peace loving president pachigaro chamambo.

  9. zanu tinohwina tisina kutsanya takatoguta tichiti pfeeeeeeeeeeeeee kutsanya cz of elections kkkkkkk daiwakabcira kare iwe CHAMITISWA

  10. It is not time to press the panic button. Days are swallowing each other and with the few days left I don’t see Chamisa’s request working out. He (Chamisa) had all the time why rushing on the last hour? I don’t have hard feelings with Chamisa but my fear is on time left to run the much awaited elections. This is my opinion.

  11. There is no need to summon the whole terror squad. Chero vari kwavari aingovaudza through a public pronouncement. Mugabe aitaura zvimwe but behind our backs aichiudza team kuti rovai vanhu. Ipapa fear yedu ndeye kuti pamberi pevanhu achavaudza zvakasiyana nezvavachataura behind closed doors. Why summon the whole lot? It raises questions.

  12. Zimbabweans we are used to suffering, corruption, kutonyora, kuromba, kuenda kumasowe, kuba, humbavha, i dont know why we cant all embrace change. you need change so that you can also change. may God bless Zimbabwe

    • Shamwari iwe hauna wako akaurawa ne vanhu avo saka uchitaura dongo rakadai dai zvakaitika kwenyu ndopawaiona kuti vanhu ava vakaipa regai tione zvichakuwirao

    • Even if ED wins he cant normalise at least cash criss in this country from November til today you are buying cash from street what fairer from him nhamo newe haisiyane

  13. Fariai J Ndire you are dead and buried how come you say thy is no criss in this country while no money in the banks,food prices is going up dairy,queres on fuel pumps,un implyment rate is too high my friend think before you talk.Chamisa is demanding free and fair ko kana muchiti munodiwa na vanhu itai zvose zvinodiwa ano winner o winner zvino kana muchirambira zvoreva kuti hapana free and fair zvino kutonga kwacho kuripi zvinhu zvichioma since from November hapana chashanduka apa remember from 2009 to 2013 M R Tsvangirai was a prime minister takararama zvakanaka kungobva kwake chete zvarwadza.Open up your eyes guyz

  14. Comment…ko kuZanu mungagotsanyei imi muri vashandiri vasatan kwenyu kwaSatan kunotsanywa here munoguta nezvekuba,kuponda ndoozvenyu hamuzivi kuti kunaMwari uye hamumutye.We can’t forget Gukurahundi.Maborder Gezi ndeeyi zviri paConstitution here kuti party inoita imwe uniformed force yayo beside mapurisa neArmy venyika.We can’t forget Mnangagwa’s cruelty leadership but One day God will rule in righeousness and rescues us from this satanic bondage.

  15. Ever Green unemaoneroo ako, it is your constitutional right to express your views. But i encourage you to look at my view with its full context. The issue under discussion when i gave my remarks was about a specific crisis which demands the intervention of SADC gurus. We have a cash crisis but how would sadc heads of state help to solve that one for us? The provision of elections could easily help to solve such a crisis since the leader in position would work hard knowing that he has copetitors who could overtake him. So lets avoid all forms of subotage and go and vote for the one who will solve those problems for us. Rebelion has no clause in the united nations charter which suports it and those who chose to take that unconstitutinal methods risk loosing their lives in a terible maner. Don’t forget the fate of Jonas Savimbi of Angola and General Farrah Idid of Somalia.

  16. Kuna Bla Jedza, maverengere andakaita bhaibheri anoratidza kuti vashandiri vasatani vanotsanyao. Iyo yavao homework yako kuona kuti vaya vakati vaisazodya kana kunwa kusvikira vauraya mushumiri wamwari Pauro vaiva vashumiri vamwari ainamatwa naPauro vo here. Mabasa Avapositori 23 Verse 12 Kusvika Pa Verse15. ACTS.

  17. Musoni, who is of old age ED mnangagwa @76 years and Chamisa @ 40 years? The French president who was at 39 years became the youngest world president,can you call him at stone age oplitician? Ndo saka tichirwa nezanu pf nekuti zvakanaka chaizvo haina.Tinosvikepi tichishungurudzana asi tichiziva kuti hushe madzoro? Seiko vanhu veZanu pf makasvipa pfungwa,ganda nemoyo?

  18. Comment… President ED Mnangagwa is making an effort to unite the people in preparation for election.

    During his first days as new President, he organized the popular musangano kuma sero.

    We had Zanu PF PRIMARY ELECTIONS. The President succeeded in uniting losing and winning candidates in the process. He did this through the call for a four day workshop where members had the opportunity to speak their minds openly leading to value consensus. The chitepo school of ideology is a leading provider of knowledge about our country.

    The President met with the Whites. The main thrust of his mission is to unite and vote in peace.

    besides,all this the President has so far met both local and international groups. The point is that he is connecting Zimbabwe to business.

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