Chamisa declares polls stalemate

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa (pictured) yesterday disclosed that he had triggered a regional diplomatic offensive to pressure Sadc to convene an urgent extra-ordinary summit on “the Zimbabwean crisis”, particularly on issues around transparency in the printing of the ballot paper and voters’ roll.


Chamisa told journalists that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba’s “intransigence” over the printing of the ballot paper and voters’ roll had forced the opposition to seek regional intervention as the election date was fast drawing closer.

“We had noted 10 demands and scaled this down to two minimum flash points or red line issues, including the voters’ roll and the ballot. These are crucial that we will not negotiate. Chigumba has said these issues are water under the bridge, but she is mistaken if she thinks these issues will go away,” Chamisa said.

“We will not take anything lying (down). We will not accept a ballot paper that is not to our satisfaction. If we are to agree to an election, we must have a ballot paper printed according to the law.

“This is the dispute, we have a stalemate and we have a crisis. We cannot have an election when we don’t know where the ballot paper is, who has printed it and its quality. I have no evidence that the ballot paper was printed in Zimbabwe. That makes it a very serious matter.”

High-level sources within the MDC Alliance also revealed that Chamisa’s team had met various “key embassies” representing regional countries and written to Sadc chairperson, South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa, who acknowledged receipt. Ads

“Initially, we wanted to send out envoys, but the situation deteriorated so quickly, especially after the Bulawayo incident (police postal voting fiasco) to the point where we now want direct diplomacy,” NewsDay heard.

Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Khusela Diko could not be reached for comment yesterday and had not responded to questions e-mailed to him by the time of going to print last night.

While Zec insists it has acted within the confines of the law and has no legal obligation to allow political parties access to the ballot printing, Chamisa argued the Constitution allowed for candidates to have “reasonable access” to voter material and information, including the ballot.

“If I don’t have access to processes on the ballot paper printing, then I have been denied my constitutional rights. That must be respected,” he said.

The 40-year-old opposition leader said besides the Sadc approach, he would continue engaging Zec, other political parties as well as convening a nationwide consultative process to resolve the impasse.

The opposition, Chamisa said, was also consulting stakeholders across the country to find a solution to what he called “the crisis.”

Chamisa said he had dedicated this week to dealing with the electoral conundrum.

“We are utilising this week for that process, hoping there will be an understanding, particularly on the ballot paper. We will not boycott this election. We are going to use our constitutional rights to make sure any negated or perforated process will not take place,” he said.

The opposition leader dismissed claims that he was sending mixed signals to his supporters.

“Our people are clear and they are with us. We don’t want to educate our people on cheating and deception,” he said.

But Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said Zanu PF was not bothered by Chamisa’s antics.

“It is not our responsibility to direct Chamisa on who to write letters or send envoys to. He can write to anyone, including hell for all we care. It is also not our responsibility to teach Chamisa words to describe our electoral processes. He can describe them whichever way he feels, we can’t teach him English,” he said.

Harare lawyer and political analyst Sitembile Mpofu said while Chamisa had a right to appeal to anyone, local or international, Zimbabwe needed a chance to move forward after decades of political impasse.

“It is within the rights of any political party to make an appeal to whichever body they feel may help them find remedy for their grievances. However, Zimbabwe must be given an opportunity to move forward as a nation. The country has been held hostage by politics and politicians for more than two decades.

“Political parties contesting this election must be able to see beyond their bid for power and put the plight of the Zimbabwean people first,” Mpofu said.

Another analyst Maxwell Saungweme agreed with Chamisa that indeed Zimbabwe was in the throes of a deep crisis.

“We do have a very big crisis if the MDC Alliance has evidence about the alleged rigging machinations. Chamisa has indeed rattled Zanu PF. If Chamisa and Zimbabweans can do the demonstrations they are promising in a sustained manner, then the Crocodile (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) has no option, but to oblige,” he said.

“So the diplomatic onslaught from Chamisa is meant to pile pressure on Mnangagwa to bow down and negotiate.

“Sadly, this will lead to a negotiated government of national unity while we go back to the drawing board to put tangible electoral reforms as the reforms the MDC wants need more time and can’t be done overnight,” Saungweme said.

But University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Lawrence Mhandara accused Chamisa of creating a “crisis where there is none”.

“Crisis, no. I do not think we have a crisis, but one deeply-bound within the MDC Alliance and its leader (Chamisa) that Zec is pro-Zanu PF, has failed and cannot be trusted to deliver a free, fair and credible poll. I think it is not widespread within the opposition given pronouncements from other parties, including The MDC-T (led by Thokozani Khupe) indicating Zec is doing a good job,” he said.

