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Bopela vows to crush Zanu PF’s ‘intimadatory tactics’


National Patriotic Front’s Mutare North parliamentary candidate, Agrippa Bopela Masiyakurima, has vowed to brush aside Zanu PF alleged intimidatory tactics, including freezing his business accounts in his bid to land the constituency.
Masiyakurima claimed his supporters were being harassed while his posters were defaced by sympathisers of Zanu PF candidate Mike Madiro.

By Kenneth Nyangani

“I have been hunted down by the Zanu PF system and they now fear that I will win the seat. I am not bitter that they froze my accounts. I want to serve the constituency diligently despite their efforts to dampen my spirit,” he said.
“They have been pulling down my posters and some rowdy Zanu PF supporters and sympathisers of their candidate are intimidating my supporters.”

Masiyakurima said Zanu PF activists were threatening to unleash violence on his supporters similar to the one witnessed in 2008 if Madiro loses to him.

“I only need one term to develop the constituency which has been handled badly by the Zanu PF government. I am confident that I will win. Supporters want development,” he said.

“I am a mercenary MP, who is determined to develop and empower the grassroots.”

The businessman has done several developmental projects for the community, such as handing over cement for rehabilitation of schools in the constituency.

He said if voted into Parliament, he would only serve one term to address a litany of challenges, such as poor road networks, dilapidated clinics and schools as well as hunger and starvation, that are bedevilling the constituency.
Masiyakurima has also handed over food and bought coffins for bereaved families in the constituency. Yesterday, he handed over goodies to the vulnerable.

“I just want to appreciate the vulnerable they are part of the society. This is not vote-buying, but I was born a giver despite background. Please let’s go and vote in our thousands,” he said.

Last week, he hosted a two-day sports tournament, which saw scores of villagers from all 13 wards in the constituency attending.

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