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Candidates turned away


AT least 50 potential voters were turned away in Karoi’s ward 3, among them opposition MDC Alliance’s Modester Manjinjiwa and another for the Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity over alleged double registration by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commision (Zec).


“We are not happy over Zec blunders and we are losing potential voters‚” Manjinjiwa said.

The MDC Alliance’s provincial elections directorate official‚ Kudakwashe Chigumo said they had engaged the electoral commission over the “last-minute blunders”.

“The shambolic voters’ roll is a cause of concern. We are worried‚ as we had raised these issues and they promised us that it was being sorted out‚ but voters have been denied their chance [to vote]‚” he said.

Zec’s Hurungwe district election officer‚ Taona Pfunye confirmed that some people had been registered twice and had been denied the right to vote.

“We are working on those anomalies and we are waiting for clarification from our superiors‚” Pfunye said.

Apart from turning away those whose names appeared twice‚ several farm workers were assisted to vote.

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