“The idea of approaching Sadc implies that the MDC Alliance has exhausted internal remedies which I don’t think they have. The Constitution and the Electoral Act provide for mechanisms for dispute resolution and I think this move is unstrategic given the general opinion that the electoral environment in Zimbabwe has significantly changed for the better.”


  1. Too much noise. I now agree that maturity really counts. The Alliance is in dire need of sober,mature and sound advice.

    1. No No elections can not be rigged, we can not afford to go for the next five years like this. Enough is enough .The Alliance is right in whatever they are doing.


        we need our country to go forward…we want leaders who want to have the country moved ahead ..all we want is to have poverty down, to have jobs, better incomes, no matter who wins . but if yu act against this, like chamisa is doing, you become a public enemy.thus, going out to tarnish the electroral process,,knowing that the investors have their eyes on the elections….GRIEVANCES SHOULD BE DEALT WITH DOMESTICALLY ,PEACEFULLY AND DIPLOMATICALLY…ESP. WITH OUR SITUATION IN ZIMBABWE.

    2. unopenga iwe its your generation that led us to this mess up let the young generation restore the real zim not matuzvi aya muchiba henyu maturity kudiiii fuckoff


    4. You are right maKhumalo about The Movement of Delusional Complainers (MDC). They should be spending more time telling us how they are going to make things better.

  2. Total waste of time and people like Chamisa need to have learnt good lessons during Morgans era and know that Regional partners do not listen to anything without first consulting government of the day, young man focus on the contest coming in less than two weeks time as you are not only wasting your valueable time but that of your supporters as well, grow up.

  3. go chamisa go zec and zanupf imbavha.we are solid behind you chamisa vanoda kuba.”They say we will silence noise makers”.BUT afraid of doing things open.batai mbavha.zanu will be lucky to get 20% this time.

  4. Comment…erisha.elisha. Erica Edison edica whatever your name enda kumusha kwenyu unovhotesa zvichembere zvedzinza rekwenyu ndozvaunoitisa nerice not kunyorera munhu wese kunge ndiwe unovhotesa stupid idiot.

  5. Who doesn’t know that Thokozaani Khupe is a zanu pf project?

  6. Chamisa is not a fool, he is acting on tip offs and advice from the rigging masters themselves deep within the zanupf engine who want ED gone. Let the young man do what needs to be done

  7. Comment…Chamisa is good for what ever is doing.we want free n fair elections paballot ndipo panenyaya yese mnangagwa knows very well kuti wethout rigging no win for zanupf.chiguma is working under zanu ndosaka achiramba kuteerera zvirikutaurwa neMdc alliance. Saka tinoti pasi nezani neudzvinyiriri wavo

  8. gadzirai moyo

    chamisa must dobwhatevervit takes to save Zimbabwe from Zimbabweans; I support his whatever move meant to attain democracy and growth

  9. i really agree with Chamisa. nothing to say about maturity here he is just protecting our future. thats the benefit of being young you see things differently

  10. Chigumba is double stupid. We can not let her catalyse the rigging of elections. We are even prepared to defend our vote. It is clear that there is bias on the voters role and of the ballot. Why was the observation of the ballot observed by all the stakeholders. Varume taneta nenhamo ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ZANU PF must goo. CHIGUMBA watch out.

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      If Chigumba is stupid you are a moving skeleton

  11. Enough is Enough

    For some of us who have suffered under zanupf & have never known a payslip for 38 years together with our grown up children we’ll never donate victory on a silver platter to zanupf. With the cruelest man of them all Mugabe gone this is our golden chance, if its the last thing we do before we die we’ll go down fighting for our children’s future

  12. My brother speculations do not work in modern politics.ED is not going anywhere anytime soon.May be after 10 years.You have to understand the fact that events of November 2017 which lead to the resignation of the former president and the decimation of the G40 cabal in the ruling party where done with one thing in mind to reform the ruling party and it worked.Thats where we are today.ZANU PF led by ED Mnangagwa is better positioned to romp to victory than that one led by RG before November.As for the Alliance they need to campaign more than concentrating on living on perceptions that the election is going to be rigged.

