Breaking: MDC supporters erupt in Harare, as Biti claims assasination attempts

Hundreds of MDC Alliance supporters have erupted into song in the streets of Harare city centre immediately after one of the political outfit’s top officials, Tendai Biti issued a statement sensationally claiming there was assassination attempt on him and the MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa.

“We have received a confidential report that (Vice President and retired Army) General Chiwenga has ordered the assassination of Nelson Chamisa and myself. We will not accept that,” said Biti, without giving further details.

Biti also claimed they had collated enough results to conclude that Chamisa has won the presidency but said they were concerned about the 21 percent of V11 electoral results forms that he said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) was yet to publish outside the polling centres in accordance with the law.

“The results show beyond reasonable doubt that we have won the election and that the next president of Zimbabwe is Nelson Chamisa,” said Biti, “We are however seriously concerned about evidence of interference… there is a deliberate delay in announcing the results. This delay is totally unacceptable.”

Biti’s statement came as Zec chairperson Priscilla Chigumba delayed the initial announcement of the incoming results by nearly two hours, and later announced results from seven House of Assembly constituencies.

At the time of this report, the number of MDC supporters singing in the streets appeared to be swelling amid a heavy police presence.


  1. Whatever the Plan B for protecting the people’s vote, now is the time. Before the rigging scheme gets traction. Going to court to force release of the results is a start but will not be enough on its own with this junta.

  2. rega timirire chigumba

  3. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Some of these things need well informed decisions. If counting of votes is disrupted by violence, whats next? we have voted and awaiting results, now if individuals want to drag zimbabwe into blood shade, those individuals should be arrested no matter from which political party. we are sick and tired of sacrifising our blood because of those at the top. what we want from those at the top is to use the legal root and create employment for youths. don’t create stories enough is enough we want to rest.

    1. I second that

    2. You are talking nonsense. Votes were counted zuro and results posted outside polling stations. So what counting are you on about?

  4. Let us practise restraint during this tense period of waiting for the results.
    Meanwhile, let no one dare subvert the will of the people.
    The media is duty bound to balance their news to mitigate the outburst of any possible public tension.

  5. Zimbabweans let us not allow rigging this time. Haaitonge tiri kupinda mustreet sezvatakaita Paya patakabvisa mugabe

  6. Kusaziva kufa. Impatience tells a story. Do you think collation of 23 candidates from 11 000 polling station is as easy as eating? Where are your election agents who should b there when collation is done at ward, constituency, etc levels. Isnt collation being done in the presence of party officials? Kuvhunduka chati kwatara hinge uine katurikwa? Taneta nekunyeperwa neMDC. Zvakatanga neballot paper kwozoti voters roll, etc now izbi. Nxaaaa

  7. It seems as if those announcing results are doing it at gun point. Their mistakes are very suspicious

  8. MDC Alliance kkkkk is just a bunch of jokes a collection of fake lawyers and ingorant professors masquarading as politicians with peoples desires at heart yet driven by personal ego, greediness and domination.

  9. Comment…Africans lest unite and practice our civilisation struggle results to a peacefully election procedure.Don’t be disturbed by ignorance and impatient citizens and candidates. No blood shed,enough with that.Muvengi anowana weakness yedu through kupokana kwedu isu veropa,hands nerudzi rwumwe.”BE CAREFUL NEMUNHU,BE CAREFUL.Munopedzerana mahara.Pedzera shungu dzako mukuzvishandira nekuzvitswagira upenyu hurinani.Tichishandisa machapters emitemo ne period.USAMHANYIRE KUMEDZA KUTSENGA UCHADA.DO YOU THINK YOU CAN CHANGE A COUNTRY’S GOVERNMENT LIKE YOU ARE CHANGING YOUR UNDERWEAR.

  10. Comment…We will fight each other and kill one another for nothing.Africans unite and go through this civilisation struggle together.Be pasient and let’s not be ignorant on this situation.

    1. Noone knows who is going to win dzungu nderei just wait for the results

  11. Comment…Mhirizhonga kwete vene veZimbabwe. Mirirayi kuti zvabuda musarudzo zvitaurwe. Akundwa obvuma. Nyika yoenda mberi. RUNYARARO RWUNOZVARWA NERUDO RWANGU. RUNYARARO RWUNOZVARWA NERUDO RWAKO. RUNYARARO RWUNOZVARWA NERUDO RWEDU TOSE. Ngatisaita mhirizhonga, nekutsigira zvabuda musadzo.

  12. Lets try having a zimbabwean for a change. We tried a malawian – mugabe, a zambian – mnangagwa, were almost going to try a mozambican -zhuwawo, and even a congolese – lumumba. No, our very own will truly care for this nation not these mabvakures who are out for themselves. Ndatenda

  13. Chiringa Kuvarayirwa Uchifamba

    Comment…11 out of 48. 36 out of 48.

  14. M Alliance iri kufarira Maruva isati yadya Chakata shameeee

  15. kid marongorongo

    Biti if not taken care of he is going to cause instability by peddling lies. Im sure its time for the law to take its course against these type of terrorists they will be difficult to contain if they are left like that.

    1. uri kugara Zimbabwe ipi? Shut the hell up and sit down. terrorist

  16. Comment…Lets unite and stand together mazimbabwe

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