Build Zimbabwe to join anti-Zec demo

Build Zimbabwe Alliance leader Noah Manyika has pledged to join the MDC Alliance protests to demand implementation of electoral reforms by the Zimbabwe Election Commission (Zec) before the monthend polls.

BY Everson Mushava

The MDC Alliance held a demonstration last week and has threatened to picket at the Zec offices until their demands for free and fair elections are met.

Manyika said his party would join any legal action to pressure for electoral reforms, which he said was a concern to the majority of opposition supporters.

“We support every effort to put pressure on the government to do the right thing,” Manyika said yesterday.

“All Build Zimbabwe supporters are encouraged to participate in expressing their displeasure by whatever legal means are available.”

He added: “Certainly, this includes protests, with others, communicating with organisations that can pile pressure to Zec and government.”

Manyika said the demands should not be reduced to MDC Alliance demands.

“These are not MDC Alliance concerns; they are the concerns of the citizens. People should not reduce them to MDC concerns, we have always had a representative each time there were meetings with the commission and have expressed our displeasure with the way the elections are being run,” he said.

“We many have a different platform, but we have said it consistently. We share the same concerns with Zimbabweans who want a free and fair election. We had been trying to encourage people to vote because people feared nothing had changed to secure their vote, and we should fight to have their votes secured.”

Build Zimbabwe is not part of the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance.

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  1. bheveni sibanda

    mamwewo ma party kwangove kutswakakwo political relevance but i want to warn them kuti they will be crushed by ED come election day

    1. Crushed by ED avhoterwa nani. If he is sure he is going to win let everything be transparent. If he dnt and the real opposition parties join hands and boycott the elections thus when will you have a rude awakening coz less than a million will come out to vote. Never think those who attend zanu rallies are genuine supporters and who dont attend opposition rallies and demos are zanu supporters. We all need change and possible answer for the change we need and that delivers is only Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance

  2. Thank you Dr Manyika, lets all join hands against uneven electoral paying field with its biased referee in the name of Priscilla Chigumba and her handlers. True this is not a MDC Alliance’s cause but all of us. An injure to one is an injure to all of us. Never should we give zanu to injure one of us while watching. Lets all rally everybody until Chigumba and her handlers relent


    Comment…I don’t think a right-minded person would vote for Zanu PF. To me it’s total madness mingled with foolishness. Such people kana chikoro havana, hudofo 1 000% or lack of wisdom. It’s nigh to witchcraft.

    1. Wisdom hainei ne chikoro wangu wabva wazviratidza kuti chere hauna

  4. manyika tese tinenge tiriko #handeitione #kwekwehim

  5. kid marongorongo

    iii ichiwo ndechipi ichi. zvimaparty zvimwe kutsvaka kupiwa mari negovernment dzemacampaigns chete, why cant these monies directed to other projects beneficial to the country. i hope these monies are going to be audited after the elections munyika maita mbavha muno.

  6. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Noah Manyika is a useless chalatant. We do not know who he is and what he has done before for the nation except singing CHITSIKE SATANI. Zvino wakazochika ukachipedza here nhaiwe Noah?

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