  13. Why is the opposition’s timing always behind the clock? Just as they mistook the exit of Mugabe for an electoral reform and relaxed in their quest for the same, they expect foreigners to interject in internal matters of a sovereign nation a fortnight to the election. I bet that no African nation can accept to be drawn into this controversy. A full-blown demand for the electoral reforms was the only solution to this stalemate. Whereas Chigumba claims to abide by the constitutional guidelines, there may lack enough evidence to link her actions with her purported bedfellow, Zanu PF. To a large extent, this is a legislative issue

  14. Silvester Matambo

    Elections are going ahead, ED pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, losers like chamisa can bark till no hell freezes over

  15. Funmore Kusora

    Zanu PF have failed to rule this country for 38 years, we cant give them any more years to rule. No jobs everyone have been turned into a vendor is that the Zimbabwe is open for business.

    1. Wezhira Wezhara

      Ungariwana basa sei iwe usingagoni kunyora English? Is everyone really a vendor as you insinuate? I am at work right now and not vending as you allege. Moreover is vending an abormination? Vendors earn a lot of money and most of them drive. In any case I have not seen a country with a zero unemployment rate. Mati madii. ED pfeeeeeee

      Ko 24 hour altimatum zvayaka darika makaiteyi? Muno tyityidzira aniko nekuenda kunze kwenyika? Trump akaramba nemari ndosaka mava kuPunicker. Indeed there will not be a rerun because ED will win resoundingly.

      1. Ko iwe urikubasa wani asi chirungu chacho haugoni–abormination–altimatum–punick,

  16. bheveni sibanda

    Tirikuda kuti nyika ienderere mberi. honayika right now investor rakamira richiti endai kuma elections first tiuye saka handei ku ballot tinozvionera but chandiri kuziva this time ndechekuti ED chibaba haabvisike panyanga zvekumhanya

  17. Comment…Zanu PF stamp your authority pa issue yema price ari kungokwira ayo , if you managed to remove Mugabe from power ko ma Money changers muri kutadza here?

    1. Ndeavao mamoney changers acho saka tisikuda kuti vadzoke after 30 July!!

  18. These elections will be a train wreck if ZEC continues to be part of the problem instead of the solution. If this all ends in violence in the coming weeks, ZEC will be largely to blame for any loss of life or limb.

    1. Chamisa has dragged ZEC into his political fight with ZPF.He shpoulkd distinguish between political players and facilitators. As far as I see it ZEC have gone out o their way to be accomodative, surely if they tell Chamisa the ballot papers where printed locally and he says they are lying what more do you want ZEC to do when they have even taken him to the printing press. It looks like Chamisa will not be satisfied with anything unless he runs the elections himself.

      1. Mpola 7 Judging from the scenes we have seen recently with citizens flooding the streets of Harare to demand transparency from the ZEC, there are Zimbabweans who do not see what is happening merely as as struggle between Chamisa and Zanu Pf but rather as a peaceful replay of the demand for the unadulterated one-man-one-vote that people like Herbert Chitepo, Edson Sithole, Leopold Takawira, Nikita Mangena and thousands of freedom fighters died for.

  19. The very same people who were saying pamberi NaGrace Mugabe, heeee munhu wese kuna amai a few months ago are the very same dunderheads saying ED pfeeeeeee. Hatiteedzere dzungu remazanupf dofo, go rest naED wenyu

  20. Zimbabwe is headed for the greatest electoral cheating of all times. Zec is absolutely not in charge of these elections. The military is. Anyone who thinks that ballot papers were printed here in Zimbabwe should do so at his own peril. The military government has gone as far as changing the setup of the voting booth, the reason being that people should not take photographs of the ballot paper on voting day. Blatant rigging is in progress. Our future is at stake. Should we allow this electoral facade to go on?

  21. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    That Fake Profesor by the name Lawrence Mhandara, I even doubt how you ended up working for University of Zimbabwe. You are so blunt, you just comment things with your mind shut. Its not Chamisa alone complaining. Majority of registered and unregistered voters are complaining about the transparency of ZEC. How on earth ZEC gives ZANU pf phone numbers of registered voters and then refuse to give opposition political parties a voter’s roll. ZEC called 23 parties to fidelity printers to inspect the ballot paper printing but they could not even allow the parties who came access into the building. ZEC is now planning to use TRANSPARENT VOTING BOOTHS as a way to intimidate voters that they will be watched when voting. A contested vote is not good for Zimbabwe. If ZEC is transparent why they changed agreed format of printing ballot papers where ED Mnangagwa ‘s name was in the middle and created a column where he is now on the left top? They wanted his name to be more visible? Why is ZANU always coming to defend ZEC yet ZEC is an independent institution with competent spokes personnel? Zimbabwe will not progress with such kind of biases.

  22. tongo vhotera ED chete muchIngovukura.

