Chamisa donates heifers to violence victims’ widows

MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa, at the weekend donated a heifer each to four Bikita widows, whose husbands were killed by suspected Zanu PF activists in the bloody 2008 presidential election run-off.


MDC-T Bikita East district chairperson, Taona Chemhaka, confirmed the development yesterday, saying the donations were meant to economically empower the widows after they lost their husbands to the opposition’s cause.

“Yesterday (on Sunday), president Chamisa visited the families of victims of political violence for the unveiling of their tombstones,” he said.

“The president donated a heifer each to the four widows of past political violence so that they can be able to sustain their families after losing their husbands to Zanu PF supporters in politically-motivated violence in 2008.”

Chamisa handed over the beasts before addressing a campaign rally at Chigumisirwa business centre, where he pledged to continue piling pressure for electoral reforms ahead of the polls.

Chigumisirwa was one of the areas hard hit by Zanu PF’s 2008 terror campaign as former President Robert Mugabe sought to overturn a first round poll defeat to the late MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

About 300 MDC-T supporters were reportedly killed, while thousands were displaced in State-sponsored violence, according to human rights groups.

Transform Zimbabwe and MDC Alliance co-principal Jacob Ngarivhume said Chigumisirwa bore the brunt of Zanu PF’s bloody campaign which marked the darkest moment in the history of the country’s fight for democracy.

“These are truly sad stories and what is even more disheartening is how up to now no action has been taken against the perpetrators of such violence by this evil regime. All they say is let bygones be bygones. The journey of change in Zimbabwe has indeed been a long one and we salute the great sacrifices that countless people have made in this journey for transformation,” he said.

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  1. This shows that the MDC has now matured remembering the victims of political violance and giving support to their families shows they represent the people time has come for us to be heard!

  2. May their soul rest in peace. It should be ED donated as he is the organise of that victim

  3. yaaa vote these chamisa guys in for they know how to treat people kwtw zvanamnangagwa izvi

  4. kid marongorongo

    where were you all along, thats vote buying and you think you can win votes in such a silly manner like that. young man stop that nonsense and try better tricks. ED has done that not to selected species but to every needy citizen. ED has my vote.

  5. @kid ur vote doesnt give a win chati kwatara hunge uine katurikwa

  6. kana zanu ikapa vayo,hehe vote buying,hehe tax payers money ,saka iyo i tax yaani.Munoda murimi muchiombererwa


    Comment…that’s true ur doin a gud thing our president…..

  8. I support mdc hangu but this is bulshit and abuse of these widows. Where was he and the party all these years, why now, and why making it public?

  9. thus great president

  10. Great Zimbabwe

    When Chamisa waits for ten years to donate headers to widows of victims of election violence, it ceases to be a benovelent act. The article says these widows lost their husbands in 2008. Now we are in 2018, and it’s a mere two weeks before the polls. This is clear opportunism and vote buying. Chamisa is frantic now, and he is trying all means including unorthodox ones to get into state house. Fortunately, some peoole can see through this disingenuous gesture.

  11. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    Rasy you dont support MDC . You are a bloody green bomber. Just shut your mouth.

  12. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    Dont call your self Great Zimbabwe you donkey

  13. The widows should get the heiffers and vote ED… Why would you come go condole with me after 10 years if it’s not for the vote ?

  14. Jeppy led a group in 2018 but today chamisa says bikita must vote for him. …confusion

  15. Chamisadololo

    Heiffers will not make up for the lack of political structures by MDC Alliance. This party is not yet ready to govern. Great Zimbabwe, you are quite right. Vote buying by MDC Alliance!!If it was Zanu pf making these “donations,” you would have seen how MDC zealots would cry foul!!

  16. Name one victim of ZanuPf’s crimes from Gukurahundi to 2008 violance that was ever paid let alone as little as given an appology from any member of ZanuPf all you preach is unity and peace when it suits but never at once have you appologised for anything even for the failed economy Mugabe just came up and said ”we lost 15billion ” he never even appologised for the people that where killed for the diamonds people where forcefully evicted from their homes to ARDA resettlement their houses where never built until now in Mazoe Grace chased away people like dogs burnt and bull dozed their homes they never got a chance to pack their belongings I can name a lot of cases but we all know its a waste of time ZanuPf people are the children of Lucifer heartless and cold blooded snakes direct decendents of the devil at least Chamisa is being appologatic by saying sorry to me heiffer or not even after 100years if at least one person remembers you in their hearts you are never forgotten may all the victims of ZanuPf known and unknown rest in piece justice shall prevail

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