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Chamisa dumps Maridadi


MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday endorsed James Chidhakwa as the parliamentary candidate for the Mabvuku constituency in the impending July 30 elections.


Addressing MDC Alliance supporters in the constituency, Chamisa said only candidates chosen through proper processes such as primary elections should be voted for.

“I heard that we have a problem in Mabvuku in the area of the MP. I had a discussion with the chairperson recently in which I said the person who was voted for during the primaries is the candidate of the party. In the party, we do not want people who are not disciplined,” he said.

“I told (incumbent MP James) Maridadi to go and remove his name at Zec due to circumstances that had taken place in the party, but he did not obey. I realised that he is being mischievous when he was putting up posters for campaigning. It’s up to you Mabvuku, but the person we should rally behind as MDC Alliance is James Chidhakwa. The one chosen by the people is the one we should support.”

The Mabvuku constituency had become home to Maridadi who apparently was not pleased with the way things turned out in the primaries, which left him with no constituency after giving way to Chidhakwa, who has of late become popular with the people of Mabvuku.

Chidhakwa, however, said he was not concerned with what Maridadi was doing as he was focusing on winning the elections.

Prior to the rally, there was a confrontation between Zanu PF and MDC Alliance youths as the latter reportedly wanted to block the rally, but the police quickly moved in to calm the situation.

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  1. Well done President Chamisa. The handiendi syndrome should be a thing of the past and should never be tolerated. Adyiwa adyiwa nga ande. Jessie should be next. Give new ideas a chance.

  2. Comment…They divide the vote and then scream that elections were rigged and that Maridadi is a zanu-pf agent

  3. chidakwa is the legitimate candidate for MDC alliance period.Thank you President Chamisa for clarifying and bring sanity to mabvuku tafara,Maridadi should be ashamed of himself

    • You are stupid and i believe you do not have children who read news on computers. how can you use such backward foolish language on social media it simply shows the kind of minds you have. Truly hapana zvaungaitawo coz 10+4=40 ndizvo zvamuri. MDC yakabata madhorobha nemataundi wotoshaya kuti vanhu ve zanu vakaita sei.

  4. 2 posts at exactly the same time and date but different names…..any logical person will see through the fallacy. Why would one support a 40 year old experiment that has gone haywire? Perhaps if they are lazy villagers who depend on handouts from Zanu PF.

  5. Politics is not fair vakomana. Nekumira mira kwaiita Maridadi mu parliament achitukana nema minister wozongosvipwa kudaro. Wenge uchanoti sorry kumunhu wese wawakatuka. Eish !

  6. Division of votes imminent, giving the regime a green light to snatch the seat. Why firing munhu wemakakati a regite kumirira constituency ye Mabvuku pa 11th hr.

  7. with the input of that guy in parly i believe chamisa feels threatened because like mugabe he doesnt want powerful people close to him.

  8. i feel pity for Maridhadi he seem to be a good person and i wish ZANU PF should accommodate this prodigal son. Synonynous with mabvuku-tafara constituency, its a pity. Chamisa has an iron fist he is there to destroy MDC i tell you. all MDC heavy weights have been fire so that he is left with weaker people who don’t argue, Khupe, Gutu, majome, masarira just to mention but a few. MDC is finished. ED Pfeeee

    • ko kana munhu adyiwa pamaprimaries moda kuti arambe ari candidate sey .Maridadi akadyiwa pamaprimary zve

  9. thank u president chamisa maridadi bvunza timothy mubhawu kana ed kuti kwekwe yakati kudi bvunza mugabe 2008 auya patafara high musi wevote anhu vakumuudza zvinemutsindo even rerun 2013 uri chapupu chacho saka maradadi wainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana fambai gwara rimwe

  10. Comment…,Wamba is a Zanu project planted to destroy the party from within. Watch and see how he is destroying Tsvangirai lagacy. He is a “schoolboy” indeed.A schoolboy can hardly hold such a big movement intact the way Mogidza deed.In Chitungwiza MDC alliance will hardly get a seat there cz of Chamisa and his corrupt Komichi who imposed candidates in exchange of money. The pple of Zimbabwe will not support you when you complain of vote rigging. Mazvirigga mega. To hell!!!

  11. Chamisa is to MDC what Grace was to ZANU(of); chipfukuto. Kuuya kudestroyer. The results of this election will show the extent of his destruction of the MDC. If you think the MDC is stronger under Chamisa than it was Morgan Tsvangirai then you are a dam idiot. He is dumping original MDC members for his friends at school & girlfriends. sorry mudhara Musoni paGutu apo, sorry Jessie, sorry Thokozani, sorry Gutu, sorry James , sorry MDc . ED pfeeeee

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