  23. This time Professor Moyo is leaking all tricks, you will be left exposed ZEC and ZANU. we will not allow this nonsense. perennial thieves. We are tired of you

    1. If he is l;eaking the tricks show us the tangible evidence not speculation yamurikungoita.Even to go regional or international muchiti we think tikuda kubirirwa munovharirwa panze

    2. what tricks is jonso leaking coz as far as we are concerned nothing concrete has been put on the table its all speculation.Do you think nedzungu ra jonso dai achiziva asina kubvaruka kudhara,even Bob haana chaanoziva, Mujuru deng which means hapapna hapana . ED vaenda nechinhu

    3. Leaking chiiko chinozivikanwa nana Jonso, thers nothing tangible to talk about,do u think if he had sthing tangible asina kumwauka kudhara. Even BOB and mujuru dai vakatsemuka. I straight zhet ED vaenda nechinhu

  24. kkkkkkkkk varume ED hakuna kwaanoenda. Read today’s paper all political parties were given a copy of the ballot paper to test and they did but hanzi Chamisa arikuti he wants to test paper rese and hanzi X akaiswa paari anobva amhanya achienda kuna ED. Chamis ari silly and haana nyaya iri concrete but noise chete muma newspaper. The fact is there is no solid evidence to back up what he is saying saka ED will win hands down. Zvekuenda kunze kwenyika izvo hazvishande. Ko handiti mazuva acho asvika musi wa 30 july muchaziva chakabvisa Bob ku state house and mese muchati ziii henyu ma chinja. Kkkkkkkk

    1. Your responds and comment lacks logic baba. Haisi nyaya yekungohwina hands down. its an election that is transparent. Kwete zvekungoda kuti mbunyikidza. Muri kutyirei zvinhu zvisina chitsotsi tsi. Shuwa vanhu vakuru kuita hwumbavha hwuri pachena then moita maguts ekuendesa mbavha kumajeri through your courts, iyo nyika ichitongwa nembavha…… haa no mhano. how can you stop corruption kana muchitonga through stealing an election. Nyaraiwo mhani.

  25. mainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana fambai gwara rimwe

  26. Iyo Pfeeee yacho inomboreveyiko?? Hakusi kumanikidzira here KKKKK

  27. Chakatanga ndochakachenjedza, dont ever make it easy for these unscrupulous inconsiderate people. They know that if we are to have free, fair and credible elections, they have zero chance of winning and the will utilise every opportunity to rig.

  28. tendai chaminuka

    Chamisa vakomana how credible were your party primary elections.You think the rigging which was was noticed in your primary elections exist in ZEC.Problem yenyu cde Chamisa yakafanana neyeyemunhu anotora mukadzi wemunhu you are not secure with her unongofunga kuti achatorwa the same way you took her.Kubva kuFuneral Coup you have fear in you because your back is not covered.President rand rand pula pula dola dola

  29. Aaah Uyu muchinda kusura haaneti,
    You cannot be president unless you get the majority vote…and your puppet party scolded SADC and AU mightly b4, now you want them to see magic ballot papers that yourself can’t see…. Kusarobwa uku

  30. ED haana dhiri vakomana, kukundwawo na Blackman kutora Kwekwe kkkkkk, blackman akagumira chikoro grade 1 chaiyo

  31. ZANU PF chiwororo

    I will never support MDC you are becoming more violent by the day .you are now confused ED is doing politics of maturity and this has left Chamisa and his fanatics confused and coming daily with allegation after allegation .The world now knows that Chamisa is a lier and they have no time for his rhetoric .Chamisa is just an individual leading a faction within MDC and can not hold the country to ransom .

  32. Ndini Ndadaro

    We have been under ZANU pf for 38 years unemployment rate has never gone down but rather increased they have been in power makore ESE aya vakatiitirei mari yatoshandisa itsvina chaiyo kuti uiwane unenge watambura maque emubank go nearly two years hupenyu here kurarama neecocash ….no jobs no water no electricity muma new locations chaimo and no water ashamisirei iye ED wenyu .We heading for a change we not saying chamisa is perfect asi ngavamboendawo vachamisa panyanga taneta nekunyangadzwa nezanu isu vakauraya nyika kare zim is the wors

  33. hebrews 12v14

  34. ZEC should just learn to follow the SADC guidelines. the could learn from the Electoral Commission of Zambia. see the post below culled from their website.

    16th July, 2018.
    (For Immediate Release)


    The Electoral Commission of Zambia would like to inform all Political Parties and other Stakeholders that, the ballot papers for the forthcoming Mayoral/ Council Chairperson and Local Government By-elections will be received in the Country in two (2) consignments on separate days.

