AAG urges probe of mayor,town clerk

THE Affirmative Action Group (AAG) Bulawayo chapter has approached council’s audit and general purpose committee demanding that town clerk Christopher Dube and mayor Martin Moyo be investigated for corruption.


In a letter dated July 9, AAG principal officer Denzel Sita claimed that Dube was unsuitable to continue holding office because of his alleged corrupt conduct.

Sita accused Dube of abusing his position to secure a mining licence at the council’s Aisleby Farm.

“He (Dube) abused his office by submitting an application for mining licence rights before council approved his application. The mining licence application was accompanied by a premature support letter from the mayor (Martin Moyo),” Sita’s letter to the council audit and general purposes committee read in part.

“It is now noted that the mayor is engaged in mining activities at the mine in question. We also know for a fact that the mayor has no authority or right to write a supporting letter for the town clerk, whether the council has approved the mining claim or not.”

Sita also accused the town clerk of threatening unspecified action to silence the empowerment group from pursuing the alleged corruption case, and vowed that he would not be cowed into silence.

“The above facts are clearly showing us his intentions to manipulate the process to his benefit and the prejudice of citizens. We, therefore, request that the general council investigate this matter as the oversight authority of the city council,” he said.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Dube accused the AAG of pushing an agenda to needlessly soil his image.

“They are being malicious. They are after soiling my name and image. Anyhow, we are responding to those malicious allegations as council,” he said.

“Council is investigating their malicious charges, and a report of its outcome will be released anytime this week.”

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