Breaking: Undenge convicted of corruption, jailed 4 years

Former Energy Minister Samuel Undenge was yesterday convicted and sentenced to four years imprisonment for Criminal Abuse of Office after he wrote a letter directing Zimbabwe Power Company to engage Fruitful Communications Company without due processes.


Undenge (62) will serve two and half years effective jail term after Harare magistrate Hosea Mujaya suspended one and half year on condition of good behaviour.


  1. Comment…is this real justice or politics

    1. its last minute politics. They want to give an impression that they are doing something. Wot about the likes of Chombo, Kasukuwere etc…..

      1. So are you saying corrupt people should just keep stealing?Why wouldn’t you applaud a crim getting his right whack?

        1. @shanda, this is a gimmick. There are big fish in there who just happen to be in the right faction. He is a being jailed four years for $12,000? So what about those who stole $15bn?

  2. what about wicknell anything short of the burly guy getting arrested will not appease nobody

  3. ED and ZANU PF could be shooting themselves in the foot. It is now more important than before to be genuine and honest on issues of corruption. People can now see behind corners and read between the lines.

  4. This is Judiciary, where is ED & Zanu PF coming in. Let the law take its course. Things of this nature do not happen as we wish , they take time but it always catches up with everyone. Lets not always be negative and for once, this is a positive move. Udenge has his own issues and those you mentioned have their own issues, Law will catch up with them as their time will be up as well.

  5. We were told that Operation Restore Legacy was meant to deal with criminals that had surrounded President Mugabe. What happened to these criminala? Can we refer to Undenge as criminals? Who are the other criminals?

  6. Udenge is jailed. His father in law is being evicted from the farm.
    What cruelty. There is no corruption being fought here.

  7. Amnesty is coming in max 5 weeks saka anongobuda zve. Why don’t u rread the game

  8. This is politics to show the voter that the current president is serious about corruption. Why now a week before elections??????

  9. So you jail someone for writting a letter and you do not arresr the people that took the money. You also dont arrest the directors who continue to steal. Even when all state wittnesses said he was guilty. Munangagwa you are reaching hayas

    1. Leave UNdenge alone, catch the real criminals like bootleaking politicians who are well known for THE CORRUPTION.

  10. Comment…Anonymous, ndobvumirana newe. Ndinovimba vose vachabatwa. Kubvira kumaSabhuku akatengesa minda, kusvika kune
    avo vakaburitsa mazimari munyika zvisiri pamutemo. AKASVINURA

  11. Pathetic. Shouldnt we be thanking undenge it was after his apointment that we stopped having terrible loadshedding. This Magistrate is very dull and dangerous wich law is he applying… Cheap Politicking. Irikuitika apa…. I shudder to think what destructive politicking will follow shuld this government win elections

    1. Indeed it was during his time as a minister that load-shedding became a thing of the past. A fine was probably the worst he was supposed to have and we reserve prison space for those who stole billions.

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