    The ballot papers will arrive in Lusaka today Monday 16th July. 2018 and tomorrow Tuesday 17th July, 2018.

    The flight details and itinerary are as follows:

    Date: Monday, 16th July 2018
    Flight details: EK 0713 (Emirates)
    Arrival time: 14.35 PM
    Date: Tuesday, 17th July 2018
    Flight details: EK 0713 (Emirates)
    Arrival time: 14.35 PM

    The Commission invites Stakeholders to witness the arrival of ballot papers at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport as well as the Verification Exercise at the ECZ Warehouse starting on Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th July, 2018.

    Margaret Chimanse

    1. we dont use Zambian laws baba, besides the paper was prited within Zim all parties witnessed and was given a copy

      1. waivepo here iwe benzi ongotaura matuzvi ausingazivi


  36. Farai Johnson Nhire.

    I will keep repeating this fact, Chamisa knows very well that he has no chance against Mnangagwa. We all used to be mistaken that Robert Mugabe was Zanu Pf and Zanu Pf was Robert Mugabe but that was proved totaly wrong after the departure of the former head of state. This is the very source of Chamisa’s frustration who had all his hopes on Mugabe’s advanced age and his inevitable departure. The arival of Shumba has boosted the strength of the ruling party to the level of the early eighties and that is certainly very bad news for Chamisa and his fraudulent party. So take it from me, Nelson has no intention to contest whatsoever. Mnangagwa will obviously win no mater how free and fair the process and this is testified to by the glamorous welcome he is receiving wherever he goes campaigning.

  37. Personally I think MDC Alliance has lost the plot.My advice is go to elections get the copy of the ballot paper and get it sampled then if your worry is about the rigging using ballot paper that changes then the best time is at time of voting test it get evidence in front of observers.Moreover where ED face is has no impact on the voting ,Chamisa claims to have won the election already so naturally people will look for his face and vote for him.The race is Between 2 people ED & NC.Wether they are put on top or at the bottom it doesnt matter.What I sense is that the Alliance is seeing the focused ED going on doing business as usual and not bothered by too many things.MDC was expecting violence from ZANU and got none.They were expecting to be barred from holding demos and campaigning in certain areas.If there is any rigging taking place by ZANU it is mind games.They have rigged the opposition minds to self destruct.Strategy is all I see in ZANU (even if I dont like them) I give it to them they are good.They have allowed MDC Alliance to focus on ballot papers and rigging fake news purpotedly given by ZANU insiders to sidetrack opposition to show thier lack of strategy.Dont think ZANU is using ZEC because that would be the obvious thing to do.ZANU has studied opposition politics from the shock defeat of 2008 ,they have came out with strategies to legitimise themselves and have done so very well.MDC should focus on winning this election than proving ZEC and ZANU’s relationship.

    1. Quadro, it’s as if you were reading what I said yesterday. MDC Alliance banked on Zanu PF, ZRP and the military trying to stop their demonstrations thereby causing violence they so wished would come to fruition. Contrary to this strategy, they have ignored MDC Alliance. Now they have nothing to say other than claim that the elections will be rigged. If they were so confident of victory, why chicken the last minute? ZEC announced who printed the ballot papers which happen to be blank and need MDC voter filling them with the X they want. Instead of channelling their ergegy garnering those Xes, they spend more time making useless noise pointing here and there. They had focused on removing Mugabe. What Zanu PF did was to remove Mugabe themselves. This derailed the MDC. From November, they could have started with their claims if they were genuine. I was looking forward to MDC putting a strong contest but now it’s a walkover.. I don’t doubt MDC has lost the votes for many Zimbabweans. ED wants to take Zimbabwe forward, the message I don’t doubt many Zimbabweans want to hear after all these years of doom. If MDC Alliance was clever enough, they would have put a strong challenge and there was a hope of government change. It appears now Chamisa is only focusing on having elections postponed and a GNU formed where he is guaranteed a position. Sorry Chamisa, try next time.

  38. mangagwa ndiye asitorina chance kuna chamisa you will see musi wa 1,thats why achida kubirira

  39. i will vote for Chamisa on 30 July… Not because i think he is a good candidate or because he will make a good leader, but simply because it is unacceptable for people like Mnangagwa and the coup brigade to win this election.

    Maybe he will make a good President (with the weight of responsibility), but so far he has not shown it. He has been running his campaign like a student protest

  40. Oh wow newsday, what happened to the first comment? This comment was published instantly! So the other one was not important or is it because this one says i will vote for Chamisa?

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